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is an event-planning marketplace

It is a B2C platform to create or find the best events in minutes

Users can create and customize events as they wish.  The platform allows them to find anything they like wherever they are.
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  • Seed stage


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Initial Request

The customer aimed to create an easy-to-scale ticketing web platform and mobile app.

The idea was accomplished by a business strategy to conquer new markets worldwide. The goal was to create the best event website.

Thus our goal was to provide a simple and functional user journey. Both for the events’ host and seeker.

Project Goals

  • Goal 1.

    Show the best events based on the user’s location and personal preferences

  • Goal 2.

    Help to find out information about ongoing and future online and real-life events

  • Goal 3.

    Create a smooth user journey to increase customers' acquisiton and loyalty

Developing a Comprehensive Event Planning Platform

  • Solution 1.

    A scalable architecture allowed us to avoid performance failures and to increase the number of platform visitors.

  • Solution 2.

    Event's customization. A few ready-made themes let us provide user with maximum tailor-made events to attract as much customers as possible.

  • Solution 3.

    Integration with PayPal, Stripe and Flutterwave helped us to build smooth user workflow and reach out new events' markets.

Key Deliverables

  • Scalable Architecture

    We developed a scalable architecture to avoid performance failures and support an increasing number of platform visitors. This ensures the platform can handle high traffic without compromising user experience.

  • Event Customization

    Implemented a variety of ready-made themes and customization options, allowing users to tailor events to their specific needs. This flexibility attracts more users by providing personalized event experiences.

  • Payment Integration

    Integrated multiple payment systems, including PayPal, Stripe, and Flutterwave, to streamline transactions. This integration not only simplifies the payment process for users but also expands the platform’s reach to new markets.

  • User Interface Design

    Designed an intuitive and customizable user interface to enhance the overall user experience. The easy-to-navigate design boosts customer acquisition and loyalty by making event creation and discovery straightforward and enjoyable.

Technologies We Used

  • Laravel

  • React

Collaboration Results

We successfully designed and developed a world-class ticketing platform for Eventnoire, delivering both web and mobile applications with a scalable architecture.

Our collaboration ensured the platform could handle high traffic without performance issues.

As a result, Eventnoire now stands as a leading platform in the event-planning industry, offering tailored event solutions and robust scalability.

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