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Who Are We?

SpdLoad is a web development company that provides access to expert Node.js programmers for hire as a dedicated team or add-on to your in-house team.

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Why Should You Choose SpdLoad?

SpdLoad helps companies effortlessly find, hire, and manage world-class Node.js developers:

  • Reason 1: Budget-Effective Hiring Solutions

    Hiring a ReactJS developer from Ukraine can lead to significant savings — often two to three times less than the cost of hiring a comparable local developer in the US or Western Europe. This approach ensures you maximize your investment value.

  • Reason 2: Deep Expertise and Proven Experience

    Our ReactJS developers have extensive experience in addressing complex tech challenges across diverse sectors, including eCommerce, healthcare, real estate, FinTech, and more, bringing valuable expertise to your projects.

  • Reason 3: Extensive Talent Pool

    Ukraine is a leading destination for IT outsourcing, home to a vast pool of front-end development professionals. These experts are proficient in English and have strong analytical skills, ensuring high-quality development services.

Got a Project in Mind? Tell Us More

We will happily provide you with a best-in-class Node JS development team that’s tailored to your functional and business requirements

What Cooperation Models Are Available?

We provide three different hiring models, including full-time, part-time, and project-based engagements:

Model 1: Hire a Node.JS Programmer

Looking for a cost-effective way to expand your team with a Node.js developer? We've got you covered. We can provide 1-2 Node.js backend developers to seamlessly integrate with your in-house team.

Model 2: Hire a Team of Dedicated Node.js Developers

Perfect for mature startups aiming for long-term cross-platform development without the necessary in-house programming expertise. We'll provide you with a team of 4-6 Node.js specialists to ensure a robust backend.

Model 3: Hire a Node.js Development Team on a Project Basis

Need to outsource Node.js developers for mobile and web applications with advanced functionalities? We offer a dedicated team of Node.js developers who are fully versed in the intricacies of your project, along with a project manager, to ensure smooth coordination.

Our Node.js Developer Hiring Process

We'll connect you with a team of experienced developers tailored to your Node.js project needs. Here's how to get started with hiring a developer from us:

Step 1

Submit a Request

Share your details with us, and we'll reach out via phone, Skype, or your preferred method of communication. An NDA can be provided upon request. One of our HR specialists will then share the resumes of available Node.js developers with you.

Step 2

Evaluate Resumes and Conduct Interviews

Review the resumes we've provided. When selecting your ideal developer, take into account their experience, skills, and level of expertise. Arrange interviews with developers whose profiles align with your project goals.

Step 3

Finalize Agreements

Our collaboration begins as soon as we complete the necessary legal agreements and both parties have signed off.

Step 4

Reinitiate Hiring Process

Should no developers meet your criteria, we'll tap into our broader talent network to find a developer who fits your specifications. We'll repeat this process until we've successfully matched you with the right Node.js developer.

What Technologies and Tools Do We Use?


App frameworks Laravel NodeJS Express
Databases MySQL Redis MongoDB
Hosting AWS Vultr
Server Nginx

Our featured projects

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Case Studies

What do our customers say about us?

Colin Millward
2 people 1 year
Colin Millward
Colin Millward
COO of ResoX, Singapor

“We engaged SpdLoad to develop and deploy a central business solution. It was the right decision. It was a pleasure to work with the team on all levels!”

Anas Nakawa
2 people 1 year
Anas Nakawa
Anas Nakawa
Co-founder, CTO of ShortPoint, UAE

“SpdLoad has provided us with an excellent set of engineers who could work on complex problems and provide scalable solutions that will last us for years.”

Gabriel Senftle
10 people 1 year
Gabriel Senftle
Gabriel Senftle
Founder of Studicon, Germany

“Firstly, they’re very proactive in working on custom software development. Secondly, they are transparent about the processes and costs. Thirdly, their designers are amazing.”

Omar Agely
10 people 3 years
Omar Agely
Omar Agely
Product owner of Rearden House, UAE

“From the first meeting, we realized that we would cooperate. I’ve worked with a custom software development agency for ten years, and the SpdLoad team is one of the greatest.”

Len Marchese
8 people 3 years
Len Marchese
Len Marchese
Founder of PCS, USA

“We brought them on to implement two startups. Their skills and professionalism are outstanding. I appreciate that they are engaged and communicative, but most of all, there is no distance between us, even though I am in Chicago and the team is in Ukraine.”

Johannes Ehrhardt
5 people 1 year
Johannes Ehrhardt
Johannes Ehrhardt
Co-founder of Blue Academy, Germany

“The people at SpdLoad are highly effective and easy to collaborate with. I am satisfied with their work. They helped us to develop our MVP in six months in a complex and stressful situation.”

Danny Djanogly
4 people 2 years
Danny Djanogly
Danny Djanogly
CMO of Dogiz , Israel

“SpdLoad developed the CRM dashboard of the B2B2C marketplace using ReactJS. The team has significantly expanded its functionality, so we also decided to collaborate on other projects.”

Edward Sapp
3 people 3 years
Edward Sapp
Edward Sapp
CEO of DemographIQ, USA

“After having a great experience, I plan to use SpdLoad for all future projects, subject to their availability.”

Sanoma Jean
11 people 2 years
Sanoma Jean
Sanoma Jean
Co-Founder of Ayatherapy, USA

“Throughout the entire process, they were great partners. Working with them was enjoyable, and we were impressed by their professionalism and output during a time of great uncertainty in their home country.”

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Have a question? Look here

What projects is Node.js suitable for?

Node.js excels at real-time apps like chat, collaboration tools, or apps needing multiple concurrent requests like gaming and live streaming. Its non-blocking event-driven architecture is efficient for these use cases.

How can dedicated Node.js developers integrate with existing teams?

Dedicated Node.js developers can easily collaborate with existing front and back-end developers, bringing specialized Node.js knowledge. Integration is seamless if the team already uses JavaScript.

What skills should a Node.js developer have?

Programmers need strong skills in JavaScript and Node.js, frameworks like Nest.js, databases, front-end technologies, RESTful API, and Git version control.

Is hiring a dedicated Node.js developer cost-effective?

Yes, it allows fast and efficient development for projects suited to Node.js capabilities. Developers' ability to work on both the server and client can reduce the need for a larger team.