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is a consulting marketplace where consultants can find jobs and seekers can hire consultants who are perfect for them

Our goal was to develop a trendsetting product in the competitive consulting market, addressing the challenges faced by consultants and businesses alike.
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Transforming Consulting with a Comprehensive Marketplace for Consultants

The founder wanted to build the trendsetter product on consulting’s complex and competitive market.

The excruciating pain of consulters is the lack of automatization for routine tasks due to this business’s bespoke nature.

A solution hypothesis was transforming these non-scalable processes into scalable ones.

An MVP was the first step to finding a product/market fit. And a key to future scale his own company worldwide.

Challenges Our Client Faced Before Scalable Consulting Solution Development

  • Challenge 1. Lack of Automation

    Consultants face the excruciating pain of handling routine tasks manually due to the bespoke nature of their business, leading to inefficiency and time wastage.

  • Challenge 2. Building a Trendsetter Product

    The founder aimed to create a trendsetting product in the complex and competitive consulting market, making non-scalable processes scalable.

  • Challenge 3. Developing an MVP for Market Fit

    An MVP was needed as the first step to finding product/market fit and to scale the company globally.

Delivering Scalable and Efficient Consulting Solutions

  • Solution 1. Complex Matching Algorithm

    We developed an efficient matching algorithm using various ranking factors, including industry, general work experience, specific issue experience, readiness for personal meetings, rating, and reviews.

  • Solution 2. Integration of DocuSign

    We integrated DocuSign for eSignature and document management, saving development budget and team efforts while providing a widely used tool for consultants.

  • Solution 3. Integration of Google Meets

    We integrated Google Meets for real-time chat and video meetings, offering a free and reliable platform for communication.

PCS: Innovating the Consulting Industry

Len Marchese

Founder and CEO

We brought them on to implement two startups. Their skills and professionalism are outstanding. I appreciate that they are engaged and communicative, but most of all, that there is no distance between us, even though I am in Chicago and the team is in Ukraine.

Navigating the Core Features of Consulting Marketplace

The PCS platform offers a seamless user experience with the following features:

  • Customer Role

    Post consulting projects and find the best consultants based on a complex matching algorithm. Use DocuSign integration for eSignature and document management. Utilize Google Meets for real-time chat and video meetings.

  • Consultant Role

    Find job opportunities that match their skills and experience. Manage documents and signatures using DocuSign. Communicate with clients through Google Meets for efficient project collaboration.

Delivering a Comprehensive Consulting Marketplace

  • Matching Algorithm

    Developed a complex algorithm using multiple ranking factors to efficiently match consultants with suitable projects.

  • DocuSign Integration

    Integrated DocuSign for seamless eSignature and document management.

  • Google Meets Integration

    Implemented Google Meets for reliable real-time chat and video meetings.

Leveraging Modern Technologies

  • MySQL 8

  • PHP7.4

  • Laravel

  • Vue JS

  • Inertia JS

  • Redis

  • TailwindCSS

Achieving Efficient Consulting Solutions with Custom Consulting Marketplace Development

The core value we delivered to PCS is our Take Charge Approach. We quickly understood the idea and business goals, translated the founder’s vision into technical language, and suggested efficient budgets and technical solutions. 

We developed an MVP within a tight timeline and are now preparing for upcoming iterations. Our comprehensive solutions have transformed PCS into a trendsetting consulting marketplace, making non-scalable processes scalable and improving overall efficiency.

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