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We define and improve the business metrics of your product through engaging UX and fancy UI design

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Who we are?

SpdLoad is a full-service UX/UI design agency, that covers you and your customer’s need through human-centric design (and expert level development).

31 Reviews
99% job success


design professionals

7+ years

on the market

$40M +

fundraised by our customers

What design services for startups do we provide?

We provide you with complex design solutions. What are they?

UX Design

  • Information architecture
  • Wireframing and prototyping

UI Design

  • Visual design
  • Interaction design

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Learn more about our UX/UI design services

We would like to share how we will realize your idea and what you will get as delivery at each step. Let's get started:


Design concept

Up to 3 days

Step 1. An introduction call

We understand your idea, your customers, and what value you'd like to offer them in a new way.

Step 2. Research & Inspiration

We do our own design research to find out common user patterns in your industry and how can we do them better.

Step 3. Mood board

As a result of our design-storm, you'll get systemized and detailed design insights, ideas, and concepts.

Step 4. Rethink

This step is optional if you like what we do. If not, it's worth starting over based on your feedback.

UX design

Up to 7 days

Step 1. Mind map

A schema contains all the roles and screens of your platform. It's a quick and easy way to visualize business logic of any complexity so we don't miss anything.

Step 2. Wireframes

Black and white screens of simple lines and shapes representing the skeleton of the platform.

Step 3. Prototype

We make wireframes clickable according to mind map screens placement.

Step 4. Initial feedback

This step is optional too. But if we get business logic wrong, let us know and we'll revise it.

UI design

Up to 4 days

Step 1. Analysis & Inspiration

We get back to our mood board and take a look at our findings again. It helps to find what you liked and invent what your customer will love too.

Step 2. UI kit

We create a set of files that contains critical UI components. It's a development-friendly approach.

Step 3. User Interface

As a result of design work, you'll get your finally polished platform and digital product. Fancy animation included.

Step 4. Another feedback round

UI is quite a subjective thing, but we'd like to design a product you'll like. So we'll stick to your feedback.
UX design

What do our customers say about us?

“SpdLoad has provided us with an excellent set of engineers, which were able to work on really complex problems and provide scalable solutions that will last for us for years.”

Anas Nakawa
Anas Nakawa
Co-founder, CTO ShortPoint UAE

“Firstly, they're very proactive working on the product. Secondly, they are transparent about the processes and costs. Thirdly, their designers are absolutely amazing.”

Gabriel Senftle
Gabriel Senftle
Founder Studicon Germany

“From the first meeting we realized that we will cooperate together. I've been working with external developers for ten years now and I can say that the SpdLoad team is one of the greatest teams out there.”

Omar Agely
Omar Agely
Product owner Rearden House UAE

“We engaged SpdLoad to develop and deploy a central business solution. I can say it was absolutely the right decision. It was a pleasure to work with the team on all levels!”

Colin Millward
Colin Millward
COO ResoX Singapore

“We brought them on to implement two startups. Their skills and professionalism are outstanding. I appreciate that they are engaged and communicative, but most of all, that there is no distance between us, even though I am in Chicago and the team is in Ukraine.”

Len Marchese
Len Marchese
Founder PCS USA

“Colleagues from SpdLoad highly effective and easy to collaborate with. I am satisfied to work with them. They helped us to develop our MVP in 6 months in a complex and stressful situation”

Johannes Ehrhardt
Johannes Ehrhardt
Co-founder Blue Academy Germany

“SpdLoad’s enthusiasm for the project stands out, along with their technical expertise, streamlined communication, and customer focus. The site has received positive feedback for its simple and intuitive UI, and beta testing yielded few issues.”

Kate Strulova
Kate Strulova
Founder Get Reinvented USA

“SpdLoad developed the CRM dashboard of the B2B2C marketplace using ReactJS. The team has significantly expanded its functionality, so we decided to collaborate on other projects as well”

Danny Djanogly
Danny Djanogly
CMO Dogiz Israel
Vadym Bondar
Founder and CEO MyWishApp Ukraine

I am very pleased with the work with the SpdLoad team. It seems that the Ukrainian software development market is very large, but it is very difficult to find a company that combines quality, speed and price at the highest level. SpdLoad is a company that always gives more than you expect. I recommend this team.

Niklas Nikolaidis
Founder Stackbeam Sweden

Thanks to the efforts of the SpdLoad team, the company was able to launch the project within six months of their initial engagement and the results were much better than what the company had originally planned. The company will work with the team again on similar projects.

Andrei Kandratsenia
Project manager Connexzion Cyprus

The work has been high quality from the SdpLoad team, leading to continued projects between the teams. Their useful insights even outside of their scope of work make them a great addition to the project. Customers can expect a knowledgeable, communicative team.

Timothy Bendt
Founder and CEO GetCangelo India

SpdLoad has delivered a high-quality app. They had been transparent and straightforward with their work. The platform is now supported by more than 10,000 students across India. Overall, the client had enjoyed their time together. They had accurately guided the client, as well.

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Have a question? Look here

What design services does a startup need?
The goal of design for a startup is to make it easier to go to the market and find your niche. It allows you to vividly represent your company in the market, show usability, and create an image of a good product or service.
What are the benefits of a design service?
Because the future of your business lies in the customer’s satisfaction, it is extremely important to improve the user experience to increase their loyalty. Increasing customer loyalty through design services means creating a well-designed product that will meet customer expectations and requirements. The product must be useful, usable, and accessible. One of the options to constantly improve design is prototyping your mobile app or a website and collecting feedback.
How do you design a startup?
Website design is the packaging of a product. A good memorable web design allows not only to distinguish the company itself from competitors but also to increase revenue. The design has to show your brand strategy and include all the functionality and visual identity of the high-quality product.
How much does startup design cost?
In general, the startup design cost greatly depends on the design team working on your project’s design process and the complexity of your deliverables. An average cost is $8,000-$25,000 for freelancers and small businesses and $35,000-$80,000 for large enterprises.