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Mobile app for networking, sharing the ideas and experience built specifically for CIOs.

Rearden House empowers CIOs to gather information, support & resources from one sector of a network to achieve results in another.

Rearden House plugs you into a set of relationships & information sources that collectively embody the power to achieve organizational & personal goals.
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What Customer’s Pain Does the Platform Solve?

The client reached us with an idea of the application, described the goals he would like to achieve, and wanted us to help reach them.

After analyzing the requirements, we created a detailed list of what roles and functionality should be present and fit the overall idea.

We prepared a comprehensive list of functionality and define the main priorities for v1.

Our team provided the best possible functionality list that suits both timeline and quality requirements for the app to be delivered and be available for people all over the world.

About customer

The client reached us with an idea of the application, described the goals he would like to achieve, and wanted us to help reach them.

Customer testimonial

From the first meeting, we realized that we will cooperate together. I’ve been working with external developers for 10 years now and I can say that the SpdLoad team is one of the greatest teams out there.
Omar Agely, Product owner at Rearden House

How Does A Mobile App Work?

The user registers at a platform and chooses the location he would like to join the community in.

The user has access to the global chat of the community.

People can share their ideas, discuss them and share their expertise by creating the ‘idea’ in the global community chat. In case they would like to have a more limited audience, it is possible either to create a group chat or DM, someone, to discuss the ‘idea’.

Now Let’s Take a Closer Look at the Key Deliveries

Key features of the application include global chats for the location, group chats, and personal chats.
In its turn, each of the mentioned above communication channels have an option to create another chat inside of them to discuss certain ideas or deal and allow only interested people to participate in the discussion, yet, all the members of global/group chat can check what ideas/deals are discussed.

What Technologies Did We Use?

  • NodeJS


  • React



The platform is still under development, yet, the v.1 includes all core functionality for the users to be able to reach the main goal of the application – connect with each other, discuss the ideas, share experiences, create group and personal chats.
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