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It is a platform that matches customers and students for accomplishing projects on a range of topics.

The platform has some similar functions to Jira.
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What Customer’s Pain Does the Platform Solve?

Studicon helps businesses implement various projects with the help of tomorrow’s experts – today’s students.

As one of the startup’s clients said: “Working with the students was refreshing, they were very motivated and sometimes did our extra requests.”

About customer

The customer is a former business process manager, who became a startup founder. He had a project idea and was looking for a reliable software development company.

Customer feedback

How Does A Platform Work?

There are 3 roles – customer, student, and admin.

Customers are able to post the projects, choose the best performers for them and track the work process.

Students are able to apply their skills by participating in projects and getting new experiences accomplishing tasks.

They can easily find the perfect one as the system shows them the best projects that match their skills.

Now Let’s Take a Closer Look at the Key Deliveries


The Administrator role

Admin connects the student and the customer.

On the one hand, it’s in charge of checking tasks that are completed and helps in communication with the customer.

On the other, only Admin can activate the student on the project and transfer the completed project to the customer.

The Customer role

The role of the Customer is to create projects on the platform.

As a customer, you will receive a detailed quote and project plan from Admin.

Admin will introduce the project team to you and discuss the project plan.

Once the project starts, the Customer will get weekly updates on the progress.

The Student role

The role of the Student is to apply and make sure project tasks are done.

As a student, you could find suitable projects accordingly to your set of skills or interests and apply them in 1 click.

The admin will assemble a team and introduce you to the Customer. After you’ll be able to work on the project and manage it via the platform.

What Technologies Did We Use?

  • VueJS


  • PHP Laravel

    PHP Laravel




We successfully delivered and launched Studicon, enabling the client to raise funds with the support of H&S Investments.

The platform bridges the gap between businesses and students, facilitating efficient project management and providing valuable experience to students.

We continue to work on improving and further developing the product, ensuring it remains a dynamic and effective solution for matching customers and students for project collaboration.
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