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Tailored mobile apps built for smooth performance, intuitive interactions, and platform accessibility

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Who Are We?

SpdLoad is an app development agency that creates innovative mobile apps that engage users and meet business goals.

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Why Should You Partner With Us?

During the mobile app development, we prioritize 3 main aspects:

The founder's vision

Before we begin the coding process, it is crucial to understand the founder's vision. It is essential to take the time to fully comprehend the ideas and concepts and translate them into the technical aspects that will execute the vision. This way, we can develop an application that will excite both the founders and their users.

Clear communication

We ensure smooth progress by maintaining clear and constant communication. Our developers provide regular updates to keep us on the same page and catch any issues early.

Growth-focused solutions

And finally, we're focused on growth-driven solutions. We'll implement the most scalable and user-friendly features to help your startup grow quickly and organically.

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Our Mobile App Development Services

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Our team provides full-cycle development services for iOS and Android apps, including idea validation, wireframing, UI/UX design, development, and maintenance. We leverage leading frameworks to build high-quality, user-centric mobile apps.

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Our Mobile App Development Process

SpdLoad provides a transparent and effective approach to developing mobile applications. Let's break it down step by step:

step-icon1 Communication
step-icon2 Product discovery
step-icon3 UX/UI design
step-icon4 Development
step-icon5 Maintenance & Scaling
1 / 5

After signing an NDA, you will share your vision, ideas, business solutions, or needs with us, and we will provide you with an estimate and an offer within a week.

2 / 5

The team consisting of CTOs, mobile developers, and project managers will gather requirements, analyze user workflows, and propose technical solutions. These documents will create a foundation for the whole development of the custom mobile app.

3 / 5

You will receive a mind map, wireframes, UI kit, UI design, and a working prototype for your app based on your requirements.

4 / 5

Your product design will transition into a live product, and you'll be able to monitor progress through weekly demos.

5 / 5

After launching your app in the app stores, we will analyze the user experience, create a new backlog, and work on the next version of the product.

Solutions to Your Mobile App Development Challenges

Companies face unique challenges when developing mobile apps. Here are three common issues and how we address them:

  • Multi-platform support

    We develop native mobile apps for both iOS and Android platforms, ensuring full optimization and an excellent user experience across smartphones and tablets. Our cross-platform development services allow for code reuse across platforms, reducing time-to-market.

  • Implementation of CI/CD

    We implement robust CI/CD pipelines, automating build, test, and release processes to deliver mobile apps efficiently. Our mobile CI/CD approach ensures rapid iterations, incremental updates, and reduced errors.

  • Launching in app stores

    Our team handles the entire app store submission process, optimizing metadata and ASO to boost discoverability. We also manage launches and monitor performance across both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

What Technologies and Tools Do We Use?


App frameworks Laravel NodeJS Express
Databases MySQL Redis MongoDB
Hosting AWS Vultr
Server Nginx


IOS Swift
Android Kotlin
Cross-platform React

UI/UX Design

Main tool Figma
Animation Principle
Prototyping Balsamiq


Main tools Confluent Slack Jira

What Deliverables Will You Get?

  • UX design
  • Project documentation
  • Your application
UX design

UX design

In applications, users are primarily retained by design, appearance, functionality, convenience, and simplicity. Based on market research, UX design will allow you to develop an efficient and cutting-edge interface.

Project documentation

Project documentation

At this stage, you will get the document that outlines the regulations for achieving your business objectives. This document includes a general overview of the system, the scope of work, project timelines, and the app development process. Moreover, it includes an evaluation of the project and its maintenance. Essentially, the project documentation aims to answer the question of "what needs to be done?"

Solution definition

Your application

You will be able to track every step of the app development, ensuring that the final product meets your expectations and goals while also being secure, scalable, and resilient.

What do our customers say about us?

Colin Millward
2 people 1 year
Colin Millward
Colin Millward
COO of ResoX, Singapor

“We engaged SpdLoad to develop and deploy a central business solution. It was the right decision. It was a pleasure to work with the team on all levels!”

Anas Nakawa
2 people 1 year
Anas Nakawa
Anas Nakawa
Co-founder, CTO of ShortPoint, UAE

“SpdLoad has provided us with an excellent set of engineers who could work on complex problems and provide scalable solutions that will last us for years.”

Gabriel Senftle
10 people 1 year
Gabriel Senftle
Gabriel Senftle
Founder of Studicon, Germany

“Firstly, they’re very proactive in working on custom software development. Secondly, they are transparent about the processes and costs. Thirdly, their designers are amazing.”

Omar Agely
10 people 3 years
Omar Agely
Omar Agely
Product owner of Rearden House, UAE

“From the first meeting, we realized that we would cooperate. I’ve worked with a custom software development agency for ten years, and the SpdLoad team is one of the greatest.”

Len Marchese
8 people 3 years
Len Marchese
Len Marchese
Founder of PCS, USA

“We brought them on to implement two startups. Their skills and professionalism are outstanding. I appreciate that they are engaged and communicative, but most of all, there is no distance between us, even though I am in Chicago and the team is in Ukraine.”

Johannes Ehrhardt
5 people 1 year
Johannes Ehrhardt
Johannes Ehrhardt
Co-founder of Blue Academy, Germany

“The people at SpdLoad are highly effective and easy to collaborate with. I am satisfied with their work. They helped us to develop our MVP in six months in a complex and stressful situation.”

Danny Djanogly
4 people 2 years
Danny Djanogly
Danny Djanogly
CMO of Dogiz , Israel

“SpdLoad developed the CRM dashboard of the B2B2C marketplace using ReactJS. The team has significantly expanded its functionality, so we also decided to collaborate on other projects.”

Edward Sapp
3 people 3 years
Edward Sapp
Edward Sapp
CEO of DemographIQ, USA

“After having a great experience, I plan to use SpdLoad for all future projects, subject to their availability.”

Sanoma Jean
11 people 2 years
Sanoma Jean
Sanoma Jean
Co-Founder of Ayatherapy, USA

“Throughout the entire process, they were great partners. Working with them was enjoyable, and we were impressed by their professionalism and output during a time of great uncertainty in their home country.”

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What makes your app development services unique?

Our company specializes in developing customized applications designed to meet your business's specific requirements. We incorporate cutting-edge technology with exceptional design to ensure your application stands out in the competitive market.

How do you ensure quality and performance?

Our development process revolves around two main principles: quality and performance. As a leading mobile application development firm, we use cutting-edge technologies and rigorous testing methods to ensure that your app looks visually stunning and runs seamlessly on different platforms and devices.

Do you provide support and maintenance post-launch?

Absolutely! We offer complete post-launch support and maintenance services. We ensure that your application remains up-to-date and functions properly after it has been launched.

What is the process you follow to create custom applications?

SpdLoad uses Agile methodology for a transparent and collaborative process. We begin by understanding your business objectives, then move to design, development, testing, and deployment. Our aim is to work closely with you to ensure the end result meets your needs.

Do you work with various industries?

Our mobile application development services are customized to meet the diverse needs of various industries. Our team has the expertise to create applications that meet industry-specific requirements and enhance business efficiency, whether it's recruitment, healthcare, finance, or education.

What technologies do you use?

We utilize the latest cutting-edge technologies, such as AI, VR, Node.js, Unity, and React Native. By incorporating these technologies, we can craft intuitive, user-friendly, and intelligent applications. Our mobile apps are capable of adapting to user behavior and preferences.