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About the project


Blue Academy is an HR platform that helps define each team member's personal potential to develop professional skills in a targeted way.

How we help:

  • Build MVP from scratch
  • Work at product scaling
In this case study, you'll learn
  • Who is our customer?
  • What was initial request?
  • What was initial request?
  • What customer think about our cooperation?
  • Scope of work after MVP
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Who is founder?


Our customer worked as a middle manager in an enterprise company. He already had an experience of product development


Key Goal

Build valuable product, that allow him to achieve a freedom in decision making as a founder.

SpdLoad team?

The key requirement to software team was a personal trust to team, its experience and competency.
The customer chose us after an interview with CEO.

There are a few key factors, that determines the customer's decision:

  • A proactive position to an MVP development
  • Our communication style: rapidly, value-focused, and on-time
  • Price model
  • Ability to quickly researched business details of an idea
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Research of an idea


To deliver both business-focused and user-centered MVP, we were aimed to get the key insights of an idea.

Our team conducted an interview with a founder. He told us about his vision and the core business logic.


The idea was simple - visualize the strong and weak skills of each team member to let managers build a targeted HR development strategy.

Business Challenge

The main business challenge to overcome was providing reliable and stable platform in conditions of overheated market.

Discovery phase of a project

discovery1 discovery2

Development Stage

Management challenges we overcame

Build from scratch the process of eliciting requirements
Implement a practice of clear technical writing
Implement Agile management methodology
Implement Agile management methodology
Technical challenges

Integration with custom CRM

We set up the process of remote communication and cooperation between our team in Ukraine, Germany team and team on enterprise side

Implementation of advanced billing system

In case, if user will use features over prepaid business plan, a platform automatically will charge additional costs.

Idevelopment of microservices architecture

This solution helps us to integrate 3rd party services in a seamless way. So, additional features look native, as a part of our platform.


Core Workflow

Step 1


Step 2

Select job settings

Step 3

Creating role profiles using employee data

Step 4

Use this data to optimize your onboarding


What values we delivered?

A Quick Dive Into A Business Idea

This helps to quickly undrstand the final users and suggest the improvements to MVP to make it even more valuable and user-friendly.

Clear Communication

The level of our communication help us to be on the same page with customer and launch work as soon as possible without pitfalls.

A Rapid MVP Development

Our technical level helped in building a top-notch solution. This MVP later was a core in a successful fundraising process.

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After MVP


We have successfully developed a stable version of MVP that solved business problems.

Thanks to this, the team of founders was able to present their solution to investors and raised Round A.

But we continued our cooperation at the stage of scaling the MVP into a mature product.

  • We build a dedicated team of 3 developers: 2 React and 1 Python
  • We set up a workflow of German and ukrainian team using Agile approach and
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