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DocKids expands the boundaries of telemedicine. DocKids expands the boundaries of telemedicine. DocKids expands the boundaries of telemedicine.
  • No more long-run queues. No more time-spent to get to the hospital. No more struggling for a short consultation.
  • Our goal was to create the easiest to use telemedicine application. And we did it!
  • Use DocKids and get a treatment plan in 3 simple clicks. Choose your symptoms, choose the doctor, get a video consultation.

Initial request

The customer came to us with a request to create a new telemedicine app. The main requirement was to make an application better, than existed solutions.

There was no validated on-market demand or validated interest from the customers' side. Thus, we started the discovery phase of a project to decide to start development or not.


Customer Pains

Our start point was an in-depth research of customers.

We used a few approaches to identify proven pains. They were customer interviewing and analysis of current solutions on the market.

We generated 2 hypotheses. To check them we use questionnaires and a very detailed comparison of available solutions.

  • Customers have to face long-run queues, even if they need a short-term consultation
  • Customers cannot find a proven doctor without friends' or family's recommendations
  • Make the most convenient application for telemedicine. And we set a goal - the user must find a trusted doctor in 3 clicks.
  • Create a secure application that complies with HIPAA.
  • Drive the large amount of users and doctors to kick start the startup growth

User Portraits

Product value

We have formed a clear value proposition. It based on the market, competitors, and target audience researches.

DocKids - is your way to get a professional doctor helps from home in 3 clicks on mobile.


Information Architecture




Onboarding screens

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Scope of work

  • Business Analysis -
  • UX/UI Design -
  • Backend Development -
  • Frontend Development -
  • Quality Testing -
  • Project Management -
Total -

Technical solutions

  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Implementation of 3 roles: Patient Doctor Administrator
  • Integration of billing system
  • Secure chat Calls Video calls
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