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MyWishApp is a new trendsetter in gifting.

The app dramatically changes the way people make presents and interact with retailers.

It's a complex product with challenging technical architecture and complex business development.

In its core, a startup changes how people surf through the gifting process. There is no more unknowing on what to present to friends, family or coworkers. Make only wished gifts and surprises.

In this case study, we show how we:
  • Analyzed customer's request;
  • Created software requirements document;
  • Developed user journey and app mindmap during discovery workshop;
  • Used advanced technical solutions to implement business logic;
  • Discovered development challenges and solve them.

Initial request

The customer is a successful serial entrepreneur with rich expertise in launching products. From the very start, his purpose was to find a reliable technical co-founder with a strong background in solving challenging tech cases.

Thus, the main goal of our team was to show the deep empathy of business concept and offer top-notch technical implementation. We was excited to rapidly build a complex and scalable MVP.

The next block tells about the product, our workflow and main solutions.

How does app work?

Project scope of work

  • Mobile App

  • Website

  • Admin panel

  • PM
  • BA
  • Tech lead
  • UX/UI designer
  • Markup developer
  • 2 Senior mobile
  • Senior¬†frontend
  • 2 Senior backend
  • 2 QA testers

Information Architecture

The application consists of 3 roles: User, Partner, Administrator.

Key challenges and solutions


Development of a sharing module

This module allows to collect and share data from any other website or app. This is a core feature of MVP.

The first iteration of a database contains more, than 13 000 000 items. To develop it in scalable way, we focused on 2 solutions using Swift and Java.

Below we have schematically shown the essence of the technical solutions.

scheme scheme
scheme scheme

Synchronization of app with a list of contacts

We created a custom solution for collecting and validating data from the contact book. It helps to get a live-time push notifications if any of your contacts joined to MyWishApp.

We developed a custom scrapper of a contact book with a plenty of different validations. This solution collects all contacts, even if they have different structures.

For example, a specific name of contact, nickname on number place, a few numbers and so on.

Collected data go through each validator and in result we have filtered and adapted to our database contacts.


Creation of advanced UX using push notifications

MyWishApp focused on changing the pattern on how people create wishlists. Thus, a business concept build around smooth and engaging User Experince.

To provide such kind of experience, we developed a complex and custom notification system. We did User Research and create 10 most common use cases.

There are the following criteria on how we differntiate each of them: app availability, platform type, reminder time, notification channel, customization of notification.

Based on researched data we created a wide trigger system, that allows us to warm up and engage user again. It helps to keep an LTV and engagement rate of an MVP at high level.


Display of similar products

The key challenge of displaying the similar products is working with giant number of items in database. In the following iterations we plan to parse x10 number of items, to 130 000 000.

Thus, to correclty display the similar products, we use a few solutions: elastic search and a dedicated server.

Integration of elsatic search technology helps us to properly analyze the giant database including different name forms as a search criterion. It minimizes a missmatching and incorrect displaying.

While the number of requests constantly growth, the dedicated server makes able to add new resources to calculate larger number of items matching.

Customer feedback

I am very pleased with the work with the SpdLoad team. It seems that the Ukrainian software development market is very large, but it is very difficult to find a company that combines quality, speed and price at the highest level. SpdLoad is a company that always gives more than you expect. I recommend this team.

Vadym Bondar, Founder and CEO, MyWishApp


  • Mobile - React Native, Swift, Java
  • 3rd party integrations - AppsFlyer, Facebook Login, Facebook Analytics, Google Firebase, SMSC, Sign in with Apple
  • Backend - Laravel
  • Frontend - React
  • Server - Redis
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