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is a well-known video streaming platform for the security domain

It was a desktop software. With our help, the project moved into cloud with SaaS model.
  • USA

    Client Location

  • 2 years

    Project Duration

  • 5-7 specialists


Initial Request

The client was looking for a senior developer to help with the migration of the product from desktop to cloud.

But in the process, the client needed an extension of the development team, as well as a designer to visualize the application, with a lot of functionality and data.

Project Goals and Challenges

  • Challenge 1. Develop a user-friendly interface.

    The platform has a very complex business logic: many roles, many functions, a large number of screens with live broadcasting, and many dashboards.

  • Challenge 2. Migrate software from desktop to cloud.

    The product was already 10 years old. There was a large amount of code and logical connections. So, the work was complicated with the lack of specifications.

  • Challenge 3. Create a mobile application from scratch.

    The platform was written in custom C ++ code. The challenge was to create integration with the existing platform functionality due to code incompatibility.

Solutions We Delivered

  • Solution 1.

    Developed own integration of cloud solutions with the existing desktop application. Our team worked with a complex API developed by the customer's team. We had to work synchronously and jointly scale the amount of data transferred.

  • Solution 2.

    Developed an interface for the cloud platform and mobile application from scratch. The main challenge we overcame was design customization. Customers of the product could customize all design elements: colors, buttons, text and logo.

  • Solution 3.

    Integrated a complex video streaming player into a mobile application. It was extremely difficult to fit numerous elements of the player interface on a limited mobile screen: standard player functionality, functionality to control camera movements, video stream management functionality: file recording, copying and moving to storage, notifications about events recorded by the video stream.

Key Deliverables for Video Streaming Platform

  • Cloud Migration and SaaS Transformation

    Migrated the existing desktop software to a cloud-based SaaS model. This included developing custom integrations with the existing desktop application and working with a complex API developed by the customer’s team. We ensured seamless data transfer and joint scaling efforts.

  • User-Friendly Interface Development

    Designed and developed an intuitive and customizable interface for both the cloud platform and the mobile application. The interface accommodates complex business logic, numerous roles, functions, live broadcasting screens, and various dashboards, all while allowing customers to customize their designs extensively.

  • Mobile Application Creation

    Built a mobile application from scratch, integrating it with the existing platform functionality despite code incompatibility issues. The application includes a complex video streaming player, which incorporates standard player functions, camera control, video stream management (recording, copying, and storage), and event notifications, all optimized for a limited mobile screen.

  • Enhanced Video Streaming Player

    Integrated a sophisticated video streaming player into the mobile application. This player handles various functionalities, including controlling camera movements, managing video streams, recording files, copying and moving them to storage, and providing notifications about recorded events, ensuring a seamless user experience on mobile devices.

Technologies We Used

  • React

  • JavaScript

Collaboration Results

We successfully migrated the Videonext platform to the cloud, developed a user-friendly interface, and created a mobile application from scratch. Our effective cooperation with the client’s team ensured seamless integration and functionality.

The client now offers a scalable, customizable, and user-friendly video streaming platform for the security domain.

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