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Librum is an education and technology startup that creates a one-page app to help students improve their reading comprehension.

It allows teachers to plan, organize and monitor the learning process, while students have a clear picture of all the modules, tasks, and vocabulary.

We provided a frontend developer to the existing team.

Let’s find out more about the project.

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About customer

The client was looking for a reliable team to handle Frontend development according to Figma’s design.

Like any startup, they are budget sensitive, so we suggested moving in small increments to mitigate any risks associated with uncertainty.

We started with HTML/CSS, and when that part was done, we moved on to Vue.js components and logic.

SpdLoad was incredibly professional, competent, responsive, and easy to work with. What was most helpful was how attentive to details they were and how committed to their craft. In our project, it would have been very easy to just accept things as they were and deliver a sub-standard product, but they even kept our own teams accountable to deliver something great.

Larry, CEO

How It Works?

Librum is a feature-rich platform. It has 2 roles: Teacher and Student. We’ll talk about the platform quite briefly.

The workflow for the role of the Teacher is based on the management of tasks and assessments for students.

Accordingly, the Student can complete tasks and track his or her own progress.

Better yet, let’s watch a quick demo video.

Now Let’s Take a Closer Look at the Key Deliveries

Creating an editor from scratch was the biggest challenge of the project.

The frontend-based text editor is the feature that was the most challenging, as there are not that many open-sourced solutions that could fit our project.

In addition, converting the text block to a task is also an interesting feature that we implemented.

Despite the fact it looks pretty easy at a first glance, we need to remember that:

  • we have to hide the text that is used in the task,
  • limit the text editing for teachers once a task is created from a text block,
  • the synchronization with the backend should also be wisely-structure to hide the answers from the students so that they cannot see them in the console (we are against cheating).

Also, the application has a chat function for the teacher and the student to keep in touch and be able to build a deep connection which is important in this field.


What Technologies Did We Use?

  • VueJS



During our work on the project, we created an amazing product we highly believe in.

A fast and convenient way for teachers and students to communicate, students have an easy and practical tool to study English, and teachers have the tool that allows them to share their knowledge effectively.

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