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Product Scout is a tool designed to optimize the process of designing and developing technological products.

The key function of this solution is that it helps to establish teamwork and creates the most technologically advanced solutions in the most efficient and productive way for all participants.

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What Customer’s Pain Does the Platform Solve?


This tool allows technology product design and development teams to collaborate effectively. The system can automate administrative tasks to allow team members to focus on solving technology problems.

Product Scout eliminates confusion by providing visibility, context, and collaboration, as well as design and development in the same space.

About customer

The founder of Product Scout worked for 20 years as a product manager and was involved in the design, development and deployment of technology products. That’s why he decided to create the best solution that would allow technology product design and development teams to collaborate together. And also, to develop business technology solutions in the most efficient and effective way.

How It Works?

The product allows members of the same or different organizations to unite and collaborate on a single project, as well as assign roles in the project.

The fundamentals of product management, UX design, and application/software development are combined with the principles of agile and scrum, as well as proprietary practices and documentation models. These have been refined over two decades and hundreds of projects with proven results.

Now Let’s Take a Closer Look at the Key Deliveries

The review design is needed for the team to discuss what has been done and what will be done next. On this page the user can add a new review design, view existing ones and view the design review members.


Product Scout allows you to simultaneously create all the necessary documentation to ensure the most efficient and effective results.

This tool is based on Agile/scrum principles. However, these principles are often misunderstood and poorly applied in the real world.

Product Scout has developed and refined over time the best practices for developing technology products that are agile,
and much more.



As a result, we have successfully developed and launched a solution for designers and developers to work together. This web-based platform is now a cost-effective solution that has allowed the client to get their first clients.

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