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 is a provider of world-class commercial software products

See how we developed their platform, ensuring user-friendly design and robust security
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Haystax: A Leader in Security Solutions

Our client is a provider of world-class commercial software products specializing in advanced security analytics and risk management solutions. 

The platform is designed to track and manage critical elements such as threats, assessments, and events.

With over 50 employees, the company demonstrates significant operational capacity and a broad reach, catering to diverse markets and customer needs worldwide.

Overcoming Technical Hurdles: Mastering Mapbox and Complex Assessments

  • Challenge 1. Mastering Mapbox

    Implementing Mapbox to effectively visualize data geographically was a significant challenge, requiring precise integration and customization.

  • Challenge 2. Complex Assessment Implementation

    The complex implementation of the Assessments app involved several intricate features, including partial updates, dependent questions, repeating sections, document uploads, mandatory question enforcement, and the ability to save and submit assessments.

Innovative Solutions for Comprehensive Security Management

  • Solution 1. Advanced Mapbox Integration

    We mastered Mapbox integration to provide users with a robust geographic visualization tool, enhancing their ability to track and manage critical elements based on location.

  • Solution 2. Comprehensive Assessments App

    We developed a sophisticated Assessments app featuring partial updates, dependent questions, repeating sections, document uploads, mandatory question enforcement, and save/submit capabilities, ensuring detailed and accurate evaluations.

User Journey through Security Analytics Platform

The platform offers a comprehensive user experience with features for account management and a dashboard that provides a concise summary of key data.

Users can choose from specialized applications like Assessments, Field Reports, Assets, and Events, each offering customized functionality for detailed data management and control.

A Closer Look at This Robust and Comprehensive Platform

  • CRUD Operations

    Users can create, update, and delete various types of objects within the system, such as Assessments, Field Reports, Assets, and Events.

  • Document Management

    The platform supports the uploading and management of documents, integrating them with relevant objects and activities.

  • Mapbox Integration

    A Mapbox map is incorporated to visualize data geographically, enhancing users’ ability to track and manage objects based on location.

Technologies We Leveraged for Optimal Performance

  • React Native

  • Rematch

  • Axios

  • React Navigation

  • MapBox

Results of A Successful Collaboration for Advanced Security Solutions

Our team at SpdLoad successfully completed a project aimed at developing a state-of-the-art platform for Haystax. Through our expertise in MVP development, strong technical skills, and effective solutions, we have helped ShortPoint achieve its goals. 

Our agile workflow and commitment to delivering business value have cemented our partnership, contributing to the client’s continuous growth and success.

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What were the main technical challenges faced in the project?

The key challenges included mastering the integration of Mapbox for geographic data visualization and implementing complex features in the Assessments app.

How did your team approach the integration of Mapbox?

Our team mastered Mapbox integration by ensuring precise customization and effective visualization of geographic data, enhancing the platform's tracking and management capabilities.

How does document management work in the Haystax platform?

The platform supports uploading, managing, and integrating documents with relevant objects and activities, ensuring efficient document handling.

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