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  • Switzerland

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  • 9 month

    Project Duration

  • 6 people


Revolutionizing Air Travel With Custom Travel Tech Service

Flyiing is a user-friendly marketplace connecting travelers, pilots, and aircraft owners.

This platform provides a seamless experience similar to the models of Uber, BlaBlaCar, and Airbnb but tailored for private jet travel. The marketplace aims to revolutionize private air travel by offering a win-win business model for all roles involved.

Our team focused on creating an app that prioritizes user-friendly UX design to cater to the distinct needs of each user group.


The Development of Custom Travel Solutions Like Flyiing Presented Several Unique Challenges

Let’s look at some of these pains-to-solve:

  • Problem 1. Diverse User Needs

    Each of the three roles—traveler, pilot, and aircraft owner—had specific requirements and pain points that existing solutions did not fully address.

  • Problem 2. Pandemic Impact

    The travel and hospitality industry industry was significantly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, necessitating a solution that could adapt to new norms and restrictions.

  • Problem 3. User Experience Design

    Creating an aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-navigate interface for a diverse user base, including experienced and novice users, was critical.

  • Problem 4. Custom Features

    Developing unique features to cater to the specific needs of travelers, pilots, and aircraft owners required thorough research and innovative solutions.

To Address These Challenges, We Implemented Several Strategic Solutions

  • Solution 1. Competitive Analysis

    Starting off our collaboration, we conducted a comprehensive analysis of competitors to identify core features and best practices, which we then incorporated into Flyiing to enhance user experience.

  • Solution 2. User-Centric Design

    Our team focused on creating an intuitive UX design by understanding the unique needs of each user group and integrating feedback throughout the development process.

  • Solution 3. Custom Software Development

    We developed custom features such as detailed validation mechanics for pilots and aircraft, ensuring safety and reliability.

  • Solution 4. Pandemic Adaptations

    We included features that facilitated contactless transactions and enhanced safety protocols to address pandemic-related concerns.

At every stage of creating the app, our team
tried to make it as user friendly
as possible

Nathanael Alain

Founder and CEO, Flyiing

“I am very pleased with the work with the SpdLoad team. It seems that the Ukrainian software development market is very large, but it is very difficult to find a company that combines quality, technical expertise, speed and price at the highest level. SpdLoad is a company that always gives more than you expect. I recommend this team.”

Our Team Built a Complex, Feature-Rich Platform 

That meets the diverse needs of travelers, pilots, and aircraft owners.

Flyiing is quite a complex business travel solution. Take a look at the user flow of one of the key features – aircraft rental.

Throughout the Project, We Delivered Several Key Components

  • Traveler’s role

    Flyiing is a BlaBlaCar for air travelers.
    The user could be the designer of his ideal trip as it gives the possibility to choose destination, the plane type and pilot separately.

  • Pilot’s role

    Flyiing is an Uber for pilots.
    The user can rent a plane, be an on-demand pilot, and earn money from it.
    The platform has a few plane’s validation mechanics to significantly decrease risks.

  • Aircraft owner’s role

    Flyiing is an Airbnb for aircraft owners.
    The user can rent out a plane to share the maintenance and downtime costs.
    The platform has a few pilot’s validation mechanics to significantly decrease risks.

Technologies for Custom Travel Solutions Development

  • JavaScript

  • PHP Laravel

  • Vue JS


Collaboration Results

The overall structure of the platform is ready.

Currently, we are focused on implementing the core links between all the roles that have been defined for the MVP version.

The customer is actively investing in marketing to attract early adopters to get the MVP to market as quickly as possible.

The Flyiing project demonstrates our ability to work with online travel agencies, assess and communicate ideas clearly, create custom solutions,
and rapidly develop product prototypes.

Have a Question? Look Here

What type of travel businesses does your custom travel tech service cater to?

Our service is designed for travel industry, including tour operators, travel agencies, and niche travel companies like adventure travel specialists or eco-tourism providers.

What are the core functionalities of your custom travel tech service?

Our core functionalities can include itinerary building with drag-and-drop features, booking management for flights, hotels, and activities, personalized recommendations based on traveler preferences, and a user-friendly interface for both travel professionals and travelers.

How does your service integrate with existing travel platforms or tools?

We offer seamless integration with popular booking engines, payment gateways, and other travel tools, allowing you to manage everything in one centralized platform.

What is the typical timeframe for developing and implementing a custom travel tech solution?

The development timeframe can vary depending on the complexity of your needs. However, we typically deliver custom solutions within 3-6 months.

How does your service help travel businesses improve their operational efficiency?

Our service automates tasks like itinerary creation, booking confirmations, and communication with travelers, freeing up your team to focus on high-value activities like sales and customer service.

Can your service be customized to fit the specific needs of a travel business?

Absolutely! We can customize the platform with your branding, integrate unique features specific to your travel niche, and tailor functionalities to your workflow.

What are the pricing models for your custom travel tech service?

We usually develop customized solutions under time and material pricing model.

What type of ongoing support do you offer to clients after implementation?

We provide ongoing support through technical assistance for troubleshooting, and regular updates with new features and security patches.

How does your service ensure the security of travel business data?

We prioritize data security. Our company complies with industry-standard regulations and utilizes encryption technologies to safeguard sensitive information.

Does your service offer any features for managing traveler data privacy?

Yes, our service offers features that help you comply with data privacy regulations like GDPR. These features may include tools for obtaining clear consent from travelers for data collection and storage, and options for secure data deletion upon request.

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