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is a platform designed to make payrolls more convenient and structured

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  • UAE

    Client Location

  • 1 year

    Project Duration

  • 6 people


Enhancing Payroll Management with Paystubs

The clients, Lynn Al Khoury, a professional designer and illustrator, and Rodric Haddad, the CEO of Financial Docs with experience at Google, aimed to create a structured and convenient payroll platform. They sought a team of React developers and a UX/UI designer to bring their vision to life.

Our role as a payroll development company in this project was to provide a front-end development team to complete and release the platform, which already had a backend development team, documentation, and requirements in place.

Completing a Comprehensive Payroll Platform

  • Challenge 1. Existing Backend Development

    Paystubs had an existing backend development team and comprehensive documentation but needed a front-end team to bring the platform to completion.

  • Challenge 2. Seamless Integration

    The challenge was to ensure seamless integration between the backend and the new front-end, maintaining functionality and user experience.

  • Challenge 3. Professional Design and Development

    The client required a UX/UI designer and a team of React developers to create a user-friendly and visually appealing platform.

Delivering a User-Friendly Payroll Platform

  • Solution 1. Front-End Development Team

    We provided an outsourced front-end development team specializing in React to complete the platform.

  • Solution 2. UX/UI Design

    Our team included a professional UX/UI designer to ensure the platform was visually appealing and easy to navigate.

  • Solution 3. Seamless Collaboration

    We worked closely with the client’s backend team to ensure seamless integration and functionality.

The Core Features of Payroll Software We Developed

The platform includes functionalities commonly found in banking applications, payment calendars, employee accounting, and tax applications.

The software supports roles such as contractors and employees, allowing users to adjust payrolls and add employees to the company for more efficient management.

User Interface Wireframes Design

Our designers created a comprehensive user flow wireframes:

Delivering Comprehensive Payroll Solutions

  • Front-End Development

    Completed the front-end development using React, ensuring a seamless user experience.

  • UX/UI Design

    Created a visually appealing and user-friendly design for the platform.

  • Responsive Design

    Developed web and mobile responsive versions of the platform for versatile use.

Leveraging Modern Technologies

  • React

Achieving Structured Payroll Management with SpdLoad

We successfully designed and developed the front end of the client platform, delivering both web and mobile responsive versions within the estimated hours.

Our effective cooperation with the client’s backend team ensured seamless integration and functionality.

The client now offers a user-friendly and structured platform for convenient payroll management, catering to both contractors and employees.

Frequently Asked Questions

What key features were included in the payroll platform?

The platform included functionalities such as payment calendars, employee accounting, tax applications, and support for roles like contractors and employees.

What was the outcome of the project for the client?

The client now offers a user-friendly and structured payroll platform that effectively manages payrolls for both contractors and employees, achieving their vision of convenient payroll management.

What technologies were used to develop the platform?

The front-end was developed using React, ensuring a responsive and user-friendly interface for both web and mobile versions.

How did the UX/UI design contribute to the project?

The professional UX/UI design ensured that the platform was visually appealing and easy to navigate, enhancing the overall user experience.

What were the key deliverables of the project?

Key deliverables included the completed front-end development, a visually appealing UX/UI design, and responsive web and mobile versions of the platform.

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