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is an accounting system for the real estate agency

The founder is a successful entrepreneur. He is the owner of a real estate enterprise-level company. Our customer has relevant experience in product development, as he has already been working with a development team of data scientists on his end.

He looked for a reliable team to scale the current team capacity and build an MVP with a top-notch user experience. Thus, at the negotiation stage, we put all efforts to present our work style and resonate with customers’ expectations.

We focus on communication, management, and presentation of tech solutions to a non-tech person. Also, we paid attention to cooperation with another development team, as we have had similar experiences.
  • USA

    Customer Location

  • 4 months

    Project Duration

  • 6 specialists


The Key Goal of a Customer?

The founder wanted to scale his own business to re-vision the highly competitive real estate market position.

He decided to find a new way to optimize business processes’ design to do so. There are many pains to be solved, as all audits are done manually. It was unscalable and hard-to-maintenance.

The MVP hypothesized that automatization with a platform significantly increases business efficiency. As a result, this product could be a new business direction with great ROI from an internal project.

Challenges Overcome in Building the Accounting System

  • Challenge 1. Scaling Manual Audits

    The existing manual audit processes were inefficient and difficult to scale. Our solution automated these processes, increasing efficiency and scalability.

  • Challenge 2. Seamless Team Collaboration

    Integrating our team with the client's existing development team required effective communication and management practices. We ensured smooth collaboration using tools like GitHub, Slack, and Jira.

  • Challenge 3. Complex System Integration

    Developing a complex management system with various user roles and multiple integrations, such as custom calendar functionality and robust file management, required meticulous planning and execution.

Solutions We Provided

  • Solution 1. Implementation of the OCR module

    The OCR stays for Optical Character Recognition, which detects and extracts text from images. The development team on the customer's side implemented this module. Our goal was to adequately and reliably connect their solution with the whole platform.

  • Solution 2. Development of a complex management system

    The platform's architecture includes many roles with different levels of roots. This solution allows Admins and Auditors to easily split responsibilities and perform Audit with different teams.

  • Solution 3. Development of Super Admin role

    The super admin will have the access to the Admin panel with the ability to login, manage all user roles (add, edit and delete user), permission to proceed the "CRUD" actions

  • Solution 4. Implementation of multiple integrations

    In regards to custom calendar functionality it is easy to quickly schedule any appointments and see other users’ appointments sorted by different audits. The files management system allows to have all the benefits of complex cloud storages as storing of big amount audit data and secure access to the collected files

Why Did Client Chose SpdLoad?

In total, 3 factors influenced the fact that we started working together.

1. Our technical expertise. We worked with complex OCD algorithms used in the project and understood the pitfalls.

2. Our managerial expertise. We can quickly set up management, communication, and cooperation with remote teams using GitHub, Slack, Jira.

3. Our approach. It may sound trite, but the ability to quickly immerse yourself in an idea and identify business tasks and challenges has become a decisive factor when choosing a development vendor.

System Mind Maps Design

When working on the design, we’ve created mind maps for seamless user flow:

Project Discovery Phase Deliverables

  • 1. Interview With a Customer

    Before starting the development process, we paid great attention to communication with the client.

    Our task is to understand his goals, motivation, and fears. It helped shape his expectations and presented them to the team.

    We made sure that each team member was aware of what we were building, why, and for whom.

    Only then proceeded to step-by-step implementation of the idea into reality.

  • 2. The Core Logic of an Idea

    The core functionality is to perform audits for one year or several based on the property, tenants, landlords lease values and analyze the extracted data.

    It helps final users increase their savings and/or raise the property’s value.

  • 3. Creation of Documentation

    We start our work with collection requirements and creating a detailed description for the design team. It’s much easier for developers to describe the logic with textual documentation and visualize it with design.

Technologies We Used

  • Laravel

  • AWS

  • React

  • My SQL 8

  • Redis

Value We Delivered

Our technical expertise and business empathy helped us make the idea happen into an MVP. During working on the project, we focused on providing top-grade services. That’s why enterprise-level business owners like the founder have decided to work with us.

We rapidly create in-depth documentation for the design and development team. Our findings helped design the system and workflow
 in a user-driven and pain-solving way.

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