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is a platform designed to calculate the cost of roof coating

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Custom Software Development for Construction Business

Our client is a platform designed to calculate the cost of coating a roof without the need for physical presence at the site. 

This functionality is created for specialists in the field to improve the speed of estimating possible costs for roof coating, leveraging Google Maps for accurate measurements and cost calculations.

Everest Roof Coating has over 30 years of experience in the coatings industry and is a leading manufacturer of elastomeric roofing coatings and sealants. 

They specialize in the restoration and rehabilitation of commercial roofs, offering a full line of acrylic, silicone, and urethane coatings and sealants.


Optimizing Roof Coating Estimates with Advanced Software

  • Challenge 1. Remote Cost Estimation

    The client needed a service that allowed users to calculate roof coating costs without prior expert consultation or site visits.

  • Challenge 2. Accurate Measurements and Cost Calculations

    To achieve precise estimates, the system needed to scan roof areas using Google Maps, calculate material requirements, and provide accurate cost estimates.

  • Challenge 3. Budget and Timeline Constraints

    The client required a solution that fits within their budget and timeline while ensuring high-quality implementation.

Innovative Solutions for Efficient Roof Coating Estimates

  • Solution 1. Remote Cost Calculation

    We developed a service that enables users to calculate the cost of roof coating by scanning roof areas via Google Maps, eliminating the need for physical site visits.

  • Solution 2. Comprehensive Measurement and Calculation

    The system automatically measures roof areas, calculates material requirements, and provides cost estimates. Users can adjust settings based on specific order needs.

  • Solution 3. Cost-Effective and Timely Implementation

    Our team provided a solution that met the client's budget and timeline constraints, delivering a high-quality, efficient platform.

A Glimpse Into UX Design Process

Our designers created wireframes to map out user flow. Once the client approved the wireframes, we moved on to the development process.

Delivering an Efficient Roof Coating Estimation Platform

  • Order Administration Application

    Developed from scratch to manage roof repair orders efficiently.

  • Google Maps-Based Calculator

    Users find the building on Google Maps, and the system automatically measures the roof area.

  • Material Calculation

    The platform calculates the amount of materials required based on the roof area and other elements (e.g., chimneys, visors).

  • Cost Estimation

    The system provides an estimated cost for the required materials. Users can adjust the list of materials if needed.

  • User Roles

    The platform supports two roles: workers, who create and administer orders, and admins, who control and adjust the settings.

  • Adjustable Material Lists

    Allows workers to edit the list of materials needed for specific adjustments.

Leveraging Modern Technologies for Optimal Performance

  • Vue. JS

  • Laravel

Achieving Cost-Effective and Efficient Roof Coating Estimates

Our team at SpdLoad developed a cost-effective and efficient solution for administering roof repair orders, allowing the client to estimate roofing costs more quickly.

Through our innovative approach and Google Maps integration, we were able to meet the client’s requirements and deliver accurate cost estimates without physically visiting the site. The company now offers a user-friendly, streamlined estimate system for roof coatings.

Construction Software Development FAQs

What is the primary goal of the construction software developed for Everest?

The primary goal is to calculate the cost of coating a roof without the need for physical site visits, using Google Maps for accurate measurements and cost calculations.

How does the software leverage Google Maps for measurements?

The software integrates Google Maps to capture precise roof dimensions and other relevant data, enabling accurate cost estimations for roof coatings.

What are the key features of the Everest platform?

Key features include remote measurement capabilities, automated cost calculations, a user-friendly interface, and integration with Google Maps for data accuracy.

How does the software improve the efficiency of roofing contractors?

By eliminating the need for physical site visits, the software saves time and reduces costs associated with travel and manual measurements, thus improving overall efficiency.

How does the software ensure the accuracy of the measurements and cost calculations?

The software uses advanced algorithms and the precise data from Google Maps to ensure high accuracy in measurements and subsequent cost calculations.

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