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is an app designed to automatically compose menus to improve the health of your entire family

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Transforming Family Health with FoodTech Software Development

The founder aimed to create an app that simplifies healthy eating for families.

With just a few clicks, it organizes your weekly menu, generates a shopping list, and ensures you have the best ingredients delivered to your doorstep.

Our team estimated the amount of work required and successfully implemented all the necessary features to meet the client’s needs.

Optimizing Healthy Eating with Advanced Software Solutions

  • Challenge 1. A Universal Platform for Healthy and Nutritious Eating

    Our client needed a simple app that helps families eat healthily and nutritiously by providing a universal platform with a variety of recipes, healthy menus, and quick shopping options.

  • Challenge 2. Personalized Meal Planning

    The app needed to optimize meals based on users’ tastes, allergies, time, cooking skills, and budget to create personalized meal plans.

  • Challenge 3. Development and Feature Implementation

    The founder required a React Native developer to join the team and implement necessary features, ensuring the app met user needs and improved the overall experience.

Delivering a User-Friendly and Efficient Meal Planning App

  • Solution 1. Personalized Meal Plans

    We developed a system where users register and select basic settings like diet, allergies, preferences, and budget. Based on these settings, the app displays the most suitable recipes.

  • Solution 2. Automated Shopping Lists

    The app generates a meal plan from selected recipes, creates a shopping list, and allows users to purchase all necessary ingredients directly through the app.

  • Solution 3. App Optimization and Refactoring

    We reworked all outdated code to a modern style, reduced the app size using modern utilities, added memorization internal purchases for increased monitoring, and data caching.

Delivering a Comprehensive Meal Planning Solution

  • App Optimization

    Refactored outdated code and reduced app size using modern utilities.

  • New Features

    Added flexible recipe search, meal plan generation, and API connection for grocery shopping.

  • Improved Design

    Redesigned the app to enhance user experience and attract more users.

Technologies We Used Technologies for Foodtech Software Development

  • React Native

Crafting a Seamless and Efficient Meal Planning App

We successfully implemented the required features, improved the app’s design, and attracted new customers.

Now, the client’s app is actively helping families become healthier by learning how to eat right and prepare delicious meals easily.

Our collaboration ensured the app provides a user-friendly, efficient, and personalized meal planning experience, revolutionizing the way families approach healthy eating.

Frequently Asked Questions

What was the primary objective of the FoodTech software developed in this case study?

The primary objective was to enhance the efficiency and customer experience of a food delivery service through a comprehensive digital solution.

What key challenges were addressed by the FoodTech software?

The software addressed challenges such as order management, real-time delivery tracking, route optimization, inventory management, and customer communication.

How does the app improve user experience through design and features?

The app features a redesigned user interface, flexible recipe search, meal plan generation, and an API connection for grocery shopping, all aimed at enhancing user experience and attracting more users

How does the automated shopping list feature work in GoodSesame?

The app generates a shopping list from the selected recipes in the meal plan, allowing users to purchase all necessary ingredients directly through the app.

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