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See how we developed the application for the client and what challenges we’ve overcome
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Insuretech Development Service for Tend

Our client is an insurtech startup that developed a widget, a mobile app, and a web portal to offer innovative coverage based on three key advantages: choice of provider, higher limits, and much lower cost. 

The company provides customers with clear, affordable coverage to keep their essential items working without worrying about wear-and-tear or accidental damage.

Bringing Innovation to Home Warranty with Advanced Solutions

  • Challenge 1. Competitive and Cost-Effective Coverage

    The client needed to offer innovative home essentials protection products with clear coverage and reasonable prices, addressing the shortcomings of traditional home warranties.

  • Challenge 2. Developing Multiple Platforms

    The client required the development of a widget, a mobile app, and a web portal to provide comprehensive and accessible services.

  • Challenge 3. Professional Design and Implementation

    Tend sought a team with expertise in UX/UI design and front-end development to bring their vision to life.

Delivering Advanced Insurtech Development Services

  • Solution 1. Comprehensive Platform Development

    We developed a widget, a mobile app, and a web portal, ensuring seamless access to client's services across multiple platforms.

  • Solution 2. UX/UI Design Excellence

    Our team utilized Figma to design a user-friendly interface that provides a clear and intuitive user experience.

  • Solution 3. Enhanced Customer Experience

    We implemented features that allow users to choose their own service provider, benefit from clear coverage limits, and enjoy lower costs.

Meet Our Client

Ramya Joseph

Business Development Manager

Ramya Joseph, an experienced Business Development Manager, leads Tend. With a background in international business, marketing strategy, CRM, digital marketing, and business strategy, Ramya is driving Tend's mission to innovate the home warranty space.

User Flow Development

See how we mapped out the user flow to ensure the application is easy to navigate.

Exploring the Core Deliverables of Insurtech Platform

We developed a comprehensive platform to provide protection for innovative home essentials, including a widget, mobile app, and web portal.

The final application offers an innovative approach to home warranty with the following key features:

  • Client Portal

    The web and mobile app allow users to manage warranty plans, file claims, get preauthorization, and find providers.

  • Widget-Based Solution

    The widget enables users to buy new plans for themselves or others, attracting new customers through the app or partner sites.

  • Clear Coverage Limits

    The app provides transparent coverage limits, ensuring customers know exactly what is covered.

  • Lower Cost

    Client’s coverage is more affordable compared to traditional home warranties, offering better value for customers.

  • Ability to Choose Service Provider

    Users have the flexibility to choose their preferred service provider for repairs and maintenance.


Leveraging a Comprehensive Design Tool

  • Figma

Achieving Exceptional Results with SpdLoad Insurtech Software Development Services

Our team successfully implemented the key functions of the project, exceeding the client’s expectations.

Our focus on UX/UI design and customer experience resulted in a user-friendly interface offering clear coverage, provider choice, and lower costs. 

Tend now provides a revolutionary home warranty solution, redefining the market and delivering exceptional customer value.

Frequently Asked Questions

What was the primary goal of this development project?

The primary goal was to develop a widget, a mobile app, and a web portal to offer innovative home essentials coverage with user-friendly interfaces and seamless functionality.

How did the development team ensure a consistent user experience across the widget, mobile app, and web portal?

The team employed a unified design system using Figma, ensuring consistent visual and functional elements across all platforms for a seamless user experience.

How was the widget integrated with the mobile app and web portal?

The widget was developed to work seamlessly with both the mobile app and web portal, allowing users to purchase new plans and access services directly from any platform.

What features were prioritized during the development process to enhance customer experience?

Features prioritized included a clear and intuitive user interface, easy navigation, flexible provider choice, transparent coverage limits, and efficient claim management.

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