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 is a cutting-edge platform designed to help businesses objectively evaluate job candidates and make smart hiring decisions

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HR Software Development Services for the Evidence-Based Hiring System

Hirenest offers world-class tools to help your business evaluate job candidates objectively and hire smart.

The ultimate goal is to deliver an assessment platform that offers you reliability, construct validity, content validity, and predictive validity.

The assessments, developed in collaboration with and validated by expert I/O psychologists, strengthen the legal defensibility of your hiring decisions in many ways.


Streamlining Recruitment with a Comprehensive HR Platform

  • Challenge 1. Developing an MVP for Automated HR Tools

    The client, Ernestas Duzinas, had an idea for an MVP to streamline the initial recruitment process using an automated HR tool and wanted to test this hypothesis.

  • Challenge 2. Ensuring Validity and Reliability

    The platform needed to provide assessments with high reliability, construct validity, content validity, and predictive validity to ensure accurate and legally defensible hiring decisions.

  • Challenge 3. Creating a Comprehensive Multi-Role Platform

    The client required a platform that supports multiple roles, including Admin, Employer, Author, and Candidate, each with specific functionalities and interconnections.

Delivering a Robust and User-Friendly Recruitment Platform

  • Solution 1. Comprehensive Role-Based Platform

    We developed a web platform supporting four roles—Admin, Employer, Author, and Candidate—ensuring seamless integration and functionality for each role.

  • Solution 2. High-Quality Assessments

    Our team collaborated with expert I/O psychologists to create and validate assessments that meet the highest standards of reliability and validity.

  • Solution 3. Agile Development and Close Collaboration

    We worked closely with the client, organizing sprints and meetings to ensure the project stayed on track and aligned with the MVP goals.

Navigating Hirenest’s Core Features

We deliver a web platform for 4 roles: Admin, Employer, Author, and Candidate.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these roles.

Admin Role

Manage all data on the platform and analyze user activities.

Employer Role

Create company profiles, build assessments, invite candidates, review real-time assessment statuses, compare applications, and choose the best candidates.

Author Role

Create tests for assessments and maintain a profile viewable by employers.

Pass assessments assigned via private or public links, leave feedback on tests and assessments, and access a profile with assessment history.

Delivering a Comprehensive and Functional HR Software

  • Role-Based Functionality

    Developed a platform supporting Admin, Employer, Author, and Candidate roles with interconnected functionalities.

  • Assessment Creation and Management

    Enabled employers to create, manage, and review assessments, ensuring they can make informed hiring decisions.

  • User Experience and Feedback

    Provided candidates with the ability to pass assessments, leave feedback, and track their progress.

Technologies We Used to Develop Human Resource Management Software

  • React JS

  • Node JS

Achieving Efficient Recruitment with Modern HR Software

Over three months, we developed Hirenest’s platform from scratch, supporting three main roles. The platform is now ready to attract early adopters, allowing employers to request access, create assessments, and hire the best candidates. 

Additionally, the landing page is prepared for its first real experience, marking the beginning of a new era in evidence-based recruitment. Our close collaboration with the client ensured the development of a robust, user-friendly, and effective recruitment platform.

HR Software Development FAQs

What are the primary objectives of developing HR software?

The main goals include streamlining HR processes, improving data management, enhancing employee engagement, and providing tools for better decision-making and compliance.

What key features should HR software include?

Essential features include employee data management, payroll processing, benefits administration, time and attendance tracking, performance evaluation, and compliance reporting.

Can HR software integrate with other business systems?

Yes, HR software can be designed to integrate with other systems such as payroll, accounting, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems for seamless data flow and process automation.

What are the benefits of a custom HR software solution over off-the-shelf options?

Custom HR software can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the organization, offering more flexibility, better integration with existing systems, and solutions that align closely with business processes.

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