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53 Best Project Management Software & Tools

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Today technology has become synonymous with efficiency. And to increase this efficiency, organizations have tried different approaches. They try strategies to combat inefficiency and lower productivity in the workplace.

From trying strategies like division of labor to making assembly lines & using AI and robots. We have tried different approaches to address the many issues scarring organizational efficiency and software asset management.

Yet another approach to enhance this efficiency is using project management software. Project management software is beneficial for the workplace. It helps project managers collaborate and track.

There are many benefits of a good project management software for any organization. Today, when the projects are getting more complex, managing them needs proactive solutions.

If you are reading this article, then you must be a part of the management team and face some project management challenges, that could be overcome with the use of tools.

For your benefit, we have gathered a list of 50 project management software. You will find the basic information about them, along with their USP features.

Benefits of using the best Project Management Software

Apart from the benefits that have you see in the graphic above, you can also expect the following:

  • Risk Mitigation
  • Task Delegation
  • Standardizing the work processes
  • Integrating the new members
  • Allowing the members to come on track with the project progress
The picture shows the advantages of the project management software

Must-Have Features of an Agile Project Management Software

There are 3 reasons why you need project management software in your organization. They are:

  • Visibility
  • Accountability
  • Organization

As a project manager, are you facing issues with these aspects? Try using good project management software. When it comes to project management software, you cannot leave it to chance.

You need one that allows project documentation but also lets you communicate effectively with your team from start to finish.

Here are some features that you must read before using project management software.

  • Risk Management: Avoiding risk is better than doing damage control, isn’t it? So, in your organization, use such a software that can help you mitigate and prevent risks. Use a system that can identify risks & allow you to create contingency plans. So that it does not cause hindrances in project delivery.
  • Managing Resources. Resource Allocation and Management is vital for timely within the budget project delivery. Having a resource management function on your project management software is helpful. It provides insights into the optimal allocation. You will be able to calculate the expenditure and distribute the expenditure uniformly.
  • Reporting and Tracking. Generating reports & tracking the project progress allows the managers to know project performance. If as a manager you see some hurdles along the way, devising solutions for the same is also probable.Tracking also allows the managers to understand. What is the trend and take appropriate action. If a team or an individual is not performing well, you can figure it out and suggest changes.
  • 3rd Party Application Integration. Another feature that you must account for in your software is its 3rd party integration. Today, there are various tools that support the main software & increase its efficiency. For instance, in d-tools, you can integrate Cedia Designer, ConnectWise or for enhanced accessibility.

An Overview of the top 51 Project Management Software:

5pm. Best for Educational, nonprofits and other large scale organizations. 5pm this project management software is a powerful tool. It also has an easy to understand and operate interface. The majority of the functions are 1 or 2 clicks away.

To better suit your project management needs, you can customize 5pm’s interface. It provides timelines and project reports. It also has compatibility with other 3rd party tools and software.

Major Features:

  • Embedded with workload reports, Gantt Charts, a chat application, and an open API.
  • It does not need any extra training or classes for the employees to understand how it works.
  • For better accessibility, the managers can switch between up to 26 languages.

Project Open. Project Open is a project management software that to manage sophisticated projects. This may include the projects that come under the ambit of larger organizations. Project Open helps these organizations combat client requirements.

Larger organizations need to collaborate on more complicated levels. It has the right quality of tools & features. They allow coordination among various branches of the organization. Be it Human Resources, Financial, ITSM, CRM among others. Benefits include listing the tasks associated with a project. Breaking it down into different packages, Project Open allows prompt project delivery.

Major Features:

  • Embedded with a wiki feature. It lets users get project results and create closure reports with ease.
  • Trusted by Purple Motion, Cambridge Technology Partners. Also, by a few other prominent large scale organizations.
  • Comes with the Tracking and Billing services. This helps provide a better overview of the project along with its scope.

Sitetracker: Sitetracker can satisfy the needs and essential tasks forwarded to all variants of employees. From the field level executives to the C-Suite, everyone can use this project management software. This can help organizations to manage the entire project lifecycle and regulate the assets.

Sitetracker takes project management to the next level. This is a cloud-based management solution designed specifically to help organizations manage high volume projects. It can help several industries identify their staffing and resource requirements for a project. The Intuitive and real-time dashboard interface projects important metrics associated with a project.

Major Features:

  • Google, Nokia, Verizon, Congruex, Extenet systems and other major players of their respective industries use our solution.
  • Three Phased project management software comprising Plan, Deploy and Grow.
  • Vendor Analysis and Accurate Project Forecasting.

Workep: Workep works best for companies & businesses working in consultation, education, and law firms. To this end, Workep also allows cross-enterprise collaboration. This gives easy and the necessary access to the team members.

Workep also has Gantt, has preloaded templates, helps with managing the budget. It also has a time tracker. For every project, Workep allows the members to work on a single project worksheet. Further, the members can add resources, messages, and guides. They can give each other a direction on the same project card.

Major Features:

  • Helps with synchronizing the entire team. It also brings project stakeholders and clients on a single platform. This helps with timely delivery and fulfill the project deadlines.
  • Provides resources to keep track of all the project related and non-related details.
  • G-Suite brings transparency. It adds visibility to project data and related resources.

Digite.com: Digite takes precedence in the AI-driven Project Management Solutions. Digite is a proactive software in project management sphere focusing on various aspects. This includes Global Delivery Management and Quality Management.

As a project management tool, SwiftEnterprise & SwiftKanban strengthen best practices in everyday work. With tools like AI and Machine learning, Digite aims to improve project visibility & collaboration on both the ends.

Major Features:

  • SwiftKanban: A visual Project Management Software to provide interactive and graphical progress reports.
  • Agile Software working to enhance the digital transformation of the project.
  • Working and helping many organizations like Teradata, Alchemetrics, and Tedder.
  • Hybrid Agile Project Management and DevOps Solutions. This help various organizations from the development industry to use Digite.

ProofHub. ProofHub is a project management tool created especially to manage remote teams across the globe. It’s a all-in-one software to manage projects smoothly and effectively. It has a wide pack, that includes literally everything you need – from time management and daily to-do lists to daily reports and API integrations. All features are accurately sorted in different blocks to cover all your team’s needs.

Major features:

  • Kanban boards
  • Custom workflows
  • Gantt charts
  • Easy to share collaborative environment: calendar, time sheets, file sharing

Fyle: Fyle is an AI-powered expense management software that can boost productivity by automating mundane, repetitive expense reporting, tracking, and management tasks. Employees can use the tool’s receipt scanning feature to extract important information from both paper and digital receipts and create expense reports without any manual effort. They can upload all their expense-related documents onto the software, and finance teams can easily review them and make payments on time.

Finance teams can also easily take care of tedious, manual credit card reconciliation processes with the expense software. The tool can reconcile credit card transactions, expenses, and receipts automatically with just one click. It also comes with a robust policy check engine that can audit employee expense reports in real-time and curb potential errors and prevent fraud. 

Major Features:

  • Fyle can track all your business expenses and reimbursement status under one dashboard
  • You can configure and automate approval workflow as per your company hierarchy
  • It can help you automate payments via ACH and reimburse employees in bulk

Method123: Method 123 offers project management templates and project management software. It can help you ease out the whole process. Also, Method123 allows you to import and create your own project management methodologies. This helps you take control of the project tasks. Method123 is suitable for organizations that are starting with project management exercises. It is for those who want to work with pre-made templates.

Major Features:

  • The templates save your time and effort. That has to otherwise be put into making new project timelines.
  • It has a large user base of more than 1,400,000 users worldwide.
  • Teams of all sizes can use Method123. Further, it allows them to collaborate on a single platform. This leads to enhancing the project delivery and timeline.

Sinnaps: Small and Medium-scale enterprises who are looking to organize their work. Who wants to learn to prioritize tasks should use Sinnaps. The managers divide the tasks. They can control the work and communicate with each other through it.

Sinnaps helps you identify the best work path for a project. It also holds expertise in helping you manage the resources and also avoid work overload. Sinnaps is best to use when the managers are looking to manage projects in a simple way. A way that optimizes performance.

Main Features:

  • Sinnaps also contains the updated version of Gantt Flow.
  • Allows real time progress reporting and real cost overviews.
  • Leverages the power of PERT and CRM to self-prioritize the tasks. This ensures timely project delivery.

Eylean: With Eyelean visualizing and simplifying the processes within an organizational framework is easier. This is an easy to use software that works best for organizations of all scale and capacity.

Eyelean is customizable. From project realization to successful project delivery, Eylean can help with everything. It has features like, multiple workflows. For those who want to bring productivity into their business proceedings. And those who are looking to speed up their workflow, Eylean is a good solution.

Major Features:

  • Easy to integrate with various 3rd party tools like TFS, Kanban, Scrum MS, Outlook, etc.
  • The users can customize the work boards to get better structures. They can create workflow processes understandable by the teams.
  • Managers can set restrictions and special permissions. They can set them for the selected users.

Everhour. Everhour has a wide gamut of functionalities and can cater to various organizations. But it is best suited for those who are track and set budgets for their projects. Added to this, Everhour allows the managers to split billable and non-billable hours.

With Everhour, the managers can also schedule the employee hours. They can also view their workload. Time tracking of each project and every aspect of that project is the main feature of Everhour. Consultancy, non-profit, marketing, and advertising companies can benefit more from Everhour. The proactiveness and efficient add-ons of Everhour help in many ways.

Major Features:

  • Everhour can help you track the number of projects in one instance.
  • It can check the budgets and set alerts for the team members
  • You can use it from mobile devices operating on Android and iOS.

Blossom. Blossom is the best project management software for companies dealing in software development. A great and yet simple solution that works like Trello. Even better, you can integrate it with GitHub. Thus, allowing the users to stay in the codebase. That too, without having to reference ticker ids every time.

It has a continuous flow system and card systems as seen in Trello. Sharing information with the team is also easier from the cards. Add extra persons responsible for keeping a check on the card to ensure productivity.

Major Features:

  • Trusted by Facebook, Apple, Spotify, 500 Startups, Seedcamps, and others.
  • Intuitive Analytics and Email Reports can also run right from the software interface
  • Gives a clear view of everyone’s tasks and responsibilities.

smartQ. smartQ is a visual task management tool. It helps to delegate tasks, cooperate with different teams and track project progress. This software makes a good for a wide range of niches, as it focuses on project management using Kanban boards. Hence, it hence a lovely Kanban workflow design and advanced ticket-based collaboration.

Major features:

  • Kanban-based visualization of project’s workflow
  • Easy-to-collaborate environment: files and notes sharing, custom ticket creation, flexible roles system
  • Acceptable for any industry and niche

Proworkflow. Proworkflow is a customizable project management software. Companies of all ranges can also use it. From startups to bigger organizations, proworkflow works for a team of 5 to 5000.

Proworkflow has combined the four fields of project management. Proworkflow can handle a number tasks with ease. This includes communication and managing deadlines. Further, it can also take care of tracking costs and staff management.

It is an online and cloud-based project management software. Thus, anyone can upload and share files all across the spectrum via this tool.

Major Features:

  • Task based integrations with several tools that help in project management.
  • Task scheduling, tracking, and notification are easy and approachable.
  • Many sets of management tools like workflow, contact, reporting, resource, and timesheets.

Acunote. Acunote is an agile project management software. It is best for small and large scale companies. Acunote helps plan task sprints and accounts for the backlog items in a project.

Worldwide IBM, EMC, hp, Fujitsu, and many other large scale tech companies use Acunote. To better manage and track the projects, Acunote offers powerful analytics. All the while depicting the actual progress.

Major Features:

  • It helps managers stay in control of the project. This is possible due to its integration with Scrum & Agile project management system.
  • It offers a vivid and real-time analysis of the project. This is essential for analytics and reporting.
  • Easy monitoring of teams and individuals.

Standuply. Standuply has features and integrations making it the best project management tools. Standuply is an ideal solution for remote teams. Standuply enhances collaboration on several levels of activity in an organization.

One of the best features of Standuply is its ability to conduct asynchronous meetings. It does this via slack for the team members. Apart from helping the managers keep a track of the tasks, it is also a digital assistant. Due to these and many other features, Intel, IBM, Walmart, and Adobe use Standuply

Major Features:

  • Synchronizing among the team.
  • Get data from 3rd party applications. This helps streamline the project progress. And, helps understand the metrics in an informative and graphical manner.

GanttPro. GanttPro is yet another proactive project management software. It is best for project managers and startups. The organizations in the creative niche and construction industry can benefit from GanttPro. Other than this, GanttPro can make the team projects more agile, simple, and flawless.

In a single instance, you can understand the project progress and metrics. Due to its effective and convenient dashboard management. Unlike other project management software, GanttPro has a shorter learning curve. Task management is a nuanced process. But Gantt Charts makes it easier to manage intricate details of the tasks.

Major Features:

  • Managers and users can set filters in the project. They can invite more people and even share the URL with non-members. A feature that opens up the project management tasks to clients.
  • Drag and Drop integration can help reschedule many project tasks.
  • The GanttPro interface is open to all the members. They can leave comments, attach files, get real time notifications about the project.

Kanbanery. Kanbanery is a versatile project management software. It can work for both individual users and handle a team of more than 100 people. The power packed project management solution kanbanery runs on a card system. This allows creating visuals of the work and understanding it in an easy manner.

There is no need to create or design new templates. Kanbanery comes loaded with pre-made templates. You can change it to suit your project management requirements.

Major Features:

  • Brings the whole team together for task management and lets everybody collaborate.
  • Creates effective communication channels when working remotely
  • Already in usage by Shutterstock, Silicon Valley Change, Firefox, and eSpark Learning

Kanbanchi. G-Suite is being used all across the globe for better transparency and accessibility. Kanbanchi integrates with your G-Suite to provide better coverage of the tasks. And further, smoothen the workflow. Any sized team or company that is looking to manage tasks and projects. Those who want to enhance their in-house collaboration can use Kanbanchi.

Kanbanchi is also one of the best online project management tools. It is compatible with the Kanban board, Gantt Chart, and has an inbuilt time tracker. It provides a better understanding of the work and visualizing the tasks. For this, Kanbanchi used a card flow system.

Major Features:

  • With its integration into Google Drive, scaling Kanbanchi is very easy and convenient.
  • A shared space that allows full scale collaboration. It also allows sharing the cards with different users like a Google Doc.
  • Task synchronization and schedule management due to integration with Google Calendar.

Merlin Project. This soft made by ProjectWizards is made to be the best companion for the project managers. Individuals from diverse fields can use this best project management software. This includes development, construction, media, architect, music, and others.

Kanban boards help with the productive layout of the tasks. It enables smart grouping of the tasks that are easy for the employees to understand and execute. Irrespective of the size of the project, it allows full integration across all devices.

Major Features:

  • Time and Expense tracking allow businesses to save on costs and deliver projects on time.
  • The in-built templates can also be customized to provide a better way to understand and integrate with the project team.
  • Resources and budget management

Brightwork. Brightworks provides help to the business of all scales. This tool can help collaborate with quality, scope, and time. Further, it can also help know the cost associated with a project. Brightworks make everything easier and more possible. This is due to its best practices templates already embedded in the software.

Being one of the best project management tools, it allows cross project collaboration & reporting. This further tones down the extent of resources needed for different projects. And allows the managers to use them efficiently.

Major Features:

  • The templates can collaborate with each other. The project managers can get automated reporting. This leads to an increase in project success.
  • Prioritizes customer satisfaction. Brightworks does this by allowing the high-level executives to look at the project progress. It also helps managers do and check with more transparency.

FindNerd. FindNerd is yet another new age agile project management software. It is best for IT-based startups. This is a dynamic project management tool that allows full-scale collaboration. Along with this, it provides deep analytics into the project’s progress.

There is the provision of group chats. It enables tracking time, helps get screenshots, and also collaborates with other teams. In startups, managing projects is of grave importance. To that end, FindNerd has various smart features that help get higher ROI from the projects.

Major Features:

  • An efficient time tracking and monitoring tools that keep everyone in the loop.
  • Setting up new projects is easier. You can also scale the functionality of the tool as the company progresses. Getting bigger projects is also workable with FindNerd.
  • For better efficiency, FindNerd allows users to divide the project. It helps in executing practices that help complete the projects within set budgets.

Favro. Favro is project management software best for the budding and growing startups. More importantly, the unicorns. These growing organizations must use agile business practices. And Favro helps them bring this agility on a larger scale.

Favro brings together the project plans, assets, scripts, and resources in one place. All the while allowing the team members to communicate with each other. There are three forms of tracking templates built in the software.

Major Features:

  • Every member of the team can set a personalized view of the dashboard. And get an understanding of the project status in real time.
  • It offers kanban styles of workflow presentation. Along with this, it provides enough leverage to plan and sort a project. Further, it can also help extrapolate the need for resources.

Swipes. Swipes is best for small teams (between 2 to 20). These teams are looking to ease out their process of project management. They will get access to a platform that is smart. Swipes help plan and execute the plans. It also helps ensure that all the communication related to the project is in one place.

For small business planning and discussing the project goals is imminent. This helps them take the right action. Swipes help companies progress further. It allows the team members to grow and deliver projects together.

Major Features:

  • Task Boards have many features and functions. This allows the members to collaborate with better efficiency.
  • Exchange your ideas, share the feedback or start a new discussion related to the project right from your desktop with Swipes.

Samepage. Teams for all sizes need to be on the same page so that work goes smoothly and with better efficiency. To make that happen, Samepage is the tool that you need to go for. It helps teams share ideas, communicate, collaborate all from one place, Samepage.

To enhance the communication part of a team, Samepage offers two different variants of communication. The simple chat feature and the Teams feature. Chat is the simple messenger, whereas Teams is something of the next level. It helps the users not only communicate but also share a wide variety of content with everyone.

Major Features:

  • Wide Extent of Integration tools including Facebook, Youtube, Slack, Twitter, Excel, Maps, and whatnot.
  • Take care of project milestones. Record, write and share the important tasks. And delegate the work accordingly, all through this single application.

Float. Float is a good choice for studios and agencies. It is best for those who are looking to get the best out of the best project management software. These firms and agencies can help plan a multitude of projects. It can help schedule tasks among the teams and manage them from one place.

World-renowned organizations like Buzzfeed and Oglivy are using Float. They help manage their teams and look after the distribution of resources. The companies that are in the social industry are better able to leverage the features and functions offered by Float.

Major Features:

  • Increase the visibility of the tasks and lets you give live updates for a task or project to the members.
  • Has an in-built calendar. It helps also notify the holidays, sick leaves and other such instances beforehand.
  • It helps with tracking time associated with every task or the segments of projects. This also allows you to track the budget.

KeepSolid. KeepSolid has designed and formed a project management software named Goals. This software is best suited for business owners and high-level managers. These executives can track the project. Generate reports and also collaborate for project planning and ensure deliverability.

Goals is a task-oriented project management software. It excels at breaking down project deliverables into smaller tasks. These tasks are then allocated to the appropriate members. Managers and startup business owners can track these tasks and generate reports.

Major Features:

  • With the help of Sprint and Kanban, the prime executives can know the project’s progress and ROI.
  • Helps you set clear objectives for every project.
  • Provides a helicopter view of your business objectives and understand the business strategy.

Easyprojects. Medium scale organizations and enterprises operating on a national level, use Easyprojects. An online & cloud based project management tool providing exclusive workspace to the members. Easyprojects have many features to help managers and executives realize the success of the project. Further, it runs on the concept of the work breakdown structure.

Along with this, it helps with portfolio management and critical path management. Easyprojects also helps business owners and executives to view the employee workload. It also helps set new timelines and delegate the work as per the employee’s ability.

Major Features:

  • For larger enterprises, Easyprojects has a set of scalable features. Like budget selection and revenue estimation on a bigger scale.
  • Integration with Gmail, Calendar, Slack and other applications is possible for better accessibility.
  • Embedded with a Kanban Board for better visibility of the project team. It can help with their tasks, and task status.

Open Project. This is the best project management software that fulfills the demands of project managers. It is important to use throughout the lifecycle of a project. More importantly, they can plan a project, develop its path. And communicate within the team from its platform.

If you are looking to build a high-performance team in your workplace, Open Project will help you. It can support any type of project. It has many in-built features like agile boards, Gantt charts, wiki, reporting tools, among others. In the end, Open Project aims to reimagine the collaboration and communication in a team.

Major Features:

  • Helps to create, plan and prioritize, assign, track, and report the tasks associated with a project.
  • Everything related to the project can be given result from a single place.
  • With Scrum and Agile, the members can successfully identify the sprint backlog. Bug Tracking ensures successful completion and error-free deliverability of the project.

TeamDynamix. Organizations working in the sector of healthcare and Higher education must use TeamDynamix. The local and regional governments can also use this solution. It is a feature-rich & best project management software. From managing projects to portfolios and services, Teamdynamix can handle it all.

Going a bit further, TeamDynamix helps the organization to improve the ticketing process. The client portal is an interactive and enhanced platform that reimagines communication. This is the reason why the University of Wyoming uses Teamdynamix. Also, Covenant Healthcare, University of Colorado and many others use this tool.

Major Features:

  • Helps with resource management. All the while smoothening the service desk management for the businesses.
  • You can also configure it to suit your business needs with better precision.

Feedcamp. Businesses and startups looking to raise business productivity, Feedcamp is the word. Freelancers, digital media marketing and consulting companies use Feedcamp. Feedcamp is a user-friendly project management software having online accessibility.

Customizing Feedcamp as per your needs is also possible. It has a wide gamut of features that you can install for specific tasks. Since every project requires the user to install several other applications. Feedcamp brings together all these applications into one place. Thus, it allows for easy manageability.

Major Features:

  • Dual ways to manage the projects from the dashboard. It will help the managers to better understand the project scope.
  • The Cog icon in the software offers a multitude of extra features and applications. They enhance the functionality of the software.
  • Embedded with Kanban Board and Gantt Chart for task management and to get a bird’s eye view of the projects.

Zenhub. Zenhub is the only agile project management software built into the GitHub environment. Here, innovation is the key. With its full-scale integration into GitHub, the team managers can better understand the issues. They can further use multi-repo boards, Epics and get timely reports.

Zenhub is the key to manage the entire lifecycle of any software project from within GitHub. For bigger projects and enterprise needs, Zenhub has developed full-scale project management functionalities. These are data-driven and work without ever letting the users come out of GitHub.

Major Features:

  • ZenHub roadmaps have made work easier for the developers and team managers. It is easier to understand the direction in which they are going.
  • These roadmaps get automatic updates as per the team’s progress.
  • Gain better collaboration and tracking of the current and ongoing projects via ZenHub. further enhances the success rate and timely delivery of the projects.

Conceptboard. Well set large organizations or startups, all agencies use Conceptboard for project management. The team members can also use it to share and collaborate with the clients and stakeholders. It helps them get them on the same page.

For every project, you can add several team members, project boards, and all kinds of files. This allows for better collaboration. Any member can join the same project board from any corner of the world. Task discussion, delegation, and managing the sprints happen from the same board.

Major Features:

  • Conceptboard allows asynchronous work and allows working on projects in real time.
  • Allows defining different sets of permissions for editors and reviewers. Further, restricting unwanted access to all the members of the team.

Projectlibre. Projectlibre is best for companies of all sizes. Irrespective of your organization’s size, you can use Projectlibre. There are dual variants of Projectlibre Cloud and Projectlibre Enterprise. Being a globally resourced software, Projectlibre allows the managers to work on many projects.

Projectlibre can help managers start new projects. They can set the tasks, deadlines, and also schedule tasks. All this is to ensure prompt deliverability. In enterprise solutions, you can also create reports and understand the task based performance.

Major Features:

  • Projectlibre has several features. It includes Gantt charts, WBS or RBS diagrams and other forms of network diagrams. These tools help with better project management.
  • It is full of such resources that allow for the handling of multiple projects.

DashClicks. DashClicks offers project management software for digital agencies and SMBs, a simple and intuitive tool that enables agencies to save time, hit goals faster, and create a transformational experience. It streamlines the processes, enhances workflows, and prevents wasteful and monotonous activities.

The tools help agencies minimize worries by allowing all inter-team communications in one centralized location, schedule staff, tracking time spent on tasks and resource allocation.

Major Features:

  • Keeps client’s data and information in one centralized location for better control over the project.
  • Brings you the needed insights through analytics features and comes with automated reporting.
  • Agencies can integrate and collect information from multiple channels and third-party tools like – Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Callrail, Unbounce, Clickfunnels, etc.

Unfuddle. Software developers are already busy with developing and writing codes. If they have to switch between different applications for management purposes, it adds to their troubles. Unfuddle combats this particular issue. It helps the managers bring together the whole team on a single page.

With its easy to use interface, Unfuddle allows every team member to access and use the project management software. The purpose is to raise their productivity levels. Unfuddle helps with finding bugs and issues. It helps managing the source code and team communication, Unfuddle will sort it all out.

Major Features:

  • Tickets contain every bit of information related to a project. They help the users to be on track with the project tasks.
  • You can make reports for separate tasks or tickets. As a project manager, you can also ensure bespoke access to the team members for these tickets.
  • Encrypted connections to Unfuddle ensure that your codes are always secure and have restricted access.

Taiga. Taiga is an open source best project management software built for those who want to work agile. This solution is applicable for all kinds of teams coming from any industry. Kanban boards help teams check the workflow. Further allowing the team managers and managers to focus on the tasks.

There is a multitude of features and integrations in Taiga. They help make it a truly agile project management solution. It allows ticket management along with supporting many projects from a single interface.

Major Features:

  • Taiga is flexible and it has the ability to integrate with other applications. This has further allowed the users to use it proactively.
  • This project management tool is fast and made for multidisciplinary teams.
  • Sprint planning, Kanban boards, Epics, and Issues tracking are only some of the proficient features of Taiga.

Hyperoffice. Organizations that generate a lot of paperwork and need a cloud based solution. for its management, should go for Hyperoffice. This comprises IT organizations, retail or retail calendar, legal, government, and healthcare companies. Hyperoffice allows large scale integration of different stakeholders, teams, and members. This is to collaborate on a single platform.

Hyperoffice allows a secure transaction of critical business information between the members. It also allows managing the projects and helps the project managers assign tasks and track the progress. You can also integrate Emails and calendars into the software.

Major Features:

  • Hyperoffice allows you to set up intranets and extranets for the employees and teams.
  • Accessible via mobile on both the operating systems, iOS and Android.
  • Gives you to build online databases and create online forms to automate workflows.

Devoteam. When big companies want to go for the digital transformation of their processes? When they want to excel at tasks and management functions, Devoteam is the solution. With 7 core functions, Devoteam is like a one-stop solution for every office task. This includes agile IT solutions, streamlining businesses among others. Devoteam ensures digital-readiness for big organizations.

Devoteam has many features that are beneficial for the company. They help make the work environment more agile, productive and effective. From helping organizations leverage workflow management and win their digital battles.


Major Features:

  • It provides business with the latest and relevant data. This helps enhance the decision-making process.
  • It helps to improve the enterprise-level business functions. Be it HR, Finance, Admin, or maintenance. Devoteam can handle it all.

VersionOne. VersionOne is an agile project management software that is best for teams of all sizes. And especially those who are looking to improve their productivity. To further narrow it down, VersionOne is a good option for software development teams. It helps to handle the high-value projects.

VersionOne comes in handy from the ideation stage to the last stage of delivery. VersionOne has features like Gantt charts, Kanban board, budget management. And various other tools giving enterprise-level solutions.

Major Features:

  • Increases project visibility. It makes it possible for teams to collaborate and coordinate the work from different locations.
  • Plans, Iterations, Stories, Roadmaps, reports, workflows – all tasks, one solution.
  • Helps forecast the delivery dates along with helping identify the work patterns. They ease the process of project delivery.

Meistertask. Meistertask is an agile project management software built for all kinds of project teams. This business solution can handle different levels of the workflow. This includes springs, kanban, Gantt charts and more. But what is even more amazing is that you can adjust Meistertask to fit with your project task and scope.

Every single task and piece of information related to a project can be added with meistertask. It can also be dug out later for understanding. With every task, you will get space for adding attachments and notes. This will help to collaborate with the project on better terms with the whole team.

Major Features:

  • It helps create seamless workflows. You can attach Slack, GitHub, and Zendesk to the dashboard.
  • It helps to track what every member of the team is working and get real-time updates.

Axosoft. Axosoft is best for software development teams, scrum masters, and other software companies. It is an agile project management development software allowing project planning. It eases the help desk, bug tracking and working with wiki.

Axosoft is a synergetic project management tool that helps businesses of all sizes. It helps collaborate on better terms. It can take care of scheduling, document management, and reporting. It also helps with tackling issues, tracking project time, and managing resources.

Major Features:

  • A Velocity indicator instructs about the current and required velocity of work. This is important when the question arises of project delivery.
  • Kanban board helps to assign, track, notify and discuss the current tasks and projects.
  • For the development teams, Axosoft has issue tracking and Git Repo Management.

Leankit. Although Leankit is useful for every variant of teams and project managers in the industry. It is an ideal solution for Engineers. Because there is a precise and complex nature of the engineering project.

The members need to take extra precautions. Leankit offers that extra bit of efficiency, visibility, and accountability. It has many superior features that are essential for productivity. Kanban boards and adult trails to help them manage the projects with agility.

Leankit eases out the logistics aspect of project management. It helps diversify the tasks to help achieve better coordination. Leankit brings a system to the chaos of information. And tasks associated with any high priority project.

Major Features:

  • Allows teams of a project to work and move together. This helps in the reduction of manual work and getting the members on board an automated system.
  • Allows making decisions that strengthened by real time data. Moreover, the project details, progress, and other sorts of information.

Hubstaff. Business owners who want to ease out on their project management duties can use Hubstaff. Hubstaff takes care of everything that is important to manage a project. It brings everything all in front of you on a single screen. It will help you always know what is going on where and who is working on the set tasks.

Kanban boards are there to manage, assign, track, and collaborate. You can also set your priorities to avoid disturbances about every single message. Business workflows can be a bit complicated and dynamic. Hubstaff allows you to manage and customize these workflows as per the requirements and needs.

Major Features:

  • Desktop time trackers inserted within one of the best project management software. This allows the managers to quote the time taken to complete every task.
  • Based on the time taken by the employees, the managers can also set their pay and send invoices to the client. This is possible right from the interface.
  • Integrations with up to 30 applications like Trello, Asana, Paypal and many others. This makes Hubstaff a truly comprehensive and versatile project management solution for businesses.

Minitab. Any team, any size, any industry. Are you looking to improve your productivity and enhance collaboration? Minitab is the way to go. One of the most important features of Minitab is its real-time dashboarding. It boosts process improvement on an organizational level.

Companion is the project management software by Minitab. It allows prioritizing the tasks and improving the project delivery scope. It is now easy to govern and manage multiple sets of projects. It allows for large scale collaboration. Along with it, there are suggestions on the best optimal measures & tools ideal for each project.

Major Features:

  • A lot is possible through Companion. Be it planning and aligning the project tasks. It helps with executing, measuring, and sharing the results.
  • More than 100 in-built tools and applications. Companion by Minitab reduces data entry redundancy and saves time. The time that is otherwise spent in manual tracking of the projects.
  • Helps move projects forward with better efficiency and productivity.

Miro. Different fields related to the IT Industry can use Miro. This includes including designers, product managers, and web designers. Also, graphic designers, advertising companies, and creating organizations must use Miro. This is one of the best tools for cross-team collaboration.

Without having to sit around a single table, Miro allows you to work from any location. And still get the same amount of work done. As a part of the team, you can also manage or work among others to create a common outline for further discussion.

Major Features:

  • Some of the best 3rd party applications are able to integrate with Miro. be it slack, dropbox, sketch, Microsoft Ecosystem, Miro can handle it all.
  • There are more than 60 predesigned templates that allows sorting out work responsibilities. And help in identifying the key prospects of a project.

Redbooth. Redbooth has a worldwide presence and ideal for a large variety of teams. Industries including IT, Creative, and Marketing can enjoy the proactive features of Redbooth. You can set and assign tasks for a project along with identifying their priority levels.

This is like creating a collated environment for team collaboration. Along with it, this channels discussion on a project. With the help of the Kanban board, tasks of every project on Redbooth becomes shareable with the members. Those who are working on these tasks can also add files and attachments. They can also comment, and discuss from here.

Major Features:

  • Task visualization and arrangement help the above-said industries. It eases the work and allows us to conduct it in a cohesive and understandable manner.
  • You can add an unlimited number of projects on Redbooth.

Coschedule. Coschedule is specially built for marketers and marketing teams. It helps the members organize and deliver work to the clients on time. This is a unique project management software that automates the tasks. It also automates the responsibilities of the marketers and their teams.

With marketing projects getting results and that too on time is imminent. Coschedule helps you prioritize the tasks. It helps meet deadlines by speeding up the production process. Coschedule is built for better team collaboration.

Major Features:

  • Includes the whole family of agile marketing solutions. This will allow you to stay on track and ensure that the team is working.
  • The marketing calendar allows adding projects to the monthly planner. And also sets the dates for the tasks’ execution or publication.

Bentley. Bentley has powered ProjectWise. This project management software is one of the most used & productive management solutions. All kinds of infrastructure businesses and people in this industry can use ProjectWise. They can use it to get a better understanding of the project requirements and scope.

ProjectWise collaborates with Microsoft Azure and 365. Along with this, it is also compatible with BIM workflows. Moreover, ProjectWise allows for integrating all levels of design. And architect teams that enhance productivity and better coordination.

Major Features:

  • Proactive project management is possible with ProjectWise. It helps to share and to review the tasks associated with a project.
  • Work with teams from all corners of the world and still be able to discuss projects on a single platform.

Wrike. Office teams handle many projects that come from a variety of clients. For them, project management software like Wrike is essential. You can also customize Wrike as per the requirements of your projects and clients. You can generate reports, identify the best workflows. Also, you can address the previously lagging projects through one platform.

Wrike will work with both smaller (20) to bigger organizations and teams. To this end, it can also ensure the security and scalability of the project. Wrike is also beneficial to track the work progress of the team members who are using Wrike.

Major Features:

  • Wrike offers end to end workflow automation for a team of any size and nature. It helps automate the workflow and identify the priority tasks.
  • Makes sure that the processes implemented for the project delivery are repeatable, predictable and scalable.
  • It allows better visibility of the projects. All the while, ensuring a higher scope for delivering projects on time.

Jetbrains. Youtrack is an agile project management software by Jetbrains for software development teams. This design of Youtrack enhances the workability of the team. It helps them be more productive and efficient in their work.

Development projects are quite diversified. But with Youtrack, the development managers & team members can better understand the projects. They can know project tasks, deliverables, and track performance from its single platform.

Major Features:

  • Youtrack supports project enhancing. This includes tools like scrum and kanban. They bring in better scope for collaboration and homogeneous discussion for all.
  • As a team manager, you can also customize this unique project management software. This ensures the precise and correct implementation of the projects.

Zoho. When you need to get the work done, that is when Zoho comes in. It is compatible with teams of all sizes. Zoho works for companies and organizations coming from all the spheres.

Zoho offers around 100 inbuilt applications. This is good for project managers, executives, and team leaders. That is when they want to stay updated on the project progress and health offers around . It can help streamline the whole workplace. And take care of the financing, management, & administration aspects associated with a project.

Major features:

  • Project planning, assigning tasks and generating reports helps managers improve the production processes.
  • Breakdown the project into manageable and easy to work on milestones. Further, you can also track these milestones.
  • Also, users can create specific fields for special project requirements. And ensure accurate deliverability.

Cardsmith. Cardsmith is a power-packed tool built to assist small businesses. More importantly, it helps with their daily project management tasks. More than a management tool, cardsmith also allows brainstorming. Users can generate new ideas about the business. As a modern business new strategies to grow. A modern team also needs new and innovative tools and methods. This is where Cardsmith comes in.

Remember how you write the tasks on sticky notes and paste them on a glass wall. Well, that can is also possible to do digitally. And cardsmith adds that element of fun you have while making notes and manage your work. This agile and lean project management tool utilizes the expertise of kanban boards. This they do to further integrate the team. And realize collaboration of the highest levels.

Major Features:

  • Any member of the team can collaborate from any location.
  • Create your own cards for a project and ask the team members to create their own cards in reply. This allows the whole team to develop the project cycle and generate ideas. That too, without physically meeting each other.
  • Cardsmith is highly customizable.

Microtool. Microtool has provided us with in-STEP blue for project management services. And in-STEP Blue is best used for teams that deal with creating software. Those who make some product and software-intensive systems. Also, software developers and companies needing an ISO or IEC certification can use this project management tool. This comes in handy to authenticate your processes and strategies of project management.

The management solution is not just a method to deliver and divide project tasks. Rather it can also help you control the project value and estimate the real value of taking in a project. in-STEP is customizable and can help you design the whole project.

Major Features:

  • Embedded with best practices and features in the realm of project management. This includes, V-Modell, XT, Scrum, PRINCE2.
  • Already set processes and templates can be used for new projects.

Integrately. Integrately is an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) that helps you connect your disparate business applications and data sources, so you can streamline processes and make better decisions. It helps in managing projects and tasks, automating workflows, and tracking performance metrics.

Major Features:

  • Supports 875+ apps and millions of ready automation
  • 1-click custom integrations
  • Supports popular business applications such as Salesforce, Dynamics 365, HubSpot, Zendesk, etc
  • Reduces errors and improves accuracy
  • No technical/coding skills are required to set up your automation


Using the right project management software impacts your business proceedings and processes. For some projects, these tools help provide the highest levels of accessibility. If you found no suitable existing software, you can pay the software engineer hiring cost and get custom software for your needs.

Other than this, these tools are also inclined to help businesses and teams in various tasks. This includes planning, strategizing, execute, and deliver the project planning.

So, you must go through this list of agile and proficient project management tools. All of them have a specific purpose and a Unique Selling Proposition. Also, every such tool eyes perfection and smoothing the team collaboration process.



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