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Bristol Groundschool is a leader in distance learning.

The school supports students throughout their studies, preparing them for competitive and lucrative aviation careers.

Bristol Groundschool provides training materials to other aviation training organizations around the world.

It operates as an examination center in the UK for EASA/UK CAA professional pilot exams.

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What Customer’s Pain Does the Platform Solve?


The customer came to us with a huge tech problem, integrating a new student portal with existing systems.

The key objectives include:

1. Data Synchronization

2. Consistency and Accuracy

3. API Integration

4. Custom Data Mapping

About customer

The customer, a world-leading ground school, is approved by both the UK CAA and EASA for ATPL, CPL, IR, and PPL training material.

They offer a unique advantage in that all their courses can be studied entirely online, allowing for both full-time and part-time study.

This flexibility allows students from anywhere in the world to access their comprehensive curricula.

It makes them an ideal choice for aspiring pilots who need a versatile and globally accessible educational platform.

Now Let’s Take a Closer Look at the Key Deliveries

Once students log in, they have access to a range of features designed to support their learning journey. These include tracking their progress, accessing the library of training videos, and applying for and participating in upcoming events.


The key features of the student portal for the ground school are designed to enhance both the learning experience and administrative efficiency:

1. Data Representation

Customizable based on each school’s preferences, displaying student progress in terms of hours, lessons, and scores for each module or subject.

2. Video Library

A comprehensive library with functionalities for sorting and searching to help students find relevant material quickly.

3. Video Interaction Tools

Features for tracking watched time on each video, along with the ability to leave comments for interactive learning.

4. Events List

A dedicated section for upcoming webinars, allows students to stay informed and register for these events.

5. Student Notifications

A system to keep students updated about new content, events, deadlines, and other important information.

6. Admin Pages

Intuitive admin interfaces for updating and managing the content of videos, webinars, and other resources, ensuring the portal remains current and relevant


What Technologies Did We Use?

  • Laravel


  • Vue. JS

    Vue. JS


Our team is very pleased to have been a part of such an amazing project and to have helped to realize the planned goals.

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