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E-commerce with CRM

The client was a business owner who have been already having his successful trading business for almost 10 years. However, he asked us to improve his system because he decided that automatic system would give him more benefits. SpdLoad has decided to solve his request.

The project was difficult because of several reasons. First, the team must have learned the existing architecture of the project. Second, the project required a complicated DB architecture. Third, all process of purchase has to be fully automated, without any human intervention. SpdLoad team was asked to integrate sophisticated DB into existing infrastructure and make it work fully autonomously.

The team decided to create a second DB, which would be integrated with existing one and the entire project and create an advanced CRM based on PHP Laravel, which would provide the automatic interactions between DBs and customers on the website.

As a result, the client received fully autonomous CRM, which could cater his needs by making all the processes from purchase until giving an invoice to a customer fully autonomous. From the deployment client is not needed to use any additional staff because the system can work autonomously.

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