1. The client was provided with a dedicated full stack team which was managed by a PM and consisted of front and backend developers, QA engineer.
2. The team has cooperated with a client regarding technical issues during development what helped to solve them very fast.
3. The application was thoroughly tested by our internal QA department because the client requested intensive testing phases.


One of the main features of the interactive e-learning softwareis the ability to record offline videos. Sending to the administrator can be postponed until the next connection to the Internet.

Among the objective advantages of cooperation can be for sure called:

  • The client went up on the educational technologies market rank list;
  • The service widened the client’s set of solutions and increased his competitiveness and coverage on the market;
  • The client extended their business on the web side instead of using the mobile application which previously was.

E-learning platform B2C

Recently, SpidLoad was approached by a representative of a Polish company specializing in training personnel from some large foreign enterprises. The developed courses were put on the market, where later large companies could buy and use them.

Before us there was a task, the essence of which was the production of a product that allows employees to pass courses on professional development online. Most often, it was about improving imitative abilities and overcoming fear of speaking in public. It is believed that exercises of this kind should in the future improve the efficiency of the sales department. The SpdLoad team decided to develop a web application to meet these requests.

The mechanism of the e-learning software is as following: a company employee registers in the application, selects the necessary video and watches it. Then he tries to repeat what he saw, as close as possible to the original and record it on video. The recorded material is sent to the administrator, after which it becomes subject for evaluation.

I love cooperation with SpdLoad. I was surprised when got the first version of the design - it was amazing

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