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4 Ideas for Fitness App, That Will Boom in the 2023s

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Mobile applications make us aware, they entertain us; they help us learn, share, communicate, and possibly do everything under the sky.

It was not too long ago we were asking our friends and relatives to stay fit and healthy.

From consulting the dieticians to hiring private trainers, fitness was primary over everything else.

But the picture we see today is a bit different.

Today, we have fitness applications and software to help us exercise, eat right, run, walk, cycle, swim, play, stroll, workout, and whatnot.

Still every day, we look towards new fitness app ideas to bring something new to the customers.

This is because fitness is one of the ways to live a happy life.

Plus, in the past years, more and more people are getting on the staying fit wagon.

So much so that Polaris Market Research predicts the fitness app market size to cross $15.90 billion by 2026.

Comparing this to the existing market, you are looking at a CAGR of 26.2%.

Since we are living in times where user engagement and experience is significant, applications that deliver these benefits stand to gain the most.

As an entrepreneur and a fitness enthusiast, your motive must be to work on new and extensible sports app ideas.

Where it is essential to identify the key steps to validate all the fitness application ideas, we also need to find out new types of the same.

Ergo, in this article, we will look at some unique fitness or sports application ideas.

Fitness App Ideas That You Need to Know

Before discussing the ideas, we shall first look at the type of fitness apps.

Three types of fitness apps are present in the market:

  • Workout and Exercise Apps
  • Fitness Tracking Apps
  • Nutrition and Diet Apps

It may happen that the users might be using more than one application to stay abreast with their health and fitness.

For instance, a user might use Nike Training Club for workouts combining it with MyFitnessPal to keep a record of the calories and food logging.

Some fitness apps are designed to combine multiple functions together in one platform.

For example, many modern fitness centers produce apps featuring workout guides, calorie counters and options to manage gym access control and amenity booking systems from the same interface.

From here, we can get one fitness app idea, i.e., to create an amalgamated portal to manage every sort of activity.

Below, you will see a column for the key features of the application.

But there are some features common to all the applications.

You will find these features for different app ideas for fitness and sports here, while the specific features are mentioned with the idea or concept.

  • Sign in and Sign up
  • Profile Creation and Editing
  • Social sharing
  • App-based media player
  • Activity tracking
  • Geolocation
  • Health tracking
  • Goals tracking or Objectives
  • Push notification
  • Payment system integration

1. Touch-Free Application for Training and Exercise

The concept here is not to let the user break the momentum to change the exercise tracking process or do anything else.

Such fitness app solutions and ideas help to enhance the user experience with ensuring continuity in the routine.

Description Such sports app ideas allow the user to control everything they do with voice.

So, the voice command system of these applications has to be strong.

Along with the premade and guided workout sessions.

We can also add private training from coaches.

Moreover, we can also integrate the app’s interface with a wearable device to further enhance the user experience.

Reasons There are a couple of reasons why the users will want to engage with such an application.

  • Break-free workout session.
  • Change tracks, exercise mode, logs, and more with voice commands.
Key Features While working on these kinds of sports-related app ideas, some core features are imperative.

  • Integration of Voice UI (similar to Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant).
  • Adaptive Learning
  • Push Notifications
  • Alarms and Reminders
  • Time Tracking and exercise logging
  • Integration with wearables
Examples PEAR (Personal Fitness Coach)


Touch Free fitness Application is one of a good among sports app ideas

2. Fun and Interactive Fitness

You might have met several people who like to be prepared for everything, no matter what.

These are the people who are even prepared to face an apocalypse or zombies.

Suche app ideas not only help achieve the ultimate fitness but makes the workout fun and mission-based.

Description An application that takes a penultimate scenario like an Apocalypse or a nuclear war for that matter.

The central theme of such sports and workout app ideas will be to train the person for anything and everything.

Hence, by creating a scenario, where the individual has to survive while avoiding any fallout, training is essential.

There will be missions, music, audio recording to explain the situation, and everything else.

Within the application, the user will be able to track the progress and identify his body fitness.

All in all, keeping abreast with the preparation for the doomsday.

It looks fun and interesting, right?

Reasons Not debating whether we will enter an apocalypse like situation.

Such app ideas motivate the person to pursue fitness in an engaging and storytelling manner.

  • It creates a life-like scenario which builds the user interest and makes them work hard.
  • Since these are mission-based applications it involves gamifying the experience.
Key Features Building an interactive and situation-based application will involve both technical and artistic expertise.

  • Individual user-profiles and interesting missions.
  • Unique storytelling
  • Activity tracking with diet and nutrition logging.
  • Gamification features
  • Adaptive tracking and recommendations for a fitness
  • Inbuilt songs playlist
  • Compatibility with wearable devices
Examples Zombies, Run and Superhero Workout.


Fun and interactive application is also a good fitness app ideas

3. Application to Get You Started

Someone has put it very beautifully, “The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.”

These words might not be enough for someone who wants to get fit but cannot take the first step.

Hence, while addressing health and fitness with such app ideas, it is also essential to pack a motivational punch.

Description It takes strength (mental and physical) to get started with something.

Especially when it comes to getting out of bed to stay fit.

We need to implement such sports ideas as sometimes, the person needs more than just an exercise routine.

The motive should be to convince, inspire, and encourage the person to get out of bed and start exercising.

So, while building on these types of fitness app ideas, you need to consult with professionals and fitness experts.

They will also help build a motivational solution.

Reasons Fitness is no longer a generalized thing.

It needs personalizations.

That is why we see several fitness-ready app ideas that provide personalized recommendations.

These applications will first note the individual’s height, weight, routine, diet, fitness level, and the goal they want to achieve.

Further, they also create custom regimens based on the type of regimen.

Plus, it helps anyone grow and stay fit with a better perspective when the entire community is involved.

Key Features Because such sports app ideas are motivational and deliver fitness performance, they require a mix of features.

  • Personalized user profiles
  • Health and fitness tracking
  • Keeps the user interested to stay fit with gamifying features
  • Adaptive and AI-based fitness recommendations
  • An assortment of exercises of different kinds
  • Time tracking and diet logging
  • Sequential and time-locked training
Examples 7-minute Workout and Couch to 5K Runner

The best gym mobile app software will be tailored to provide holistic support to its users to optimize their experience and help them achieve their goals.


It's another sports app ideas to create

4. Application That Teaches Yoga and Workout

Smart applications that combine the features and benefits of two or more than two types of exercise routines can also work well with the audience.

There are a few applications that follow a combination, but this is still one of the unexplored areas in fitness app ideas.

Description An individual’s effort to stay fit and remain on the healthier side of the spectrum should not be limited to a single type of workout.

Not every individual is accustomed to heavy workouts and rigorous exercises.

Hence, you can offer an application that mixes the best of both worlds.

An application where the user can choose to take the route to better health and fitness.

Fitness experts say that the ultimate expression of fitness includes strength, balance, endurance, and flexibility.

Hence, one of the fitness application ideas can be to combine the exclusive form of exercise to obtain these attributes.

Reasons Mobile applications lend accessibility to users.

And swapping between different applications to take care of different forms of exercise can get a bit frustrating.

However, we combine different exercise routines into a single portal.

This can ensure maximum practice and lower abandonment.

Key Features We will be adding different forms of exercise into a single application.

Ergo, we need dedicated pages and systems for all of them.

For this, certain features are essential.

  • Live classes for Yoga are essential
  • Fitness goal tracking and logging
  • Creating sync between different exercises and work in unison to deliver results to the individual.
  • Training plans and workout videos
  • Integration with wearables
  • Personalized plans and exercises in combination
Example Cyberobics and Asana Rebel


Mix of yoga with sport is another fitness app ideas

Working out to get and stay fit is easier said than done.

A Forbes article states that the Millennial generation is the most educated, but also the most unhealthy generation.

Because of this, the mortality rate in millennials is 40% more than the Gen-Zers’ (compared in the same age group).

Another interesting that we came across was that the millennials do love to stay fit and crave wellness, but their health says different.

This means that some part of your target audience understands the benefits of staying fit, but somewhere they lack motivation.

So, while finalizing on which sport app ideas you want to take forward, it is also essential to keep the element of motivation omnipresent.

How to Build a Fitness App?

After knowing what kind of fitness app you want to make, start working on the validation and viability.

The motive is to identify the product/market fitness and then working on the proof of concept.

Once you know the market readiness of your product, create the application layout, wireframe, and prototypes.

The app UI design and user experience are imperative here.

Along with identifying the functional benefits of the service, also look at the visual aspects of the same.

The next part is creating a list of the ideal features (MVP and advanced) for the application.

You can find the list of MVP features for your fitness app solution or ideas above.

When it comes to launching an app with advanced functionalities, it will depend on the type of application you choose to create.

Then we need to identify the team and the tech stack for the same.

At last, we will look at the cost required to work on the fitness app ideas.

This is the process that helps any founder or entrepreneur deliver a product that will get traction in the market.

At SpdLoad, we follow a time-efficient and productive process to create applications and deliver them with the best results.

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