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Today’s business sphere is growing increasingly as business owners’ wishes to decrease their costs. A lot of industries including different type of manufacturing facilities and trade firms, different kinds of service providers are really concerned about reducing the costs which are being spent on their business as supplement resource. It is important to have effective marketing campaigns, it is important to widen your network of factories or offices, stores so what else can be so important in modern business? I will tell you that the most important thing now on every business owner’s mind is transferring all his business activity into virtual space or to be more accurate – into web space. Why it is so important?

Internet is a great communication channel with a lot of potential customers and of course it is a way to reduce your business costs by decreasing a number of employees whose functions will be gathered by new website or another software or by decreasing taxes which were paid as a rent when business owner have been keeping the store. Finally, Internet is a great place where you can spread your activity on the whole world or double an amount of functions of your business by using Laravel framework, for example. Open-source developers are always developing something new and some of them are creating popular web frameworks that become the most useful indeed.

It will be a quite clever question from readers “What is Laravel?” because ordinary people, business owners which are not concerned with an information technologies sphere permanently may not know what it is. As has reported Laravel has become the most known and the best PHP framework 2015. so as you might already recognized in this article we will show you in detail why this web technology is so popular among the developers and business owners too because it is becoming more and more known among them because of its utility and huge amount of features that we will describe further.

Firstly, it is obligatory to say what is framework when we talk about web development. Framework is a kit of methods and tools of working with information and code while developing that provide programmer with a fixed number of functionalities that can be realized with this concrete framework. Laravel fundamentals are quite wide because using this web framework you can reach outstanding results. There is an option in Laravel of packages or in other words modules. This provides a developer an ability to create and to plug in web modules to the best web application or website which is being created on Laravel web platform.

Eloquent ORM technology provides developer which will create your website with an ability to implement ActiveRecord design pattern in PHP what allows him to strictly define the relationships between database objects. Also this framework gives developer and though business owner an ability to use reverse routing. Reverse routing links the application-generated links and routes between the application, allowing creator to modify the latter with automated updates of related links. Moreover Laravel automatically generates the final URLs when somebody creates a link with named path.

Laravel can be used with ajax method and with free autonomous apache servers. REST controllers are an additional layer for separating the logic for processing GET and POST HTTP requests. This PHP framework has view composers which naturally are blocks of code that are executed when a template is generated. Laravel has a system of migrations which is a version control system for databases. This feature allows developer to associate changes in the application code with the changes that you want to make in database structure which simplifies the deployment and updating of the application so framework takes care of your business time by reduce those time that I could be in the process of updating what comes really often. Business grows and develops. Finally, Laravel has a system of unit testing which itself contains a large number of tests to prevent regressions – errors due to code update or the bug fixes. That also is a fact of caring about your time because in the case of regression developers will spend much more time on fixing what was broken due to regression.

Moreover we must tell you some information about CMSs based on Laravel. CMS can be decrypted as Content Management System and it is usually being used when you client asks IT company to create a website with a wide administrator page capabilities. CMS consists of a lot of tools which provide an administrator with an ability to edit site without a developer. Of course these changes do not deeply interfere into program code in comparison with framework but it can do some additional manipulations. But what is more important that some of the CMSs, because it is really awesome number of CMS is existing, are built using Laravel, for example October, Asgard, Pyro, Typi and Lavalite.

Today’s web development PHP frameworks trends are concerned with pluralism. There are no concrete trends or specters where some CMSs are more common than others. Every customer is free to discuss what he need with a developer in a company creating systems and choose something according to his goals or according to programmer’s advice. But some CMSs are more popular than others and this is WordPress, WebEx panel, Drupal and of course Laravel with its blade templating engine.

Our further dialog will affect such sides of developing using Laravel as creating stores and other types of websites.

Internet stores are mostly required by business owners because everything in business is built on trading. Services and goods are being sold everywhere. The golden rule of business is “Buy cheaper – sell more expensive”. So you may realize the importance of web stores for business. Developing Laravel store is not hard task if developer uses Laravel because it usual for him and it brings a lot of useful features for you. They were described earlier and may realize how unit test or migration technology can reduce development time, a number of bugs and usability of your site. Also do not forget about an opportunity to integrate CMS based on Laravel that will allow owner to cope with his site by his own.

Using web development framework as Laravel gives an ability to develop not only stores but also another websites with their different goals which will have the same flexibility due to using Laravel. The only difference between store and usual website is that it is possible to exclude all payment procedures or authentication but get the site which will pass you to your business aims.

And finally startup website using Laravel can be developed. As you might have understood Laravel with its development flexibility and huge scope of features gives developer and customer an opportunity to create any website they want and fulfill it with any functionalities that customer will want. Startups usually require unusual websites because it is almost always something innovative and unique for users. Startups’ owners must not have doubts that Laravel can not do what they want. Laravel is applied for almost everything business task.

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