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26 Fast-Growing Edtech Startups & Companies in 2024

Max Babych

Max Babych


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The COVID-19 pandemic dramatically accelerated the education industry’s digital transformation.

With remote work and e-commerce on the rise, school and university closures worldwide fueled an unprecedented surge in edtech solutions.

Students turned to virtual platforms, tools, and new teaching methods en masse.

With the market estimated to reach a staggering $7 trillion by 2025, investors and innovators see immense growth potential in edtech.

From AI-driven personalized learning apps to video conferencing platforms and beyond, visionary edtech companies are reimagining both academic and career development.

Intrigued by this industry shift?

This post highlights the edtech startups to watch in 2024 as they transform education for students and teachers globally.

Discover the key pioneers at the forefront of online education, including startups and established companies pushing the industry’s boundaries.

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6 EdTech Startups Leading the Pack in 2024

Here is the list of startups that got launched in 2024 and show signals of future success. 

1. Kalam Labs

Talk about innovation, and Kalam Labs are here! Founded in 2021, the startup aims at revolutionalizing the way K-12 studies are done. Kalam Labs is one of the most disruptive and innovative startup ideas we have seen in a while. It is a fusion of gaming and learning.

They are a game-streaming service that sits at the intersection of learning and playing. The gamers play and learn about the subjects/concepts relating to their grade – according to the K-12 system. Visit their site to learn more about their creative idea.

Kalam Labs is an EdTech startup worth paying attention to

2. Essay Service

The already tech-savvy newer generations have to study online, and that is changing multiple industries. One type of online training is a professional paper writing service.

Allows you to get good grades by ordering online. Because if you change the policies in the education sector, it will directly affect the healthcare and business sectors.

The people who will join healthcare and start/work for businesses in the future are now in schools. Therefore, the education sector is the most impactful of them all.

Essay Service is an EdTech startup worth paying attention to.

3. Utobo

The world saw a rise in online coaching providers.

There are thousands of new tutors popping up and selling their online courses via their websites. The problem is testing, marketing, and analytics for their online course.

The tutors were forced to use multiple tools for those purposes. Utobo solves this problem.

They provide a single dashboard for all of these activities.

Creating, delivering, and testing – all in one dashboard. Learn more about them by visiting their site.

In addition to innovative educational platforms like Utobo, tools such as CustomWritings AI Essay Writer are transforming the way students approach writing and research, offering advanced AI-driven assistance for academic success.

Utobo is an EdTech startup worth paying attention to.

4. Beetle 

Beetle launched recently in July 2021. Launched as a community for school and college students, they have a great idea of aggregating all the information regarding jobs/skills/internships under one roof. It eliminates the struggle every college student goes through their life.

Also, since they want to create an online community where people can network, they aim to promote mental well-being amongst teenagers. Their website and community are under development. You can learn more about them here. 

Beetle is an EdTech startup worth paying attention to.

5. Atorika 

Atorika is a french EdTech startup that wishes to revolutionalize child education. Their idea is still in the R&D stage, but you can learn more about them from their website. They plan to create “Atorika Spaces” which are dedicated rooms that will hold workshops for children aged between 5 to 15.

It will include supervised, group workshops, and children will learn from a high-tech environment. Their slogan is ‘art and science through experience”, and we’ve found their idea to be very exciting. 

Atorika is an EdTech startup worth paying attention to.

6. Aeroclass

Aeroclass is an e-learning platform designed specifically for aviation market professionals to tailor solutions and learning paths in order to upskill and reskill the aviation workforce.

It combines the latest IT advancements, modern learning methods, and technologies with the skills and practice of world-renowned instructors to introduce a digital learning infrastructure focused on the aviation industry.

SendPulse Edu is an EdTech startup worth paying attention to.

7. SendPulse Edu

Another educational startup worth looking into is a new project by the Ukrainian company SendPulse. The company has been working in the marketing automation industry for quite some time now. A growing number of users and the popularity of the service inspired the SendPulse team to create a platform where tutors and entrepreneurs can create online courses and promote them all in one place.

Users have many channels to connect with their customers at their disposal: email marketing, chatbots for Facebook and Instagram, and SMS campaigns. There is also a custom landing page builder for lead generation purposes and a free CRM to better manage student profiles. 

26 Fast-Growing Edtech Startups & Companies in 2024

10 Established Companies Pushing EdTech Forward

These education companies impact a student’s life in many ways. The students get access to cutting-edge technologies and learning methods.  These startups help students have fun while learning at home with their laptops.

1. Blackboard

Founded: 1997

Location: Washington

Blackboard is one of the biggest education technology companies. They are hustling to help teachers impart quality education.

Working in the edtech realm, this is one of few companies with a mission to disrupt online education.

Blackboard amplifies the student-teacher engagement by digitalizing the teaching world. Blackboard’s total valuation stands at $700 Million. This is one of the reasons why it is one of the the largest technology companies in the education industry.

Blackboard is an Edtech company worth paying attention to

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2. Byju’s

Founded: 2011 as Think and Learn Pvt Ltd

Location: Bengaluru, India

Byju’s covers the entire K-12 segment of school education, but with the main focus on Maths and Science.  Byju’s was the most valued education tech company in 2019, standing at $5.4 billion.

It allows students to take video lessons via the application or website. Today, Byju’s is one of the most successful startups. Beginning from a simple education platform has today become an authentic source of learning.

The gamification of the subject matter impresses the students and makes learning fun. Growing as an innovative startup, Byju’s makes e learning accessible and easier for everyone.

As one of the top edtech companies, Byjus constantly innovates. Therefore, allowing the students to have a better study experience.

Byju's is an Edtech company worth paying attention to

3. Teachers Pay Teachers

Founded: 2006

Location: New York City

TPT is one of the amazing companies in the realm of education technology. Primarily, it connects teachers with teachers allowing them to exchange study material.

TPT works on an Open Marketplace business model securing funding via the Private Equity model.

The aim is to breed deep connectivity in the teacher’s community. Teachers can sell and buy worksheets, lesson plans, and additional material from their peers.

Since the Pre to K-12 segment has a homogenous study syllabus, TPT helps the members gather the essential study material. Moreover, very few edtech companies have a similar business model.

Teachers Pay Teachers is an Edtech company worth paying attention to

4. Dreambox Learning

Founded: 2006

Location: Seattle

As far as E learning startups go, Dreambox Learning is a very intuitive and exciting online education platform. Dreambox Learning uses the concept of Adaptive Learning technology, which is rarely seen in even the top edtech companies.

Where other education companies provide comprehensive learning, Dreambox uses technology to teach mathematics.

The mix of education authenticity and technology makes learning Maths easy and progressive. Further, it helps the students learn maths without moving out of their comfort zone.

First, they understand the level of the student’s knowledge. With this, the courses recalibrate to address the student’s issues better.

Dreambox Learning is an Edtech company worth paying attention to

5. Coursera

Founded: 2012

Location: Mountain View, California

Coursera is one of the biggest education technology companies. It connects students with more than 150 universities.

They offer courses from diverse subject areas. Thus, helping students learn from the best educational institutions.

Students can get access to on-demand video lectures and community forums. Not only this, but Coursera is one of the biggest startups that is imparting education via e learning.

With a total of 9 funding rounds, this edtech company has raised $313 Million.

Coursera is an Edtech company worth paying attention to

6. Instructure

Founded: 2008

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

Another one of the amazing education startups that cater to the teaching community. Instructure helps teachers create new courses and also allot assignments.

Further, there are more than 3000 universities that have a listing on this cloud-based platform.

This startup’s USP is that it combines an LMS and a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) to impart education.

Instructure is an Edtech company worth paying attention to

7. Knewton


Location: New York City

One of the most advanced top edtech companies, Knewton focusses on adaptive learning.

Knewton allows students to understand their strengths and weaknesses. This is in combination with developing their intellect in the subject.

Apart from the inclusion of smart learning, teachers can receive analytical reports for the students. Like other startups, Knewton aims to make E learning easy.

The students can also get personal recommendations about learning techniques. With a total of 9 funding rounds, Knewton raised a total of $182.3 Million investment.

Knewton is an Edtech company worth paying attention to

8. Chegg

Founded: 2005

Location: Santa Clara, Cliff

Chegg works in three major domains. Chegg provides digital notes and subject matter to the students.

Unlike other companies’ platforms, the students on Chegg can opt for online tutoring on the edtech platform.

It focuses on helping the students with their homework and self-learning. Thus, making the students independent.

More importantly, on Chegg, the students can also buy, rent, or sell books. This helps the students to reduce their burden and get more financial leeway.

Chegg is an Edtech company worth paying attention to


Founded: 2000

Location: New York City

Donorchosse is one of the unique and innovative edtech companies giving top priority to practical learning.

As a non-profit organization, the students can get funding for their projects by donors.

It connects donors and students. Students can freely work on their innovations without limiting themselves to self-funding.

This breeds a culture of understanding the practical applications of the relevant subjects.

DonorsChoose has got around $7 Million from 3 funding rounds.

DONORSCHOOSE is an Edtech company worth paying attention to

10. Simplilearn


Location: Bengaluru

There are only a handful of large scale startups that streamline professional education. Simplilearn is an amazing portal that provides certifications for professional courses.

As an edtech platform, it also helps the employees of different companies learn more about their fields. This allows professionals to become better in their field and look for better job prospects.

Today Simplilearn is actively becoming a part of the professional training. In a total of 4 funding rounds, they have got $31 million in funding.

Simplilearn is an Edtech company worth paying attention to

10 Innovative eLearning Startups to Watch in 2024

After getting to know the best education technology companies, we are going to take up the startups. New startups in the education realm offer innovative products and solutions to the learning community.

Every single one of the top edtech companies was also a startup at some point. We have listed those top e-learning startups that are doing something new in the realm of edtech.

1. Zen Educate

Founded: 2016

Location: London

Zen Educate is one of those companies that use the edtech that helps schools recruit top teachers. It removes the need to pay commissions and fees to the recruiters.

They only enlist authenticated teachers who have the requisite experience. Further, education startups similar to this one ensures that the teachers get the deserved remuneration.

On the whole, it is the student who gets the ultimate benefit of getting good training and education.

In over 3 funding rounds, Zen Educate has raised $10.4 Million.

Zen Educate is an e-Learning Startups to Worth Watching


Founded: 2011

Location: New Orleans, LA

TORSH is another one of the innovative edtech companies aiming to bring top-class education to the students. It allows educators to impart promising education to bring an improvement in the students.

With features like professional training, education startups that resemble TORSH also improves teacher performance. It bridges the teacher-student with next-gen solutions.

TORSH is an e-Learning Startups to Worth Watching

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3. VIP Kid

Founded in: 2013

Location: Beijing, China & San Francisco, USA

VIP Kid is one of the most widespread education technology companies. It only imparts English lessons by connecting North American teachers.

It is one of those companies that use edtech to help students and teachers connect. The teachers can teach and earn all the while working from the comfort of their homes.

VIP Kid leverages virtual learning. They impart this form of education technology on a larger scale relative to other companies. Further, the aim is to connect students and teachers from across the globe.

Students can learn from native English teachers. Thus, giving them a better learning experience. In its seven funding rounds, VIP Kid raised $825 million, bringing its total valuation to $8 Billion.

VIP Kid is an e-Learning Startups to Worth Watching

4. Guild Education

Founded: 2015

Location: Denver, Colorado

When employers want to pay for their employee’s education, Guild Education comes in.

Unlike other e learning startups, Guild Education helps the professional employees. And continue their studies while working.

Since they do not have time to attend regular schools, this startup brings education to them virtually.

This improves the intellect and book knowledge of the employees while they are working on their practical skills.

In the latest Series D funding round of edtech companies, they secured $157 Million. Thus, bringing its total funding to $228 Million.

Guild Education is an e-Learning Startups to Worth Watching

5. Unacademy

Founded: 2016

Location: Bengaluru

Unacademy is one of the fastest-growing and top edtech companies with a consumer base of 300,000 students.

They facilitate video lessons for students of all ages and subjects.

The educators are handpicked, and they can share the video lessons on the platform accessible to the students.

This brings in the concept of imparting personalized lessons to students of a single subject or stream.

At present, the total value of one of the amazing startups in e learning domain is $500 Million. In the last funding round, Unacademy got $110 million.

Unacademy is an e-Learning Startups to Worth Watching

6. 4.0 Schools

Founded: 2010

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana

4.0 Schools enter the e learning startups world with an innovative concept. They provide training to the upcoming CEOs and leaders online.

They offer fellowships and other essential skills to help them train. Along with this, the students or entrepreneurs get community support.

They help young entrepreneurs to groom their ideas and work on them. In a single venture fund, they raised $15 Million.

4.0 Schools is an e-Learning Startups to Worth Watching

7. Applyboard

Founded: 2015

Location: Waterloo, Ontario

In the sphere of edtech, Applyboard is quickly gaining traction among other startups. They help students from across the globe get an education in North America.

This startup provides the best education via online e-learning courses, which help them improve their skills.

These courses come from around 1200 North American schools and institutions. The benefit is for those students who cannot physically access education overseas.

Rising to the occasion of one of the top edtech companies, Applyboard raised $26.4 Million in the last funding round.

Applyboard is an e-Learning Startups to Worth Watching

8. Sparx

Founded: 2011

Location: Exeter, UK

Sparx understands the issues in teaching and learning maths in schools. This startups E learning prowess comes from skillful educators. They impart virtual classes in maths for the students.

With a motive to improve the numeracy levels of the students, Sparx is working continuously.

Sparx is one of the few startups that focuses solely on maths education.  They help students and teachers overcome the daily challenges in learning maths like slope formula and many more.

In the latest funding round of education technology, Sparx got $22 Million overtaking other similar companies.

Sparx is an e-Learning Startups to Worth Watching

9. Amboss

Founded: 2013

Location: Berlin, Germany

Amboss stands out from other startups as it operates in the realm of medical education. It offers exam-style questions and the latest medical study material to the students.

Smart learning techniques are allowing the students to take notes, highlight, and develop as they learn. These methods are also providing content that is interactive, visual, and engaging. The test grade is one area where improvement is seen with the use of these techniques.

Amboss is only one of the few edtech companies that bring the entire medical subject matter online.

In a total of 4 funding rounds, Amboss has raised $42 Million becoming, one of the largest companies in the medical edtech.

Amboss is an e-Learning Startups to Worth Watching

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