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Gigl is a platform for finding talent. They specialize in bars, restaurants, and hotels in London.

This company has invented a revolutionary approach to finding talent through video, which allows you to express your true self when looking for a job, saving you time and money.

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What Customer’s Pain Does the Platform Solve?


Gigl already had an existing web application that started 10 years ago. But, as technology changes and the user experience is outdated, they decided to redesign and write the application on modern technologies from scratch.

About customer

Dan Hudson is the CEO of Gigl and a successful entrepreneur. He has 15 years of experience in recruiting and investment. Today, he has more than 20 thousand users in business and is committed to changing the future of work and scaling.

How It Works?

The functionality of the Gigl app includes some entertainment features, such as TikTok videos about the candidate, TikTok videos about the company and the job, as well as answers to questions in the format of a short video.

Now Let’s Take a Closer Look at the Key Deliveries

The mobile application has two roles: employer and candidate.

The employer can buy credits and create vacancies. He adds a video description of the vacancy and a promotional video about the company to which he wants to attract the candidate. The employer can communicate with the candidate, view his or her profile, resume, documents, and schedule an interview.


The candidate can create a resume, view the vacancy feed, apply for them, make a TikTok video of himself/herself about themselves, upload any video, and communicate with the employer.


What Technologies Did We Use?

  • Nest.js


  • GrapQL


  • Hasura


  • React Native

    React Native

  • TypeORM


  • YugabyteDB


  • Kubernetes


  • Pulumi


  • Google Cloud

    Google Cloud

  • FireBase


  • Teraform



During our work on the project, we developed the application from scratch using modern technologies. Employers and candidates have achieved the main goal of the application – to communicate, conduct interviews, upload videos, and much more.

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