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Healthcare Startups in San Francisco: In-Depth Overview [2023 Edition]

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San Francisco, California is home to Silicon Valley – known for its startup ecosystem. It is a place where companies like Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon were born. Whenever entrepreneurship will be in the discussion, Silicon Valley will be on top of the list. 

Known for its entrepreneurial culture, how could the city remain backward in terms of healthcare startups? In this overview, we’ve gathered SF healthcare startups that were founded or show promise in 2023.

Healthcare Startups in San Francisco Worth Watching in 2023

Here’s a list of startups that show great promise in 2023.

1. HealerPlus

Description HealerPlus is an app for medical practitioners to help them manage their business.

The app can automate everything from fees collection, communication, and everything else on the business side.

Market Positioning, Key Features & Key Customers HealerPlus is a digital accountant for medical professionals.

Communications, filing the cases, client support, and billing – it automates all the activities.

It is a productivity tool for medical professionals.

The Key Customers for this startup are the medical practitioners that have to deal with clients directly.

Funding HealerPlus has not received funding from any VC yet.

It operates on the pre-seed investment of $1,000 from its founders.


Description Elanza wellness is a healthcare startup that wishes to improve the mental well-being of people.

Ultimately helping them to conceive kids.

Elanza Wellness believes that the most prominent reason couples fail to conceive naturally is the stress/depression to do itself.

Market Positioning, Key Features & Key Customers Elanza wellness strives to position itself as a startup that helps people get out of depression and live their life happily.

It provides consultation through text messages that help customers relieve stress and focus on what’s important.

They believe that tension and depression further decrease the chances of natural conception in couples.

Their key customers are couples that are looking to have kids naturally. 

Funding Elanza Wellness launched in 2021 with Pre-seed funding of $120,000 from Techstars New York City Accelerator.

3. Heyday 

Description Heyday claims to be the first interactive gym equipment provider for people over 55.

They provide a home gym device that has a screen built-in. And, it has courses and training from approved trainers.

You can learn more about their products and services by visiting their website. 

Market Positioning, Key Features & Key Customers Heyday positions itself as a forward-looking startup that aims to improve the health and wellness of older people.

They are initially providing home gym equipment.

But, they may pivot to becoming a platform-based startup as well.

Their Key Customer market is narrow and targeted.

It comprises people aged above 55 who are interested in maintaining and improving their fitness. 

Funding Heyday launched in July 2021, and its funding has not been disclosed yet.

It might be keeping it private for legal reasons.

Since it is a gym equipment company, it can not operate without funding.

It is just that they do not want to disclose it at the moment.

Top Healthcare Companies in San Francisco

We have curated a list of the best healthcare companies in SF.

These companies in San Francisco are setting new trends in healthcare.

1. One Medical Group – 2018

Coming from a larger organization, the One Medical health startups San Francisco set up shop in 2018.

Among the premier healthcare startups, One Medical gives wellness & care services in San Francisco.

As one of the premier healthcare startups, One Medical offers services at the user’s convenience in San Francisco.

Description The main motive of these healthcare companies in San Francisco is to help you get easy access to a doctor.

For that, they provide a platform to have video consultations.

Further, One Medical staff testing, helping sanitize the office environment, and ensure compliances.

Working on a unique model than other health tech companies, these guys are making working in San Francisco safer.

Market Positioning, Key Features & Key Customers Coming from a telemedicine apps market, the value of such products will reach $64 Billion by 2025.

In cities like SF, the residents need on-demand and prompt wellness services.

Such healthcare trends are useful in driving the market.

The principal customers of such healthcare startups SF include;

  • Working Parents
  • Professionals
  • Younger students
  • Senior residents who have access to smartphones
  • Business owners
Funding Compared to other health tech companies, One Medical grabbed $350 Million in funding in San Francisco.

In total, $532 Million worth of funding is already capitalizing at One Medical.

Also, this has been the biggest sum of investment acquired by the group in its entire journey.

2. Allogene Therapeutics – 2017

There is a global race to find a cure for cancer.

Healthcare startups Allogene Therapeutics is working to make antigens out of San Francisco.

The purpose of the antigen is to enhance the immunological response to cancer.

Few health startups SF are working to build such solutions.

Allogene health tech is one of the few companies based in San Francisco working to find a cure.

Description In 2017, the National Cancer Institute spent $5636 Million on Cancer cure research.

Cancer, as a disease, might have got some preventive techniques.

But various healthcare companies in SF and across the globe want to find a cure.

Allogene is also in the race to get a breakthrough.

Allogene is one of those health tech companies in San Francisco, which is trying to find a cure.

Market Positioning,

Key Features, &

Key Customers

The cancer research market cap is going to reach $180,193 Million by 2026.

Allogene is working on solutions to find a cancer cure.

Their feature product, AlloCAR T Therapy, is about building the next level therapy for cancer.

Funding In a total of two funding rounds, Allogene has bagged around $531.8 Million.

3. Hims & Hers – 2017

Hims and Hers is one of the unique healthcare startups San Francisco. They are working in telemedicine and patient engagement.

Such health tech companies’ San Francisco aims to create an impact.

They tend to create modern telemedicine solutions and effective products.

Startups like Him and Hers makes it easier to access health and wellness services in San Francisco.

Description Hims and Hers is providing help with digital solutions.

Along with this, it is also an eCommerce platform for selling products.

Following suit with other health tech companies SF, they deal with telemedicine.

Hims and Hers is on a mission to allow the users to get access to easy healthcare.

Various similar startups in San Francisco are also allowing people to consult doctors for health care.

Market Positioning,

Key Features, &

Key Customers

As per a report, the global video consultation market will grow at 7.6% between 2019 to 2026.

Around 70% of the users in the US prefer consulting via video calls.

Seeing this, almost every patient is a potential customer for the health tech companies San Francisco.

Funding Hims and Hers got $100 Million funding in 2019.

It is Unicorn health startups, San Francisco, with a valuation of $1 Billion.

In total, this health startup in San Francisco has raised around $197 Million in funding.

4. Orphidia – 2015

Medical testing is gaining ground in the wellness and patient care industry.

Health startups San Francisco like Orphidia, are working to streamline medical testing.

Also, they are making it easier to gather and understand patient data.

Description Correct diagnosis means that the patients can get proper treatment.

Thus, such companies in San Francisco provide cloud-based healthcare tests.

The USP is that as the tests are conducted, the results are faster, accurate, and stored in a repository.

Also, Orphidia is a part of the growing health startups SF.

They also ensure the adequate security of the data.

Market Positioning,

Key Features &

Key Customers

Healthcare companies working on direct-to-customer labs in San Francisco are growing.

The exact numbers to pinpoint the growth is not present with clarity.

Due to the benefits that come from such solutions, almost every patient is a potential customer.

Funding As of yet, Orphidia is at the seed funding stage.

Due to this, the exact data about the funding amount is not available.

5. Lively – 2016

Lively is a modern-day Health and Savings account manager startups in San Francisco.

Such startups help residents of San Francisco make smart decisions about their healthcare needs.

Lively is one of the few healthcare startups San Francisco working on this model.

Description As a new age and unique healthcare companies in San Francisco, Lively is a care management organization.

Care management firms go beyond standard wellness services and develop solutions for other tasks.

Market Positioning, Key Features, &

Key Customers

Lively is rated as the top health startups San Francisco working on this model.

Also, the cumulative care management industry is expected to reach $37.94 Billion by 2027.

At present, such health tech companies are only at a nascent stage in San Francisco.

Couple this with the fact that almost every patient needs effective management solutions.

Hence, building one of your health startups, San Francisco, on this model, will be profitable.

Funding In the latest series B funding round for health companies in San Francisco, Lively got $27 Million.

This brings the total funding amount to $42 Million in just 4 years of its establishment.

6. Alto – 2015

Another one of the care management solutions based health tech companies SF.

Alto is a smart solution provider for patient prescriptions.

Along with ensuring timely delivery, they also provide recommendations (which is a unique feature).

Description Several healthcare companies in San Francisco are developing solutions to decrease wellness costs.

Health startups like Alto take the lead with helping San Francisco residents save costs on the prescriptions.

They have a cloud-based repository where the doctors and patients can upload the prescriptions.

Alto will automatically find the lowest rate of medicines for the customer and also deliver them.

Such healthcare solutions are a buzz with startups founders because of the big market in San Francisco.

Market Positioning, Key Feature, & Key Customers The ePharmacy business model is also very profitable in the future.

In 2018, the market value of such healthcare companies in the world, and not only San Francisco, was $50,000 million.

However, the estimated growth of 17.3 % CAGR puts the total value at $180,000 approx.

Healthcare companies working on this model have a huge scope in San Francisco and any other market.

Further, they embed features like chat, price comparison, and delivery.

Such healthcare companies in San Francisco have great potential.

Funding In the latest Series D Round Alto Pharmacy bagged $250 Million.

Adding this to the total tally, they have got $356 Million in funding since introduction.

7. Hinge Health – 2015

Patient-centric solutions are gaining importance. Thus, healthcare startups SF, like Hinge Health, is developing new solutions.

Such tech companies help San Francisco patients with specific health issues.

Similarly, Hinge health helps with back pain and chronic pain issues.

This is done digitally via their application and doctors-backed recommendations.

Description Hinge Health is one of the innovative startups helping professionals in San Francisco cure back pain.

They solely focus on joint pains and back pain, in turn, improving overall body physique.

Market Positioning,

Key Features, & Key Customers

Every 4 in 5 employers dealing with musculoskeletal issues use the solutions provided by Hinge Health.

This means that they have a big market presence.

Not many health tech companies San Francisco target a specific issue of the users.

This company provides solutions to MSK with the help of professional doctors and coaches.

They provide therapy, support, and education for the condition.

Funding In the latest Series C round of funding, the company raised $90 Million.

Further, crossing various other healthcare startups, San Francisco, Hinge health has got $126.1 Million in 5 funding rounds.

8. Clarify Health – 2015

Clarify is working in the healthcare domain and other startups in San Francisco to deliver precise and detailed insights.

Healthcare companies like Clarify work in collaboration with San Francisco wellness professionals.

From physicians to ACOs, they create some real impact.

Description Health startups resembling Clarify are working in San Francisco to streamline the behind the curtain functions.

This means that provide recommendations that help users observe a fall in:

  • Medical Cost
  • Referrals

Further, they have helped increase:

  • Savings
  • Disease Identification
Market Position, Key Customers, & Key Features Clarify leverages from big data to deliver solutions.

The market value of using big data in wellness will reach $68.82 Billion by 2025.

The customer base of Clarify consists of both patients and physicians.

Patients receive help with care provisioning and risk identification.

Physicians can also benefit from these types of health startups San Francisco.

They can get help with:

  • Personalizing care
  • Effective therapy
Funding In a total of 2 funding rounds, Clarify has got $63 Million.

9. Tonal

Tonal is working in the domain of intelligent fitness systems that can be installed in homes.

Such health tech companies San Francisco have a high scope of growth in the time of a pandemic.

Description Home gyms are gaining popularity with every passing day.

People are more comfortable working from home rather than going out.

Due to this, healthcare startups in San Francisco can build such solutions.

However, this can also be due to the lack of time and accessibility to a good gym.

Thus, startups like Tonal are providing the residents of San Francisco with innovative health solutions.

Not only SF, but Tonal has a wide market presence.

Market Positioning, Key Features, & Key Customers The smart healthcare industry is valued at $143.6 Billion.

Tonal and many other similar companies in San Francisco are providing modern healthcare solutions.

Tonal also provides the required equipment that is fitted with a digital weight system.

Combined with next-gen hardware, such systems heavily rely on better technology.

Funding With a total of 4 funding rounds for health tech companies, San Francisco, Tonal has raised $90 Million.

10. Verily

Health tech companies San Francisco like Verily, boast an evidence-based care system.

Such tech companies allow San Francisco residents to choose the best health services.

As one of the innovative startups in San Francisco, Verily allows the physicians to give personalized health services.

Description Effective healthcare depends on accurate information.

Healthcare startups San Francisco provides data analytical solutions.

With better information, patients can make better wellness decisions.

On the other hand, physicians can also benefit from health tech companies SF working on such work models.

Market Positioning, Key Features, & Key Customers Patient-centric market valuation was $10,235 Million in 2016.

However, by 2023, this valuation will reach $113,728 Million.

Verily works to provide screening, securitizing the data, and help respond to emergencies.

Healthcare companies in SF that provide patient-centric services take care of a few things.

  • Customer needs
  • Physician needs
  • Existing care ecosystems
  • The interdependence of the entire system

The recommendations are subject to these results, which further helps make decisions.

Funding San Francisco based Verily has got one of the biggest funding among healthcare companies in the city.

In 2019, Verily got $1 Billion in funding as private equity.

This brings the cumulative funding of the company to $1.8 Billion.

Do you have an Idea to beat San Francisco health startups?

Since the healthcare industry is booming and evolving, ideas flow from all directions.

At SpdLoad, we have an excellent understanding of helping you ace among other healthcare companies in San Francisco.

Our collective expertise in market analysis and development is an excellent asset to your business.

We understand the competitiveness of the health tech companies San Francisco. Due to this, you can expect a highly accurate solution.

Contact us for:

  • Development
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It is our prerogative to develop the best solution for you. In the end, SpdLoad can help you become one of the top San Francisco healthcare startups.

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