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Top 15 Healthcare App Ideas for Startups to Launch in 2024

Andrey Blond

Andrey Blond

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Medical apps are becoming increasingly popular with each passing day.

After the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, personal health has become a top priority for many. Healthcare apps provide a convenient solution for individuals to track their health status.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to capitalize on the demand for health-based tech or simply interested in the trends, read on for the top medical app ideas prime for development in 2024.

In this guide, we explore 15 innovative ideas for new medical apps.

Specifically, we highlight opportunities in patient-focused care, doctor networking platforms, VR-based treatments, and more.

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Why Develop a Healthcare App?

Healthcare Market Growth Statistics

It is pretty clear that there is a massive demand for medical applications. Moreover, in the past few years, the use of medical applications has also seen a boost in number.

Statistically, 15% of people in the age group of 18-29 years have health applications installed on their smartphones. Moreover, this number is 8% for users in the age group of 30-49 years.

As per PRNewswire:

  • 25% of senior citizens in the US are currently using a health application on their smartphones.
  • 67% of senior citizens are ready to use video service for managing their chronic conditions.

All of these users use the applications for tracking health data and communication with doctors. On the other hand, applications have also benefited doctors.

Doctors can easily access customer medical history via the EHR systems. EHR systems have many other benefits that streamline the workflow of medical organizations and personnel.

All these crucial factors are the core reasons behind the implementation of advanced healthcare app ideas. There are countless benefits of these app ideas in the medical sector, such as:

  • Patient health monitoring
  • Customer retention
  • Ease of communication
  • Effective record keeping
  • Medication planning
  • Reduces clinical visits

Impact of the Pandemic

COVID-19 has impacted millions of lives worldwide. People’s health was never more important to them than now. This shift of focus has impacted the healthcare apps as well. 

Venture Investment Growth

Many business people are now adopting technologies, and technology-based startups are on the rise. People who were reluctant to invest in such startups are looking for such opportunities. Venture capital investments are at their highest levels. 

Looking for some future-ready medical startups ideas for your startup? Here are some of the most promising ones:

15 Cutting-Edge Medical App Ideas to Launch in 2024

A healthcare startup based on great ideas will be the best choice for young entrepreneurs and medical organizations at the current time. And there are many fresh healthcare app ideas that you can incorporate in your medical startup.

Now, the classification of medical applications is done into two types:

  • The applications that are meant for doctors.
  • The applications that are meant for patients.

So, it opens a wide window for you to develop a healthcare app based on unique ideas.

Here are some of the healthcare startup ideas that you can undertake.

1. Overall Health Metrics Tracker

A health-tracker app that tracks all the metrics plus the medical/medicine history as well.  It will help both the patients and doctors solve their problems with greater efficiency. 

Key insightsThe use of medical app trackers is on the rise. Apps like Google Fit, Samsung Health, and Apple’s health app are on the rise.

It shows the increasing use of such apps.

DemandThe demand for such an app is depicted by the investments made by companies like Apple, Google, and Samsung.
ExamplesExamples of such an app include Google Fit and Samsung Health.

What we are suggesting is something more than them. The medical history of the user will also be a part of it.

The illustration shows that one of the ideas for developing a health care app is Health metrics tracker. Helps communicate directly between doctor and patient.

2. Using VR for Meditation

An app that uses VR technology to provide an interactive environment for meditation. 

Key insightsMeditation is a billion-dollar industry. Some apps led to IPOs in this category.

And, VR is emerging as the next big thing. Therefore, creating a fusion of both industries will result in success.

DemandAs stated above, Meditation is a billion-dollar industry.

There are apps on the app stores with millions of downloads.

Also, the pandemic has limited the number of religious/social gatherings, so people need meditation more than ever.

ExamplesThe app called ‘Calm’ is now a public company. They went for an IPO. It was just an app that turned into a Unicorn startup.

It is valued at more than 2 billion dollars.

The illustration shows another idea for developing a health care app is virtual reality for meditation

3. Using AR to Train Medical Practitioners

A platform for medical trainers that utilizes AR to train new surgeons/doctors. Doctors get training in their local hospitals where they can physically go. Though, some hospitals are using video-streaming tech. But that is below par. What if we use AR for that purpose? It will revolutionalize the training of medical pros. 

Key insightsAR and VR adoption will increase in the coming years, and it will disrupt almost every industry.
DemandThere are millions of doctors who go for studies in foreign institutes.

With this, they will get a similar experience in their home country. 

ExamplesAR and VR are being used in learning. Many schools/universities are adopting this technology to teach different subjects
The illustration shows another idea for developing a health care app is AR to train Medical Practitioners

4. Networking and Information Sharing App for Medical Pros

A platform for doctors/medical professionals to share their experiences about medicines and procedures can be a great hit.

Since medicine is a profession that needs extreme collaboration and knowledge sharing, this can be an extraordinary app idea. 

Key insightsCommunity is always priceless. For example, LinkedIn is a platform for employers and employees to connect. Think how difficult it would be to find a job without LinkedIn? 

That’s how the medical profession can change if you successfully create a community/social platform for doctors. 

DemandCOVID-19 has been controlled in many countries because medical professionals in that region collaborated.

The collaboration of medical professionals is a revolution in itself. What if doctors share their knowledge and experiences?

We would be finding innovative solutions to old-age diseases. We believe there is a high demand for an app like this.

ExamplesA good example of such an app is Doximity. It is an online networking service for medical professionals.

Launched in 2010, the platform offers its members curated medical news, telehealth tools, and case collaboration.

The illustration shows social platform for medical pros

5. Doctor Consultation Apps

An untimely health issue can be very inconvenient. Getting a headache or stomach ache in the middle of the night can be tough to handle, so what to do?

An on-demand doctor solution is one of the potential ideas for a medical app. No matter where you are, you can easily log in to the application and get the required help.

Key InsightsWell, if we look at the potential of a doctor consultation application idea, there are a plethora of benefits to that.

  • You can consult a professional doctor and make online appointments. These apps also allow you to video chat with the doctors.
  • Moreover, you can also harness these apps to pay your doctor.
DemandWith the use of smartphones, people are used to doing everything on it. This has led to an increase in demand for such an app and healthcare ideas.

It is no wonder why the Doctor on Demand application received funding of $74 million.

Also, as per Statista, the telemedicine market is sure to have a value above $175 billion by the year 2026.

So, the demand for such ideas for a medical startup is relatively high.

  • Doctor on Demand app offers users several facilities like live video chat with certified doctors and physicians.
  • Amwell is an application that helps users to get a consultation from doctors right on the application itself.

Apps like these are the embodiments of success for healthcare startup ideas.

Doctor consultation app is a good idea to consider to launch a new startup as an app for healthcare

6. Health Reminder Apps

The busy schedule of people can make them forget about their medication at times. So, this gives you an opportunity to launch a medical startup based on such ideas. You can leverage countless resources on the web to build a health reminder app.

Healthcare App Development

Empowering Healthcare Innovation Through Custom Apps.

Key InsightsThis is one of those app ideas of healthcare that has a broad scope. You can develop an unlimited number of apps based on this idea.

For example, you can develop an application that reminds users about the medication.

  • You can improve the application by adding tips for users with various health conditions.
  • Further, you can also set goals for users in those apps to achieve. These additions to the ideas will accelerate the growth of your medical startup.
DemandPeople with multiple medications often forget to keep track of it. This also happens due to their busy schedule.

These factors have raised the demand for such apps, especially in times like these.

Medisafe is a U.S based firm that raised $14.5 million in 2017 for global expansion.

It also has an application named Medisafe Meds that helps users in managing their medicine schedules.

These factors are enough to prove that this idea has the potential to be one of the best medical startup ideas.

ExamplesThe inspirational examples regarding these ideas for a healthcare startup are countless. Some of them are:

  • Medisafe is an application that keeps you informed about your medication.
  • MyMedSchedule Plus is another application that helps you keep track of your daily medication.
A good startup idea for Healthcare is a reminder app.

7. Self-Test Apps

Smartphones have become capable of keeping oversight of your body vitals. Scenarios like these have given birth to ideas to develop a medical app that can be used to test health at home.

Key InsightsWell, the development of an application that harnesses the power of your phone sensors has a lot of scope and benefits.

  • The application allows users to regularly monitor their health. And take actions based on the insights.
  • These apps save a lot of time for patients as they don’t have to visit the doctor repeatedly for testing.
  • Benefits like these make it one of the prime ideas for healthcare startups.
DemandWhile dealing with the busy schedule, most of us are unable to visit the doctor on a timely basis.

But this problem has been sorted to some extent by some of the best smartphone apps.

The market of the mobile medical app will hit the $11.22 billion mark in 2025.

This suggests that the scope of mobile medical apps is promising in the future.

So, it is certain that an application that helps users in testing their vitals on their phones will be successful.

Firms like Biosense have raised around $42,000 through crowdfunding for bringing this idea to life. These statistics make self-test apps one of the top ideas for a healthcare startup.

ExamplesSome of the prime examples of successful self-test applications are:

  • uChek is an application that helps the user analyze urine samples.
  • Ada is a similar app that analyzes health issues based on a questionnaire.

These self-test medical app ideas are one of the promising ones.

Self-test apps a very interesting idea to launch own medical startup

8. Medical Records App

Medical records apps are kind of meant for both doctors and patients. These healthcare app ideas also have great potential to strengthen the medical system.

Moreover, these startup ideas will also help in speeding up medical procedures.

Key InsightsThe key concept behind the medical record apps is gathering valuable user health data.

  • Users can enter their health records in the application from time to time.
  • When they need to make an appointment with the health expert, they can share that data with him or her.
  • Based on the analysis of the obtained user-health records, the doctor can formulate a medication plan or treatment.
  • This will not only save the user’s time but will also have the doctor take action quickly.

Thus, making it one of the best ideas for a healthcare app.

DemandThere are several patients of a single doctor. It is not easy to maintain paper records of everyone.

So, to streamline the maintenance of health records, medical record apps are necessary.

The mHealth market is expected to grow up to USD 111.1 billion by 2025. So, this can be one of the favorable ideas of a medical app for you.

These apps keep all the user health data in perfect sync with the health experts. Plus, it reduces the hassle of paperwork.

All these factors have made medical record apps one of the demanding healthcare startup ideas.

ExamplesSome of the prime examples of these healthcare app ideas are:

  • Capzule is a personal health record app that helps users to store their health records.
  • Healthspek is another PHR application that records everything related to your health.

This is the clear sign that a health record app idea is one of the top medical startup ideas to invest in.

One of upcoming Healthcare app ideas to start a medical records platform.

9. Medical Reference and Educational Apps

Medical reference and educational apps are some of the potential medical app ideas for young doctors.

The scope of the medical reference application is really wide, as it provides a plethora of valuable information to the doctors.

Key InsightsIf we talk about the remarkable ideas of the medical app for doctors. It provides them access to all the information required to streamline their medical procedures.

  • These apps provide doctors with safe treatment and diagnostic information.
  • Moreover, these applications also inform the doctors about the diseases. One can formulate a planned remedy procedure.
  • Doctors can also leverage the application to know about the possible interactions of the drugs.

All these pros of such apps help the doctor focus on patients.

DemandA doctor’s job is always complicated. He or she needs to be entirely focussed while analyzing the health condition of the patient.

And one bad decision can turn their record upside down.

So, it is essential to have medical reference apps for simplifying their medical procedures.

With the increase of user interaction with smartphones, these app ideas related to medical have seen the demand.

  • Epocrates is a HIPAA compliant app based on the ideas of healthcare assistance for doctors.
  • Visual DX is a reference application for doctors that helps them diagnose their patients using images.

This app idea is one of the most potential healthcare startup ideas.

A successful idea for a medical niche is a medical reference app

10. Medical training apps

Being a doctor makes you responsible for someone’s life. So, it is necessary to perform all your physical tasks effectively and carefully.

This needs practice, and you can get trained on the surgical procedures with the help of medical training apps and ideas.

Key InsightsThe ideas of the healthcare training app are highly beneficial for doctors. How?

With the inclusion of Augmented reality, Virtual Reality, and mixed reality.

  • Doctors and interns can harness the power of the application and learn to carry out the surgery.
  • These technologies help young doctors to get a hand on the surgical process without actually operating on the patient.

This makes it one of the promising medical startup ideas.

DemandThe Virtual Reality healthcare market will hit the $33.72 billion mark by 2027.

This is a clear sign of  the demand for such startup ideas for the healthcare field.

Moreover, these technologies can be used to improve patient experience and data visualization.

ExamplesSentiAR is an online platform that harnesses the power of AR to help doctors analyze the patient’s anatomy through holograms.

Many other applications are developed on such ideas of medical startups.

App idea for medical training makes good fit for healthcare

14. Health Tracking Apps (IoT devices)

One of the top startup ideas in the medical field is building a health tracking application for doctors. This will help them keep a close and consistent eye on the patients.

Key InsightsThe healthcare-related startup ideas like this have the utmost potential for success.

Through the heath tracking applications and smart wearables, doctors can keep a close check on their patients.

These applications are incorporated into EHR systems to track all the necessary health details of the patients.

Smart wearables are also used to track real-time user vitals like:

  • Heart rate
  • Pulse
  • Blood pressure
  • Blood glucose

This provides appropriate care to the patients whenever required.

DemandThe IoT market is growing at a remarkable pace and will be valued at over $1256.1 billion by 2025.

And as most of the smart devices are connected to the internet. These applications can be harnessed to gather real-time patients data by the doctors.

These application ideas will overall enhance the workflow of the healthcare sector.

  • QardioCore is an application that provides real-time health data to doctors. It helps them provide their patients with the required medical care.
  • Lybrate is another application meant for doctors that provide them medical records of the patients.

You can incorporate such ideas into your medical startup.

Another idea for healthcare is to launch a health tracking app

15. Medical Translation Apps

Leverage one of the top ideas for a healthcare startup and build a medical translation application for doctors.

EHR and EMR Software Development

Empower your practice with custom EHR/EMR solutions tailored just for you.

Key InsightsThere are many patients in the U.S that struggle while discussing their health issue with the doctor due to the language barrier.

Hence, the use of translation applications is necessary for doctors.

  • It helps them understand their users well and prescribe them the required treatment in their language.
DemandAround 22 percent of the U.S population are non-English speakers.

Moreover, with the inclusion of smart devices in the system, there is a lot of potential for medical application ideas like these to surface.

  • Medibabble is a professional medical translation application.

Translation applications are one of the best healthcare application ideas to begin your startup.

And one more idea to launch a healthcare app is to focus on medical translation app

Want to Launch a Healthcare Startup?

Building a successful digital health mobile app requires careful planning and execution.

From conceptualization to launch, key steps like idea validation, UX design, quality assurance testing, and regulatory compliance must be handled expertly.

At Spdload, our end-to-end development services are finely tuned for the specialized realm of medical apps.

Our integrated teams ensure your product meets clinical efficacy and user experience standards while safeguarding sensitive health data.

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