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Web App Ideas That Will Inspire You in 2023

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The Progressive Web Application (PWA) market size is expected to touch $10.44 billion by the year 2027 at a CAGR of 13.4%. This statistic clearly indicates a brighter future for web applications.

Forbes and YouTube Music are examples of some great web applications.

They are popular because they are easy to build with web technologies and offer a smooth user experience. These aspects have made them the new face of businesses the world over.

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur or a startup, then you need to be aware of the trending web application ideas. Interested?

If yes then, we have compiled a list of some simple web app ideas for you. These are the most popular web application niches in the market today.

Let’s roll!

1. Astrology with Machine Learning

The concept of astrology is ancient and dates back to several centuries. It was prevalent in India, China, Mesopotamia, and Egypt. But the other countries of the world also practice astrology in some form or the other. Africa, Australia, Europe, and America, to name a few.

Interestingly, deep down, all forms of astrology have the same roots. Be it Indian, Chinese, or other. So, how about website applications that amalgamate astrology with machine learning?

Machine learning-based astrology is one of the most innovative web app ideas. However, astrology isn’t a popular global niche. But, a large number of people in Asia practice and follow it ardently. So, you may target them besides others (if you like).

All you need to know is the basics of Machine Learning. You can then create an algorithm that infers data from the daily horoscope. And finally, search prediction patterns of the astrological phenomenon. And voila!

You get a modern astrology app. The solution can provide users with quick, personalized horoscopes.

Here is an example of a modern astrology app using AI.

Co-star is an AI-powered astrology app that uses data from NASA to generate customized horoscopes. It considers the Moon, other solar system planets, and the 12  Zodiac Houses for results.

AI backed astrology service one of the most non-trivial web application project ideas

2. On-Demand Services

Getting workers for menial household repairs such as plumbing, electricity is difficult as well as costly. On the personal front, waiting in queues for salon services or groceries is time-consuming.

Here is the solution!

On-demand services app is one of the hottest web app ideas 2023 that can resolve this issue. Just a single web app allows consumers access to different types of services at home.

However, building an on-demand app is not as easy as using it. One has to think hard about plenty of details, including target audience, features, technology stack, and more. Most importantly, convincing the audience is difficult. Therefore, it is necessary to validate it with an MVP.

Note that on-demand services are a competitive niche. However, the demand for these kinds of apps is high. Plus, the COVID-19 pandemic has strengthened its position further. Don’t believe us. Take a look for inspiration from our web development startup ideas!

On-demand Apps for Traveling Uber, Lyft, Careem (read more about the cost of Uber-like app development)
On-demand Apps Pharmacy Delivery Apps PillPack run by Amazon
On-demand Fashion Apps Lyst. ShopLook
On-Demand Health apps TryFit
On-demand video streaming apps Netflix ((read more about the cost of Netflix clone development)
On-demand dog walking apps Wag (check out our case study of development dog walking app)
On-demand house cleaning apps Go-Check Clone
On-demand services is a quite wide pool of web app project ideas

3. Chatbot Web Applications

Our list of simple web app ideas 2023 would be incomplete without talking about automating software. As automation is transforming how organizations offer chat support to users, chatbots have become important.

Chatbots are software applications that copy written or spoken words. These, then, replicate interaction or conversation with a real individual. Businesses use chatbots to talk to their customers.

With the help of chatbots, you can cater to your customers’ needs 24*7. Use them in dialog systems for gathering information, request routing, and customer requests. It will eventually help you boost:

  • Customer engagement
  • Lead generation
  • Customer satisfaction

While some chatbot applications use extensive NLPs, word-classification processes, and sophisticated AI. Others generate responses with the help of common phrases taken from a database. Either way, it is challenging.

Knowing the customer, and their problems, and deciding the functionalities of the chatbots are all essential markers. They help in the lineup to build a revenue generator. Moreover, technology for chatbots is growing. Therefore, startups are suggested to test it with an MVP.

Incorporating live chat with AI not only enhances customer engagement but also allows startups to gather valuable data and feedback, further refining their chatbot solutions.

This iterative approach not only keeps you ahead in the competitive landscape but also ensures that your chatbots continue to evolve and adapt to changing customer expectations.

Embracing this dynamic technology can be a game-changer for startups aiming to establish a strong foothold in today’s digital business environment.

And be confident. The web application project ideas based on chatbots have a bright future. Mordor Intelligence had predicted the Chatbot market to reach $17.7 billion in 2020 and $102.9 billion by 2026.

Here is an example of a modern chatbot.

Botengine from LiveChat is an AI-based software. It mimics human communication through text or text to speech software. Its interface is built-in NLP.

The custom chatbot isn't among simple web app ideas, but really interesting investment

4. Dating Web Applications

If you need web app ideas to make money. A dating web application is perfect for you.

Online services offering to date have experienced a boom in the last few years. This is mainly because people are looking for ways to meet new people who share their interests and attitudes.

The new technologies on the dock have given it a further boost. With little investment, your website app ideas will be a success. However, you need to be prepared for stiff competition.

Tinder was the first dating app on the scene and remains one of the more popular dating apps today. According to marriage statistics, there are many people out there who have used it and seen success in their love lives.

To make it big like Tinder, your app must have some unique features in addition to privacy, security, and transparency. And whether these will have takers or not, MVP is necessary. You can check our development guide for the Tinder-like app here.

Some popular examples of dating web applications include Happn, Match, and Bumble.

Dating app provides one of the most reliable business model as web app idea to make money

5. AI Browser Cookies

You have watched Neil Patel’s latest blog on your office PC. Don’t be surprised if you see this on your laptop at home. This is the power of AI browser cookies. Our next web application ideas are based on it.

Cookies are tiny text files produced by the website you are visiting. These enable the website to store all data as you glide through different pages. This kind of text file holds session data and is useful in boosting the browsing experience of a user.

Now think if Google could be personalized more. It would fulfill your wishes even before asking. This is what AI browser cookies do.

An AI browser cookie is basically a web app. It tracks Google’s search, including the daily searches in-depth to develop a customer persona and deliver results accordingly. With an AI-powered browser web app, the user receives one browser experience on all the devices. All your preferences and browser history from different devices are compiled into one single profile.

AI is projected to be the future of browsing. This belief is further strengthened with Google’s announcement to phase out third-party cookies. One thing is for sure; it’s time for businesses to gear up for the future and start preparing accordingly.

Haven’t we all witnessed this on Amazon? Amazon uses buddy-based recommendations and item-based recommendations for product classification. It uses the recommendations system and utilizes AI for several other acts. Thus, a perfect example of innovative web app ideas 2023.

Another a web app idea isn't for beginner, as AI cookies required great tech expertise

6. Employee Orientation and Training Web App

Orientation is often regarded as a means to adjust new employees to the company’s work culture. The manual orientation process can be challenging for HR. They may have to streamline several operations. For example, looking for documents, facilitating important documents to the new employees, and more.

So, how about an employee orientation and training web application?

An employee orientation and training web app can assist HR in managing the documents. The approval for several internal matters would come automatically. They can then look into them whenever required. In simple words, the workflow will become easy.

At the same time, the new employee can access the training material quickly. He can also learn about the team and their contact information. Simultaneously, you can limit the misinformation and highlight any unavailability. The management can also learn whether the new employee has finished the documentation.

Building an employee orientation and training web app has its share of difficulties. But companies understand the need for centralizing paperwork; thus, these apps are becoming essential. Remote working and a drastic shift in recruitment strategies is another reason.

For example, Odoo, besides other modules, has employee orientation and training to manage company employees. It shows how simple web app ideas to make money can shape up into a fine example. You can check the case study of a fundraising-successful startup developed by SpdLoad here.

HR products and startups are rising stars of web app ideas 2021

7. Healthcare Web Application

One of the best web application ideas for beginners is healthcare web applications. They are hot favorites in the market right now.

Healthcare web apps allow better coordination with the outpatient for diagnosis, medication, and also follow-up. For example, using telemedicine platforms. Here you can check our in-depth guide on telemedicine platform development.

The doctors track whether the patient has understood the instructions shared. The patients can search for the nearest doctor, enter their details, and book a consultation.

Healthcare web applications are also used to manage the healthcare records of the patients. These can further be shared with other practitioners, patients, doctors, and other healthcare insurance companies.

Patient records are also stored on shared hosting servers and can be accessed anytime and anywhere. Healthcare web applications can also be used for inventory management. That’s why the design of a healthcare website is a very complex question, you’d need to focus on.

A healthcare MVP will help the founders to test their product in real-time conditions. Therefore, it reduces the risk as you would learn the problems firsthand and then fix them easily. Besides, it also helps save ample money and enter the market faster.

We would like to share our own experience with building a healthcare website.

The client wanted us (Spdload) to build a new app unlike any other in the market. We researched the target audience, noted their pain points, and developed a successful solution for our client. It is named DocKids.

Practo is another example. The app allows patients to consult a doctor via video conferencing without visiting the doctor physically.  You can also buy medicines and look for various specialists near you.

The healthcare domain is super relevant for web development startup ideas

8. Tour and Travel Web Applications

Our next web app ideas for beginners include tour and travel web applications. If the pandemic had not hit us badly, the market for tour and travel applications was growing. It was expected to attain a CAGR of 10% and reach $833.5 billion by 2025, as per Statista.

Now, with infection receding in many parts of the world, the hopes for sunny days are alive again. And therefore, tour and travel web application ideas are good to invest in.

The web apps allow planning travel anywhere in the world. They offer several locals, national, and international locations to pick from at one place. Travelers can pick one that suits their preference and budget.

As they allow you to book a tour. You can look for:

  • Ticket availability
  • Book tickets
  • Search for holiday packages
  • Make reservations in some hotels
  • Travel insurance and more!

Upon reaching the destination, the user would require a range of information such as the nearby spots, sightseeing, food, and more. That said, travel web apps do it all with ease. The travelers can share their experiences on the web app. This would help other future users.

However, the trends keep changing in this niche. Therefore, one must keep an eye on them while building an app. The user search behavior and competitor analysis are also important.

To know what’s working and what’s not.

GetYourGuide is an online portal for tours and excursions. GetYourGuide provides tours and excursions, several activities such as cooking classes, and tickets to visit several tourist attractions.

The travel niche may be interested for web application ideas for beginners

9. eLearning Platforms Web Application

The pandemic may have disturbed your tour and travel plans. But there is one sector that has gained massively. And it is eLearning. No wonder 77% of educators consider online learning to be at par with traditional learning, if not better.

At the same time, 70% of students think it to be equal or better than traditional classrooms. Whatever be the reason, the eLearning industry is booming.

eLearning website app ideas can include an online education software for:

  • Students
  • Content creators
  • Employees
  • Teachers

eLearning applications help educationists have innovative and unique ways to impart their knowledge. The interactive web page allows students to add their data and get desired results. Moreover, they can gain entry through the browser from any remote location. Educationists can then take classes, exams, tests, record lectures, and more.

The market share for eLearning applications is growing. There are different types of online learning platforms with different monetization models. You need to learn what will work for you. To know more, read how to make an eLearning app.

Take the example of Zoom. The video conferencing app feature of the software allows users to attend or host virtual meeting sessions remotely.

Such real-time learning allows students to gain knowledge without visiting a physical classroom. Teachers can schedule lessons, talk to multiple students, and tutor lessons.

Some great web development ideas for startups gave birth to popular eLearning platforms such as Udemy, Simplilearn, and Skillshare.

eLearning is quickly growing niche with many web development ideas for startup

10. Workflow Management Web Application

The workflow management app is a flexible online tool to boost business productivity. It enables them to design and improve workflow using several features, including:

  • Finding redundant tasks
  • Recognizing the scope of improvement
  • Automating work processes
  • Gaining efficiency

For example, you conceive web application ideas for a construction company. Your work involves managing an ample amount of information connected to the property. Also, there are several kinds of approvals required from government agencies. While monitoring the application status all through. A good workflow management web application can assist a business in:

There are many workflow management software applications available. But still, you may not find your ideal solution. Reason? Most workflow management systems have standard workflows.

However, every business is different. Therefore, customization is vital in workflow management web applications to make such website app ideas fulfill expectations. Try your specialized needs with an MVP and see if it works for you.

Look at popular workflow management systems, including Monday, Wrike, Nifty, Jira, and Asana.

Workflow management contains many interesting website app ideas

11. Event Management Web Application

Be it birthday parties, weddings, or corporate events; everyone needs an efficient event planner.  But amidst so many, where to find them and how?

Event Management Web Applications come into play here.

These simple web app ideas are the most effective way for users to reach out to the best event manager or company near them. The web application plays a mediator between event management companies and potential customers.

Using such web apps, the customer can find all the event organizers. In addition, the apps can also include customer reviews on the company, which can be a deciding factor during recruitment.

Event management apps are of many types based on purpose, implementation, audience, and event scale. Once you select your type, it is important to test whether your target audience is finding it worthwhile.

We have also helped with an event management web application Eventnoire. The founder wanted us to build the best app from start to finish with an easy-to-scale ticketing web platform. Then furnish a solution with a scalable architecture and event customization, and readymade themes to appeal to their customers.

Examples of event management include Eventzilla, Whova, Cvent, and Eventbrite.

The event management industry provides many new web application ideas

12. Digital Payments Web Application

The rise of mCommerce and mobile banking has elevated the need for easy means of fund management. The digital payment app is the best way to do that, and it is our next web app ideas in 2023.

People now prefer paying digitally more often than ever before. As per stats, there will be around 1.31 billion people around the world using a payments app in 2023. It has, in turn, enhanced the rise of this niche in app development.

Digital payments or E-wallets are web applications connected to a bank account. A user can use it as a means of payment from the phone. He or she can store multiple cards and bank account numbers in a secure environment. This removes the need to enter account information every time. A one-time registration is sufficient to make faster payments.

Your payment related web app project ideas can be of three types:

  • Apps that handle credit card payments of other payment services
  • Apps offered by banks and payment services that take care of their own funds
  • Apps improving the shopping experience with loyalty programs and discounts

E-wallet is a challenging niche. Security considerations, regulatory constraints and transaction management, connectivity, and high entry barriers must be considered. The latest technologies feature must also be tried out before releasing a full-fledged app. Nevertheless, you can release it with just the bare minimum functionalities initially.

The most common examples of digital payments and e-wallets are Google Pay, Amazon Pay, Paytm, and many more.

Digital payments solutions are among the most quickly growth web application ideas

13. CRM for Start-ups & Small Businesses

Here are our web app ideas for beginners – CRM for startups & Small Businesses.

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It is a brilliant system to organize and access all customer data in a better way. Thus, enabling businesses to build and maintain their relationship with customers.

From sales to marketing and customer service, it must connect all departments. It is a complicated process, and you, therefore, need software. No wonder then, it is one of the most highly in-demand web app ideas 2023.

There are four types of CRM software fulfilling the requirements of different businesses.

Conversation CRM SalesforceIQ
Leads and Deals CRM Hubspot, Zoho
Fully Integrated CRM Freshworks
Marketing CRM Pipedrive

A question arises, “will your idea hit the bull’s eye.” Understand it like this. Automation increases efficiency but not all software will accomplish it ultimately.

You are required to select the right third-party integrations. But whether you need them or not won’t be clear until you test them with MVP. To do so, check our in-depth guide on how to develop CRM from scratch.

New CRM startups are always will be among web application project ideas as it's limitless product field

14. Review  Web Application

One of the many sought-after website app ideas is to review web apps. Why is it so?

People have a changed mindset today, and they like to research before picking up any service or product. Be it mobile phones, laptops, fashion products, tech devices, clothes, web series, or movies. And this is not the end; they like to read reviews before buying.

You can build a web app in this niche. The choices are plenty. You can build review web applications for Home Electronics Products, Books, Restaurants, Paintings & Art Pieces, Hotels & Resorts, Cameras/Mobiles/Laptops, and Songs & YouTube Videos, and more.

As is clear, it is a competitive niche. As a founder, you need to facilitate several things. These incorporate permission for rating moderation, verification to avoid spams, easy and intuitive forms to write reviews, and more. You can include features you deem fit and then go-ahead to build an MVP.

Here is a fine example. Web App Reviews is a site for reviewing the best Chrome Web Apps and Extensions for Education. As more schools are moving towards cloud-based services. Therefore, it is essential to better have quality resources for classrooms.

Every review written on Web App Reviews incorporates a blog post and a short video. The content covers what the web app or extension does, as well as some practical ideas for use in schools.

Another example is IMDb, or Internet Movie Database. It is an Indian entertainment-related web app where the general public and critics can leave their comments.

The review web app is easy to build web app project ideas

15. Family Web App

Families are important for everyone. But handling families is no easy task. Shopping, cooking, trips are all the reasons most people find managing families difficult.

The solution here is to build a family web app for them. The best thing about building a family web app is that the niche isn’t as competitive as others. Only a handful of family web apps are there in the market. Therefore you can jump in and make more money.

There can be many types of family web apps – family organizer, family tracker, learning games, and more. Most family web development ideas for startup means a host of features such as forums, calendars, photo galleries, and more. To ensure your users can manage everything really well, you must integrate features of their interest.

But what features will be useful? You cannot gauge the real impact of the functionalities until you test the waters. Build an MVP, ensure features and functionalities you think the targeted families will like to have. Record the results.

Liked the new web application ideas? Take cues from KaBoom! PlaySpace Finder and Mixbook.

Family web app is among interested simple web app ideas

Moving Forward

If you are looking for a reliable partner to realize your web application ideas, we at SPDLoad can help you from start to finish. Contact us and share your dream. For beginners in this field, we have something for you.

Read it to get more clarity. It will also help you learn what goes into the cost of web app development.

The Cost to Develop a Custom Web App

Read more about the required budget to build a custom web application especially to make your founder's vision come true.

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