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Startups in the Healthcare Sector Worth Learning From in 2023

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According to a report published in 2019 by Deloitte, the healthcare industry will grow to over $280 Billion. And, in the US alone, the medical devices market will grow to a whopping 208 billion US dollars!

The growth in the healthcare industry is not slowing down soon. So, if you want to change the world for the better and create wealth, you should keep your eye on this business. 

There are many avenues you can start your business in the healthcare industry. And, you do not need to be a doctor to do so. There are so many gaps in every market. You just need to identify them and find scalable, innovative solutions to them. 

In this list, we will guide you about the ambitious startups in the healthcare space that have exceptional growth potential in 2021.

Booming Healthcare Startups in 2023

Here is a list of startups that we believe have great growth potential. 

1. Prenome

Prenome is a women-centric healthcare service provider which aims to provide high-tech solutions. Prenome works to identify the health risks that women have and suggest treatments/solutions to them in a data-driven way. One of their product is a research study that helps women to identify their risk of gestational diabetes. You can learn more about their products and services from their website. 

2. Navvisa

Everyone’s experience with cancer is unique, but they can find their solution at a single point, Navvisa. It is a startup that aims to provide 1:1 navigation guidance to cancer patients that helps them deal with the disease and treatments. Every patient is unique, and so is the guidance from Navvisa. Navvisa tailors its programs and counseling on an individual level. Visit their website to learn more about them. 

3. Haven 

Launched in 2021, Haven wishes to create a platform to interact and reach out to verified healthcare service providers for free. Quality healthcare and wellness providers are hard to find, and Haven tries to solve that problem for the masses. That too, for free! At the moment, they are still in the development stages. We will get to know more about them once they officially reveal their pricing models.

4. Endear Health 

Endear Health is a relatively new startup and is in the development stages. It is a unique idea. The team wants to provide a one-stop solution to the healthcare needs of the aging population. They are working on creating a platform for older adults where they can manage their health-related metrics. You can learn more about their idea here. 

5. Clutch 

Clutch is a highly targeted product. Launched in 2021, it aims to help athletes solve their mental health problems. It is aimed at the athletes who want to stay fit on and off the field. Athletes do not encounter health problems as much as normal people do. But, they surely can face several mental health issues due to performance anxiety and whatnot. Clutch is still under development and is a very new venture. They hope to launch their product line in 2021. 

6. Marham

Marham is your one-stop platform for finding the best-known doctors in your country and region, as well as the most convenient way to schedule an appointment and consult with your doctor online.

Marham is a Pakistani citizens’ digital healthcare platform. Its goal is to address the health of patients as well as therapists’ health concerns. It can assist you in locating physicians, medical officers, and other medical professionals. You can get the most comprehensive health care service for the people of Pakistan by connecting doctors and patients, and now with telemedicine.

Some of Marham’s most distinguishing characteristics are as follows:

  • Online consultations with the best doctors in the country 
  • Appointments can be made at any time and from any location

Overview of startups

Here we bring you the best startups in healthcare sector that have been making news since their establishment.

1. Covera Health – New York – 2017

Description Inaccurate diagnosis of health issues can result in wastage of both money and time. This is what led to the inception of Covera Health.

This startup in medical field harnesses the power of analytics to provide optimum care to the patients while reducing cost.

Medical care based on analytics is also one of the promising healthcare trends for startups.

Market positioning, Key Features, Key Customers Around 12% of Americans suffer a diagnostic error every year.

Keeping this in mind, Covera Health, one of the budding startups, developed a health tech solution.

Their Radiology Centers of Excellence Program effectively analyzes user data.

Based on the analysis, it allows radiologists to improve the accuracy of their diagnosis.

It also pairs users with radiologists. Hence, it is best for both of them.

Fundings Covera Health is one of those healthcare startups that has raised around $32 million in two funding rounds.

2. H1 – New York – 2017

Description H1 is one of the powerful online platforms that help medical startups to find the right professionals.

The online platform enables startups in healthcare sector to access a large database of medical and biomedical professionals, customers, firms, etc.

This helps you establish a link with the right people and customers you need.

Market positioning, Key Features, Key Customers With the H1 platform, you can easily analyze the profile of the healthcare professional.

Healthcare spinoffs and startups like H1 offer firms and individuals a deep insight into the working record of the professionals before getting in touch.

One can also filter the results based on CPT, ICD, or HCPCS code.

Fundings All these factors and the funding of $12.9 million make H1 one of the potential medical startups of 2020.

3. Embleema – New York – 2017

Description Embleema is a one-stop solution for both patients and doctors for acquiring data.

Counted among some of the highest potential healthcare startups, Embleema helps users to share their medical data on the platform for analysis.

Moreover, it also allows healthcare professionals to analyze data with ease.

Market positioning, Key Features, Key Customers The intuitive apps of Embleema allow users to access and upload all their health data in one place.

This continuous updating of health data helps health experts get valuable insights.

They can also find the appropriate treatment based on that.

Startups like Embleema also provide compensation for sharing medical data.

Fundings So far, Embleema has raised around $3.7 million and stands among the best health tech startups.

4. Empiric Health – Utah – 2017

Description Empiric Health is a startup in medical field that harnesses the power of AI and machine learning.

The Empiric Analytics Suite from this brilliant startup compares data in a detailed way and provides cutting-edge medical solutions.

Market positioning, Key Features, Key Customers The suite divides the data into cohorts and then compares them to find the best surgical solutions for the physicians.

Moreover, it also provides a visualization of the data.

All these factors combined in a single solution can help you boost performance, lower cost, and also enhance patient health.

Startups like Empiric health can be harnessed by both hospitals and healthcare systems.

Empiric Health has also partnered with SCL Health to develop advanced surgical methods while reducing cost.

Fundings Empiric Health has raised $3 million for the development and improvement of its services.

And this is what makes it one of the best startups in the medical sector.

5. Galileo – New York – 2018

Description One of the ingenious startups in the healthcare sector is Galileo.

It focuses on providing the individuals instant medical support no matter where they are.

The startup lays down a platform that enables patients to interact with specialized doctors in the medical field.

Market positioning, Key Features, Key Customers The newly founded firm offers health tech services through its mobile app.

You can simply fill a questionnaire, and the doctors will be at your service in no time. You will get specialized doctors.

Moreover, you can also keep up with chronic care and prescription renewal.

These features make Galileo one of the prime startups of the healthcare sector. And other than Galieleo, there are many other firms that have shaken the primary care market.

Fundings It has not raised any funds so far but is counted as a promising startup in the medical field.

6. Prognos – New York – 2017

Description Prognos is a state of the art startup in the medical field. The Prognos platform leverages the power of AI to gather and interpret data.
Market positioning, Key Features, Key Customers The Prognos platform is highly demanding as it has the largest registry of clinical records.

Prognos is one of those startups in health tech that analyzes clinical data from multiple sources.

Based on that, it suggests the best treatment methods at the earliest possible time.

Moreover, like all other startups in the healthcare sector, it is backed by a HIPAA compliant infrastructure.

The Prognos platform is best for doctors and healthcare institutions.

Fundings Prognos has been acquired by Livongo that has raised around $235 million so far.

7. Paige – New York – 2018

Description Paige is one of those medical startups that use AI, neural networks, and deep learning.

Collaborating with all of these, it analyzes the visual and clinical data.

Based on that, it provides the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

Market positioning, Key Features, Key Customers The idea is still fresh among healthcare startups but has a lot of potentials.

This startup in healthcare sector aims to provide AI modules to pathologists. They can use the modules to enhance their medical practice.

It also helps them to provide better care at an economical cost.

Moreover, the firm is on the way of developing prognostic tools. These will transform the way doctors diagnose a medical condition.

Fundings This startup in medical field has raised around $95 million in three funding rounds.

8. Lyfebin – Los Angeles – 2018

Description Lyfebin is one of those health tech startups from Los Angeles that reduces the hassle of both doctors and patients.

The platform allows patients and doctors to share medical images.

Market positioning, Key Features, Key Customers Lyfebin eliminates the hassle of carrying medical images to every doctor the patient visits. All of them can be stored on the cloud.

All the doctors and physicians on the platform are licensed and verified. Both doctors and patients can access images from anywhere.

These features make Lyfebin one of the futuristic startups in healthcare sector.

Fundings This awesome firm in medical field has not raised any funds so far.

9. Pearl – California – 2019

Description Pearl is a unique one among the healthcare startups as it focuses on dental health.

The spin-out of GumGum provides advanced dental solutions powered by AI.

Market positioning, Key Features, Key Customers The Dental Health market will reach $53.3 billion by 2025.

Pearl harnessed AI to build dental tools. The tools offered by medical startups are:

    • Second opinion: the computer vision platform that instantly identifies abnormalities in dental x-rays.
  • Practise Intelligence: The solution that helps you drill down and find data that you need.
  • Smart margin: The AI-powered tool executes margin making with high accuracy.

These products place Pearl among the top health tech startups.

Fundings Pearl has recently raised $11 million over one Series A round.

10. Polares Medical – California – 2017

Description Polares medical is an ingenious medical field startup that focuses on taking care of heart health.

Its state of the art device is effective in treating the problem of mitral valve regurgitation.

Market positioning, Key Features, Key Customers Statistically, Cardiovascular diseases take around 17.9 million lives worldwide each year.

This demands startups like Polares Medical.

Mitral valve regurgitation occurs due to the backflow of blood.

It happens due to the failure of the heart’s mitral valve to close.

The treatment device from Polares Medical helps to treat this issue.

Fundings Polares Medical is one of those medical startups that has raised $25 million through one Venture round.

11. Rightway Healthcare – New York – 2017

Description Rightway Healthcare is one of those startups that offers almost all services in one place.

It has one of the best medical apps that take care of doctor’s appointments, medicine, claims, etc.

Market positioning, Key Features, Key Customers As per Grand View Research, the global market of the mHealth app is projected to hit the $236 billion mark by 2026.

These figures depict the rise of healthcare startups. And Rightway Healthcare is one of those startups in the medical sector.

It has two solutions:

  • PBM Solution: It takes care of everything related to the medication. It displays medicines and also offers you the best prices for the best medication.
  • Navigator Solution: This solution can be harnessed to get in touch with the best doctor related to your health issue.

Both Doctors and patients can harness these tools.

Fundings Rightway Healthcare is one of those startups that have raised $30 million so far in health tech.

12. FeelTect – Ireland – 2019

Description FeelTect is among those budding startups that have focussed on a specific issue in healthcare sector.

The startup developed a device meant for measuring bandage pressure during compression therapy.

Market positioning, Key Features, Key Customers Well, this startup in the medical field focuses on a niche market. It is highly potential.

Tight Alright accurately measures the pressure of the sub-bandage at any place on it.

While eliminating the shortcomings of the traditional pressure sensing systems. It is ideal for patients with Venous Leg Ulcers.

That makes Feeltect one of the prime startups of healthcare.

Fundings Feeltrect has raised around €50k in one grant round so far.

These funds have made Feeltrect one of the best startups for investment in the medical sector.

13. Cerenion – Finland – 2017

Description Mental health has the utmost importance. And Cerenion is aiming to make such a device that provides instant info about the brain functions.

This distinguishes it from the other startups in the healthcare sector.

Market positioning, Key Features, Key Customers The market of global mental health software will hit the $4.77 billion mark by 2026.

Startups like Cerenion form a part of the mental healthcare market.

The Cerenion C-trend patented technology tells about the status of the brain. The firm is aiming at developing a commercial product.

The commercial product will rank Cerenion among the top startups in health tech.

Fundings Cerenion has raised €2.5 million so far. This huge funding makes it one of the potential startups in healthcare.

14. Lyfegen – Switzerland – 2018

Description Startups like Lyfegen in the healthcare sector also form the base of it.

Lyfegen focuses on keeping track of all the data.

The data consists of the patient’s health information along with payment information.

Market positioning, Key Features, Key Customers Lyfegen is a medical field startup that offers two solutions:

  • Lyfevalue: It is a contracting platform meant for medical device companies, stakeholders, and healthcare payers.
  • Lyfeapp: It is used for gathering user health data. Treatments can be provided to the patients based on the data. This is similar to an EHR system.
Fundings The medical firm is one of those startups that has raised CHF2.2 million.

15. Kamana – New York – 2018

Description Last in this list of health tech firms and startups is Kamana.

It is a platform built for healthcare staffing agencies and professionals. Kamana can be harnessed for talent acquisition.

Market positioning, Key Features, Key Customers The market of healthcare staffing is expected to reach up to $48.6 billion by 2027.

This is a clear sign of the potential of such medical startups.

Kamana, on the other hand, is meant for travel nurses and allied medical professionals.

It helps travel nurses to keep their data updated on the platform.

Employers can use Kamana for talent acquisition. Other than these, there are various other features of Kamana.

Fundings Kamana is one of those healthcare startups that has not raised any funds so far.

Want your own startup, but do not know where to start?

Well, if you have an idea for health tech startups, you should not wait anymore. However, you should harness the idea to build a healthcare app.

We at Spdload are a team of experienced people striving to offer world-class services. No matter which type of startup in medical field you are planning to start. We will help you take care of:

Moreover, we also take care of your startup and stand out from other startups in healthcare sector. We make sure that your startup app is HIPAA compliant.

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