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Best HIPAA Compliant Apps: In-Depth Market Overview

Check out the best hipaa compliant messaging apps in our in-depth market overview and features comparison

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The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act or HIPAA came into action after 1996. This act provides guidelines and rules for protecting the Protected Health Information or PHI. Just like telemedicine app development, HIPAA app development also calls for a distinct plan and structure. 

HIPAA Chat or messaging apps provide a way to converse securely. Users are particularly interested in the accessibility that comes with these applications. A healthcare messenger app allows doctors, nurses, and patients to share PHI without risking a breach in privacy. 

In this article, we are going to talk about the different aspects of any healthcare app. We will start from the benefits to the core features of HIPAA compliant messaging app. Moving on, we will also discuss the best HIPAA compliant texting app for patients and doctors both. 

Solutions like a HIPAA texting app and other similar products have a wide market. But the successful HIPAA chat products are unique, effective, and they provide the desired results. 

 Keeping this in mind, if you are a startup wanting to build the best HIPAA compliant texting app, check our guide on HIPAA compliant app development

Do you also want to know the secret recipe for making an amazing Healthcare messaging app? Read on.

The statistic of the usage of HIPAA chat apps by medical professionals

What is HIPAA Compliant Texting?

 Let’s start with a normal understanding of an HIPAA compliant texting app. What does it do? 

It works like any other application with some functions exclusive to healthcare scenarios. However, the difference lies in the compliance. 

The entities dealing in healthcare information in any manner must take care of the rules. There are four parameters for complying with HIPAA. Any entity working under that parameter needs to be HIPAA compliant. Any entity that:

  • Creates
  • Maintains
  • Receives
  • Forwards or Transmits

A messaging app for HIPAA compliance must also have all the measures and tools built-in to fulfill the requirements. On one side, the encryption ensures that any third party does not have access to PHI. 

But on the other hand, it is vital to set in the best measures which protect the device. The data which is personal to the individual. For instance, the images, messaging, app data and stuff in a phone. 

That must also be protected, for which being HIPAA compliant is essential. No healthcare entity can have access to this data via a texting app

Here are a couple of use cases of these types of applications. Let say that a doctor is dealing with an old patient. The old guy cannot travel to the hospital frequently. So, if a doctor needs to keep a check on him or her, they can do it via the application.

Apart from this, an efficient HIPAA compliant app is also helpful for intra-hospital messaging or communication. For instance, when nurses need to administer some medicine to a patient. 

In these cases, if they need to make contact in an emergency, instead of wasting time on the phone or reaching out. They can simply send a message to the doctor.

The doctor will be notified and can respond promptly. This speeds up the things. Hence, a chat option is essential in any healthcare HIPAA application. 

Benefits of using HIPAA Compliant Messaging App

A HIPAA messaging app is a great solution for all healthcare institutions. Even the stakeholders who do business with these healthcare entities. If any of these stakeholders get access to PHI in any form, they also need to be HIPAA compliant. 

Here are a few benefits of the HIPAA Compliant Texting solution.

  • No Fine

Any healthcare institution that is not HIPAA compliant can invite a fine up to $1.5 million. Hence, it is vital to work with the best app. An app that is secure, authentic, and has encryption is important. 

  • Productivity Enhancement

Another benefit of a HIPAA chat is that it increases the productivity of the institution. Using just computers and fax machines, we cannot expect to speed up with work. 

Using emails and other applications to send information is unsafe. So, a HIPAA compliant messaging app can help send x-rays, reports, prescriptions, and other stuff. It will speed things up. There is added security. Nurses and other medical staff won’t have to visit the physicians frequently.  

  • Saves Money

Compare two case scenarios. On one hand, a hospital uses computers, printers, fax machines, and whatnot to help the staff connect with each other. On the other hand, they provide them with a HIPAA compliant messaging app

Such a healthcare messaging app will help with sharing information and converse with each other. And since the app follows HIPAA guidelines, the information is also secure. 

Benefits of using HIPAA Compliant Messaging Apps

What Features to Consider for HIPAA Chat?

On the basis of smart features any healthcare application can satisfy the user requirements. Hence, if you are developing a HIPAA compliant feature-rich solution, these additions are a must for your messaging app

Features For Patients

Chat and MessagingSend Messages to Doctors or NursesSometimes patients may want to get some advice or opinion from their doctor. When visiting the doctor is not feasible, they can send secure messages. Such a HIPAA Compliant messaging app is the core of getting a smooth service experience. 
Make AppointmentsBook appointments and follow-ups from the app.The patients should be able to book their appointments. Such a messaging app can show the vacant time slots. They can see a Doctor’s calendar and book their time slot appropriately for healthcare needs. 
Get RemindersReceive Notifications for better approachabilityPatients can receive notifications from the hospitals via chat application. They can get updates about their appointments. If there are delays, unavailability, or any other reason. This saves them the trouble to visit and get no service. Further, patients can also receive precautionary messages. 

Features for Doctors

Secure Data SharingSo that doctors and nurses can send vital information.Sending information through a secure chat boasted with proactive regulations. Any piece of information relating to patient health is subject to HIPAA guidelines. 
Store Patient DetailsPhysicians should not have to spend time looking for patient files. Any healthcare app which enables messaging should also store information. The doctors must be able to store and save patient data. They can get charts and reports on a single screen. 

This way, they can easily look at the critical health indicators and suggest the way forward. Having access to such details is important to develop the best HIPAA compliant texting app. It serves the dual purpose of maintaining communication and 

Send NotificationsThey can get notifications on their mobile about appointments.The doctors can get reminders about their next patient. The messaging app can also work as a scheduler for them. And since it is a HIPAA compliant solution, the information cannot flow over to other applications in the phone. 

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Best HIPAA Compliant Texting App

Listed below are the best HIPAA compliant text apps for patients and doctors.

Top 5 Healthcare Messaging App for Patients

  • Klara: Klara has a wide market base. At present, around 40 clinical institutions use Klara. On the patient’s part too, this application is widely popular. One of the great things about Klara is that it caters to many healthcare specialties.Due to this, it is one of the best HIPAA compliant applications. Not just a texting app, Klara also features video chats and remote monitoring.
Core Features
  • Works best on all devices
  • Scheduling and Tracking
  • Send and Receive Messages with HIPAA Compliant norms.
  • Ask inquiries and check reviews via the texting app
User ExperienceUsers feel that Klara is super easy to use. 

The tabs and features are easily navigable in this HIPAA Chat application. 

Moreover, the patients can also fill in forms and input other information prior to appointment.

More importantly, messaging from here is easy, we get all the receipts, and converse easily. 

CostAt present, the pricing information of this Healthcare app is not available. 

However, you can get a free demo after submitting a request on the website.

  • Backline: Backline is another top of the line healthcare messaging solution for patients and doctors. This app has great communication tools and features. Users can also create groups and see delivery status.
Core Features
  • Encrypted Messaging
  • Send Multimedia files though the app
  • Built-in Filters for advance Healthcare services search
User ExperienceAs per the user experience, Backline is similar to any other messaging app

But, it is totally secure and HIPAA Compliant

This makes the users feel safe and comfortable sharing their personal information with the doctors.

CostBackline offers a demo that you can fill Dr. First’s official website. 

The pricing structure of this HIPAA compliant messaging app is not available. 

However, you can get the price after consulting with the organization directly. 

  • Luma Health: Luma Health targets complete patient-doctor engagement with its messaging app. The app is simple yet packs a great buffet of features and solutions. Moreover, we have seen improvements in access and communication in healthcare provision with it.  
Core Features
  • Automated Patient Communication
  • Prompting and Actionable Reminders
  • Helps fulfill health goals 
User ExperienceOne particular aspect which users like is easy access the best HIPAA Compliant texting app allows. 

Patients love automated responses and doctors save time with this aspect. 

CostFor Pricing, you need to consult directly with the Luma Health team. 

The total price depends on usage. 

Apart from being the best app for HIPAA compliant texting, Luma Health has multifaceted features for your benefit. 

  • Health Engage: Health Engage is a unique and HIPAA compliant healthcare app. One of the unique aspects of this application is that it offers a live chat option. Patients can get information from chatbots. 
Core Features
  • A messaging app with a live chat feature
  • Embedded with modern tools and functions
  • Provides more intuitive patient experience
User ExperienceOn the patient’s part, Health Engage helps them connect with their caregivers without any interruptions. 

Another feature is the live HIPAA chat that further speeds up the whole process. 

CostThere are three plans that you can choose from for this HIPAA compliant Chat app. 

Essential, Professional, and Enterprise. 

At $26 per month, Essential provides access for 3 users minimum. The Professional Plan will cost $36 per month and offers 3 users only. 

But it adds to the functionalities and takes the whole practice to the next level.

Lastly, for bigger enterprises and healthcare organizations, this messaging app will cost $50/month. 

All the plans of this HIPAA compliant messaging app are billed annually. 

  • Well: There are four different ways in which patients can reach doctors via Well. They can send text messages, call them, send an email, or have a live chat. All these features make Well one of the best HIPAA compliant texting apps. 
Core Features
  • Reduced miscommunication frictions among Patients and Doctors.
  • Everything is HIPAA Compliant
  • The Live Chat option decreases the pressure on the staff.
  • Surveys for patients
User ExperienceWell is indeed one of the best HIPAA compliant solutions. Apart from acting as a texting app for patients and healthcare institutions. 

With several automated functions, both the patients and officials find it easy to work and communicate. 

The best part is the interface. It is designer, simple, and easy to navigate. 

Cost The prices for the Well HIPAA Compliant messaging app depends on the usage and the size of the organization. 

So, you may need to take a demo first and then review your usage. 

On this basis, the communication consultants can quote a price. 

Top Healthcare Messaging App for Medical Professionals

For medical professionals, the HIPAA Compliant messaging mobile applications are a bit different. Although they have all the functions of any other messaging app. The difference lies in how they can help the professionals manage their work. So, here are our top 5 recommendations for the doctors and other healthcare staff. 

  • TigerText Essentials: This is one of the most reliable and widely used apps by medical professionals. The fact that it is easy to use and packed with plenty of features is favorable. Added to this, it is fully HIPAA compliant and secure. 
Core Features
  • Helps communicate with the team efficiently
  • HITRUST Certified HIPAA app
  • Different types of chat options (Broadcast, 1 to 1, and Group)
User Experience Users love the app’s intuitiveness and smart features of this messaging app

It provides confirmation ticks, prompts when the other user is typing. 

Further, communicating via HIPAA compliant chat with fellow employees and staff is also great.

Cost TigerText caters to more than 6000 healthcare professionals and teams. 

The cost, however, is not available upfront. As a user, you will have to contact the team and get a demo. 

After explaining your requirements, you can use a trial version. The final cost depends on usage.

  • Zinc: Zinc has a great customer base. One of the best HIPAA compliant texting app, Zinc has some great features. It enables employee and staff communication with efficient healthcare messaging app features. Be it 1 to 1 messaging or a group chat, Zinc can handle it. Further, it is widely popular among a medical team of people from diverse backgrounds. And yes, Zinc is HIPAA compliant. 
Core Features 
  • Create Ad-Hoc Groups for deliberating over some specific topics.
  • You can search for previous information from chats. 
  • It allows users to have voice and video Chat
  • A hands-free feature that reads out the messages and has a one-click voice response. 
  • Fully Compliant with HIPAA Guidelines
User Experience The best part is that a user can easily provide and restrict access to the employees. 

This helps in better management. A user can also track the sent messages on this HIPAA Chat app. 

Cost Zinc is a product of Service Max. 

The pricing structure for this HIPAA compliant application is not available. For that, you need to make contact and have a discussion with the Zinc team. Only to know more about the messaging app

The pricing is set as per the need and usage of the HIPAA Compliant messaging app

Apart from being a messenger, Zinc also has several proactive features for hospital work management. 

So, the final price will depend on the inclusion of services and features.  

  • Qliq: Qlip allows doctors and nurses to communicate with each other efficiently. Since the interface is similar to other healthcare messaging apps, the learning curve is flat. Further, you can use it on any mobile device and desktop.
Core Features
  • Enhances Team Collaboration with smart features.
  • It is HIPAA Compliant. So you can share Media files with individuals and in groups securely.
  • Scheduling and patient coordination offer greater usage of this messaging app.
  • Qliq is built on the Bring your own device model.
User Experience We can chat security with HIPAA compliance and measures. 

Apart from the security aspect, Qliq has sort of recalibrated our team to perform better. 

With this HIPAA Compliant messaging app, everything seems under control. 

It is like working from a single window and handling all the tasks from the mobile phone.

Cost Since this is a healthcare messaging portal with many other functions the price depends. It is subject to various functions and features that you want to use in the app

To get a quote you need to fill a form on the website and discuss things with the team. 

  • Notifyd: With Notifyd, there are no miscommunication and no lags. You can call it the best HIPAA compliant application. Along with being a texting app due to its numerous features. First of all, Notifyd is secure. Moreover, you can also integrate it with other third-party applications.
Core Features: 
  • It can connect with other smart health-based applications. 
  • Helps the nurses in healthcare institutions to manage day’s work from their mobile. They can do messaging and communicate through the app.
  • Takes care of scheduling and organizing the daily work of doctors and physicians. 
User Experience What is particularly important is that the Notifyd app perfectly fits with our existing EHR system. 

Not only the hospital staff, the stakeholders, and non-medical partners can also use Notifyd securely with HIPAA. This ensures a perfect flow of information across all the channels via chat

Cost An yearly subscription of Notifyd will cost you $315. 

For a monthly subscription of this Healthcare messaging app, the total cost will come out to be $350 per annum. 

Both of these plans are applicable to a single branch. 

Lastly, if you want an Enterprise Solution of a HIPAA compliant app for messaging, you need to contact the Notifyd team.

  • Spok: Spok does one thing that is commendable. It allows you to integrate all the information present on other platforms onto the texting app. It can be the directory info, EHR records, schedules, among others.So, as a user, you can get everything on your mobile. This is with the added functionalities of the app built in the best HIPAA compliant solution.
Core Features 
  • A unified interface window lists all the daily activities.
  • Connects with all the devices at once, sorting them all on one device. 
  • One of the best HIPAA compliant texting app interfaces ensuring security.
User experience Spok HIPAA Compliant healthcare app allows hospital management to increase their efficiency. 

Works with best HIPAA norms and is fully compliant with other guidelines. With an enhancement in patient management, the results are better. Further, it is one of the easiest texting app platforms to set up and implement. 

Security is fortified with the best HIPAA compliant rules and guidelines. It is really assuring that no third party can gain access to the app endangering privacy. 

Cost The total cost of using the Spok HIPAA Chat and texting app depends on your requirements. 

To know about this messaging app price, you may need to consult with the sales team at Spok. You can also request a demo from them to get a better idea of how the healthcare chat app works in real-time

Want to build your own HIPAA Compliance App?

Even though all these applications that you can see above are great for HIPAA Chat. But, as every hospital has a different set of requirements, building your own app is preferable. Also, for a startup, it is beneficial to get a custom-made healthcare messaging platform. 

The Spdload development team can build the right product with the exact requirements. We have a ton of experience in developing tailor-made HIPAA compliant messaging app. From a simple messaging app to complex and sophisticated software development, we can help you with it.

Contact us today to get the best HIPAA compliant texting app

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