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10 EdTech Ideas To Start Own Startup [2023 Edition]

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In the US alone, the education industry has a worth of $1350 Billion. World over, the education industry generates $5.6 trillion in revenue.

The major driver of growth in the US today is online education.

Innovators, entrepreneurs, and businesses are looking for ways to implement creative edtech ideas. The process is the same as it is with any other startup, find a pain point, and give its solution.

The online education industry in the US will reach $350 billion by the year 2025.

The intelligence-driven education industry is solving a wide range of student issues.

Be it easy access to study material, online classes, adaptive learning, or gamification. These features help build up a student’s interest.

Similar education business ideas will further improve the online education industry.

It will move towards better stages of development.

But it does take innovative ideas in the edtech field to disrupt the market and present new arenas of growth.

We are going to discuss some amazing education business opportunities and ideas. These ideas have the potential to can change the face of online training as these 20 edtech startups already did.

10 Disruptive Future EdTech Ideas

These education startup ideas are going to change the face of online education. They have diverse ideas and benefit both the students and teachers.

They make learning fun, interactive, and enhance memory retention.

1. Platform for Special Kids

We have seen kinematics in games that work on motion sensor technology. But, using it to educate the kids is something new and fresh.

With movement-based learning, the kids who need special education can get extra benefits.

Bundling Kinesthetics with adaptive learning will be great for kids. Especially for those with conditions like dyslexia, autism, and ADHD.

This is one of the most important and lucrative education startup ideas. It will generate revenue and solve a great problem.

Is it Reasonable?

World over, every 1 in 160 children is a patient of Autism. By capitalizing on these ideas, you can bring the benefits of edtech to special kids. This also helps them be self-reliant.

This is one of the most needed education startup ideas. Parents and teachers are always struggling with imparting quality education to their kids.

Their needs are different and every kid is special. So it is about time that someone thinks from their perspective.


Kinems and Soli

One of ideas to start education business online is to build platform for special kids

2. Studying with Augmented Reality

Another one of the great education business concepts consists of using AR technology. As per research 90% of what we do and see retains.

Taking similar ideas, you can build an education startup that uses AR to help people learn.

Lessons that are prepared with AR are more immersive and talk about the concept in detail.

With such an education business, the teachers can light up the classroom and teach better ideas in the students minds.

They will find learning interactive and also get a thrilling experience.

Is it Reasonable?

Ideas such as Augmented Reality inside a classroom is an innovative edtech concept. It will provide exponential benefits.

AR provides an in-depth learning experience. It helps improve study practices while the students become better learners.


ImmersiveVReducation and Gamar

Developing AR learning apps and platform is a good idea for a startup

3. Course Selection with AI

Another one of good education business ideas is providing student and career counseling.

With a multitude of options available for the students may need some advice to choose a career.

Using AI to develop an edtech solution that will help them choose a major is a much-needed startup ideas.

Such a solution will use the user responses to a set of questions and provide them with relevant results.

Artificial Intelligence has dual benefits. It streamlines the process to reach conclusions and learn the user-behavior.

The existing education business ideas using this technology can also recalibrate the results. The concept of recalibrations helps better conform to the user’s requirements.

Is it Reasonable?

Artificial Intelligence will soon become the part and parcel of every education startup in the future.

The kind of ideas that you can implement with AI technology can disrupt the education sector.

The key is to innovate and find existing problems in the industry and develop solutions.


Delphia and Cognii

AI augmented platforms also a popular option for edtech ideas

4. Teacher Lessons Marketplace

Some platforms that allow teachers to make their own courses and share them with peers.

But one of the things that you can do with this sort of education startup ideas is to build a marketplace for them.

Such business ideas will be like an Amazon for education. But only for the teachers and professors.

You can also help them build their own brand and portfolio of courses and tests. This will benefit the peer community of the teachers and students to prepare better.

You can also allow institutes, schools, and even colleges to prepare such courses.

They can either share these courses with their own students or even sell them to outsiders.

Is it Reasonable?

Teachers want to share their expertise outside of the institutional sphere. The only thing need is good resources and suitable platforms.

Teaching is different across the countries. Teachers have to face issues in course dissemination due to different methods.

Such startup ideas will bring about smoothness in the education sector.

Edtech ideas similar to this can help them connect with their peers and fellow educationists to share content and grow.


Core Learning Exchange and Teachable

Marketplace for lessons like Coursera a quite popular option for education startup ideas

5. Visualizing the Concepts

Learning by watching videos is better than reading long pages and bulky books. You can develop your education business in this domain. But using visualizing the concepts and ideas of the subject matter.

Apart from this, it will be a good option to help students diagnose their issues with the subject.

Help them understand where they lack and in which areas they need to do some more work.

Visualizations are better than other smart learning techniques. This is because they stimulate the key learning areas of the brain.

This increases memory retention power and flattens the learning curve.

Your edtech platform must allow the students to visualize ideas. It will help increase their engagement.

Apart from this, visualizations can prove to be an asset for students of all ages.

Is it Reasonable?

Visualizations become better with Artificial Intelligence. And Big Data to understand the student’s responses.

Creating a mix of such startup ideas can drive growth in the education industry.

This is possible by increasing a student’s learning capability and understanding.


Zeemaps and SpiderScribe

Visualizing the concepts also is a perspective idea in area of elearning

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6. Choosing a Good School or University

Students spend a lot of money to ensure that they get admission to the right university.

And some even apply for scholarships, loans, or financial aid like FAFSA

A university that will help them become better versions of themselves. One of the ideas that can transform into a lucrative education business is helping students make that choice.

These kinds of education startup ideas need big data implementation and machine learning.

They absorb the student’s history, academic record, ideas, and other interests. A smart algorithm, the portal will provide them with recommendations about different universities.

You can also embed technologies like machine learning and adaptive learning. This will help the students get personal recommendations.

It is also profitable to provide different resources to the students. This will help them with documentation and writing essays.

Is it Reasonable?

This is one of the greatest edtech ideas that you can adapt and turn it into a lucrative startup.

The Guardian reports that every 1 in 3 graduates ends up having mismatched jobs. Hence, developing a credible education startup with similar ideas can be profitable.

A common way to start own product is to start product to choose better school or university. It is one of good education business ideas.

7. Live Classroom with Robotic Camera

This is a new and advanced education startup ideas that are in working only by Harvard, Oxford, and an Asian School chain. For instance, the ELO Room and HBX by Harvard.

A teacher or an instructor stands in a studio room that has a robotic camera with motion sensing.

The teachers are in front of a big screen. It broadcasts students from different locations who can learn and attend classes.

Although live class ideas are already prevalent and established education business.

But, this is something new as it is a more immersive, dynamic, and real classroom experience.

Is it Reasonable?

Due to the pandemic schools and offices are not working. In this situation, trainers and schools can use this technology. ELO rooms is a new experience for the students as well as the teachers.

This will bring in more students and enhance their learning experience. These sorts of edtech ideas will increase student-teacher association and involve better understanding.


ELO Room and Harvard HBX

IoT is one of the strongest trends to generate ideas and products in EdTech indusctry. Robotic Cameras is one of that kind of idea.

8. Online Education Fairs and Summits

Another one of the great ideas in the edtech world is holding education fairs and summits online.

Both the students and colleges or universities can interact from a single platform.

Such education business ideas allow students from distant locations to get more opportunities. Further, the institutes can also hold interactions with diverse groups of students.

There are very few similar education startup ideas in practice at present.

Added to this, due to the present situations, students need similar resources and avenues to prepare better.

You can build your education business ideas on these lines and progress towards a better market share.

Is it Reasonable?

The implementation of such education startups needs research exploring the ideas before establishment.

You may need to consult with the institutions that run education fairs. Or you can also develop it as a SaaS platform and allow them to use it.


vFair and Hexafair

An idea for platform for online learning meetings and summits is a common for EdTech.

9. Subject-Specific Community Education Platforms

Edtech ideas that provide resources and training for a single subject matter is another good option.

These platforms enlist teachers and students from a similar field. Further, they enhance the learning experiences with the state of the art technology.

Education startups with ideas AI, Machine Learning, and AR/VR may see great success. These technologies enhance the way students learn and interact.

These are standalone edtech platforms. You can innovate on the existing ideas and develop them further.

Is it Reasonable?

These kinds of business ideas flourish if a large community of users needs education.

So, choosing the right subject is of great importance here. There are platforms that resort to only teaching programming or AI or music to the students.

Different communities and comunication between them are fundamental part of learning process.

10. Gamified Courses and Classes

Gamification has become one of the most helpful edtech platform ideas today.

Gamification immerses the students into the subject matter. It allows them to learn interactively.

Even the most complex subjects like maths are easier to understand with gamification.

Gamifying activities like reading or reciting can increase the student’s association with the subject matter.

It is a useful concept and has proven results. They portray the efficiency of gamifying the course and help students learn better.

Is it Reasonable?

Gamified platforms are already very popular. The goals-based approach triggers a positive response in students when they win.

This leads to better and more inclusive learning. As one of the innovative startup ideas, imparting education with gamification can turn out to be a profitable business.


Ck-12 and Brainscape

Gamification as a service is a good option to start own business in area of Education.How about Your Own EdTech Product?

Do you have one of your own education business ideas and want to know how to build e-learning website?

We have years of development experience and understand the intricacies of market competition.

We have an expert team of developers, designers, and business analysts. They will transform your ideas into an amazing product.

We capitalize on the latest developments. Also, we help our clients get access to investors and have the right product.

Taking your startup ideas, we follow an iterative process to ensure its compatibility with the education sector.

If you have a disruptive concept waiting to be developed into a product, contact us today and let’s start working together.

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