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How Much Does It Cost to Redesign a Website in 2024?

Max Babych

Max Babych


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If your startup or business website isn’t getting enough traffic or is being outperformed by competitors, you likely have some issues that need solving – whether it’s technical SEO problems, a dated design, or poor copywriting.

You may face one or all of these challenges at the same time. Tackling multiple website problems calls for a comprehensive redesign.

Since solving several issues involves more work, costs can quickly spiral. This guide will help you budget wisely.

We’ll break down the various costs associated with completely redesigning a website in 2024.

If you prefer visuals to text, check out the bonus infographic first.

What is a Website Redesign?

You will get a ton of reasons to revamp or build a SMB website.

But one of the most substantial reasons is Customers are Expecting it. We can delve into the details and take a diversion towards the numbers game.

But, this simple reason is strong enough to nip the antagonist type of debate.

And the website redesign price also matters to a great extent towards the success of the website project.

Redoing your own website means that you are either modifying the existing functions or recreating some aspects from scratch, such as a new homepage, integrating social media feeds, or even change of branding and domain name.

It depends on what your marketers think about it and what the first impression of your new visitors is.

The latter is the case when the answer to how much does it cost to redesign a website is more than building a new one.

On this image you can see website redesign explanation factors.

Types of Website Redesigns and Their Costs

Within the purview of the website revamp cost, we cannot limit the entire process to a single procedure.

The design process is a complex task. Still, it takes twice less amount of time as the development phase of a new website. And website redesign projects can change according to essential requirements.

So, depending on this aspect, there are four types of website design, and the average cost for them also differs.

Type 1. Redecoration

Description What is the Average Cost of Website Redesign?
The name says it all.

Redecorating a site involves doing minor to major touchups to the web design and the layout.

From changing the colors to the logo, adding images, sliders, carousels, videos, etc.

If you have not earlier, do consider including the concepts of color psychology.

Since it is a simple redecoration, the cost won’t be high. Customization of a basic website would cost more than this.

However, the website redesign cost may depend on the person you choose for the work. An expensive web developer will cost more even for a simple website.

However, from the digital marketing point of view, this type of rework could be less effective.

On this image you can see the first type of website redesign, which will have a minimal impact on the cost is redecoration

Type 2. Rewire

Description What is the Average Cost of Website Redesign?
Moving on with how much does it cost for you to redesign a website.

Rewiring it includes updating backend services.

It ensures that your site’s performance is always off the charts by using the latest technologies.

A simple example can be switching the systems to the cloud for better accessibility and security. Or even changing to a more feature-rich content management system.

How much does it cost to redesign a website, specifically for rewiring?

The cost here will be higher than the redecoration part.

This is because you might have to spend on subscriptions, migration plans, plugins, update of UX design, and other tech stuff.

On this picture you can see rewire is the second type of website redesign, which will make up the average cost of development

Type 3. Remodel

Description What is the Average Cost of Website Redesign?
Remodeling is the fusion of rewiring and redecoration.

Here, you should aim to enhance the functioning, decoration and update the entire back-end system.

This kind of exercise will take more amount of time and more resources.

But at the end of it, you can expect to fulfill the unmet goals and objectives even though it is not completed in less time.

Be it getting traffic, improving the CTR, or anything else.

Remodeling involves both creativity and technical expertise.

So, you might want to contact a web designer, backend developer, and a tech expert. These people will not only help you solve your problems but will also have answers to some common questions you have.

The average cost of website redesign is high here, no doubt.

But, the more you spend, the returns will be equally better.

With such exercise, it also depends on the level of efficiency of the web development team.

Low-quality works will only increase the website revamping cost and still foster no results.

This illustration shows the third type of website redesign which will significantly increase your costs

Type 4. Rebuild

Description What is the Average Cost of Website Redesign?
Everything except for some part (not mandatory) happens from scratch.

This is like you marry a different person, but still want some qualities of your old partner in the new one.

This kind of exercise is requisite when you are undergoing a rebranding exercise.

The cost to redesign the website is as high as you would spend to build a new site.

So, the question here changes to how much does it cost to revamp a website from scratch?

These are the four types of website redesigning exercises you must understand.

But this is not enough.

To truly redesign your website and identify the real cost, you should also answer another question. What are the reasons to redesign?

Here they are!

This illustration shows the fourth type of site redesign, which will affect a comprehensive change in the structure of your site

4 Reasons to Redesign Your Website

There can be ‘n’ number of reasons for knowing how much does it cost to redesign a website.

It can be due to slow performance or distracted user engagement. It can be because of your growth from a small business to a larger one.

To better understand the redesigning requirements, we also need to have the data.

So, here are a few use cases that will help you understand which website redesign model is needed and the cost. Let’s take a look at the metrics considered.

1. High Bounce Rate

Requirement or Reason Strategy
Multiple Reasons can lead to this issue.

  • Low Page Loading Speed
  • Cluttered Design
  • Sharp and Tacky Design
  • No Information

40% of the users will leave your website if it loads slower than 3 seconds.

1…2…3…4, if the page does not load, you have lost a potential customer. This is extremely bad for eCommerce websites. Also, if it is your business website, you would probably want customers to stick to it for better conversions.

The need is to strike a balance between optimal performance, attractive designs, and the latest technologies.

A mix of Redecoration and Rewiring will fix the slow page load speed and the designing aspects.

The information part is separate from the design.

So, its cost should be added to the final website redesigning cost.

2. Poor Communication or Low Conversion Rate

Requirement or Reason Strategy
The lack of proper communication is not only about the content.

Websites communicate with the images, the layout, the colors, and everything else that has a visible appeal.

Ergo, entertain users with effective brand communication methods and strategies.

Take help from the data.

Understand customer behavior.

Tools like Google Analytics maps the entire user journey and shows where the user bounced off.

Identify these pages and check what is lacking here.

All of these aspects will help you decide the requisite course of action and know the website redesign cost.

Improve the content and redo the design.

That should cover the bounce rate and lower conversions.

While you are at it, make sure to follow:

  • Hick’s Law
  • Use Negative Space optimally
  • Use the F-Layout
  • Understand the 8-Second Rule
  • K.I.S.S

While implementing these rules, the average cost of website redesign will stay in check and increase impressions.

3. Slow Site Speed

Requirement or Reason Strategy
Sometimes, even after using the layouts and leveraging the best designing principles does not beget results.

The issue may be in the backend support structure.

  • Database
  • Servers
  • CMS
  • Hosting Service

All these aspects work behind the curtain and keep the site running.

But, using obsolete technologies and updating them regularly can become a bone of contention.

Go for Rewiring, period.

By changing the servers and working on the backend systems, your website will get a booster.

Furthermore, changing the CMS enhances integration levels. Using a CMS will give your website more versatility than a simple HTML CSS website.

All of these systems are paid, but they are also affordable.

There is heavy competition in the industry.

Hence, you can get different quotes personalized to your requirements and then choose the best fit.

4. No Results or Conversions

Requirement or Reason Strategy
The fact that your existing online storefront is nothing more than a liability calls for some heavy action.

If you are not getting:

  • Conversions
  • Leads
  • Performance
  • SEO
  • Ranking
  • Engagement

And so on….

It is time to look at it from an entirely new perspective.

You need to change everything and rebuild everything else.

This measure is complex and requires a long time frame and expertise.

How much does it cost to redesign a website?

Especially the one where you have to do everything from scratch.

The honest answer is that your budget will move drastically.

Because you are not talking about changing the content or design.

We are doing everything from square one.

In the end, you are looking at increasing:

  • Usability
  • Flexibility
  • Communication
  • Brand Valuation
  • Performance
  • Speed
  • SEO (search engine optimization)

There can be an ample number of reasons to look for the website redesign and its cost.

But in every aspect, the execution type and strategy differ.

That is why we suggest you check your goals first, then look at the performance, and then go for the redesigning aspect.

So, work like this!

On this image you can see key points that describe the reasons for redesig the site


While implementing this strategy, you will not lose focus. More importantly, you can identify how much does it costs to redesign the website.

When Should You Redesign Your Website?

Well, just as the average cost of a website redesign depends on several factors, similar is the situation here.

Just as you see a continuous drop in the website performance or a recurrent issue with the performance, start finding the reason.

And another case. If you have a website but have no traffic and conversions, you also should think about a redesign, as well as about marketing.

How Much Does a Website Redesign Cost?

Depending on the exact scope of work, the timeline to design or build a new site from scratch, the pricing of website redesign is between $5000 to $20,000.

On the lower end, the redesigning work will comprise redecorating and making some changes to the structure.  As you enhance the work scope, the website design costs will increase pro-rata.

Add complex exercises like remodeling or rebuilding, and the cost will also increase.

Factors That Influence the Average Cost of a Website Redesign

1. Website Size

Why Does it Matter Cost Implications
To identify the precise cost of the website redesign, you need to first look at its size.

  • How many pages are there?
  • What is the size of each page?
  • How many page loads does a website observe?

Things like this help identify the website size.

More the pages mean you need to either modify or tweak some things on each page.

A simple exercise like changing the pictures and content on each page can be time-consuming and invite a cost. And, building a custom website based on your idea will involve even more costs on project management and team maintenance.

Today, the cost of website designing and development, and redesigning has seen growth.

This is because the websites have become complex.

Before the Penguin update or the 2015 mobile-friendliness updates, the designers and developers did not work for the mobile websites.

But today, if you have a desktop website, a mobile website is even more important. A simple desktop WordPress website won’t work alone.

You might come across offers with unlimited bandwidth.

Care to know what it means, and how does it affect the hosting price?

A website’s bandwidth differs from the number of pages and content on each page.

For instance, if your website has 50 pages and each page takes 2 MB of space, you need 100 MB disk space.

Assuming there are 2000 page loads per month, you are looking at a 2GB bandwidth requirement per month.

Do you still need unlimited bandwidth?

Similarly, we consider this bandwidth usage to identify the website space and, consequently, the scope of work.

On this image you can see the size of the website, is one of the factors that affects the cost of website redesign

2. Complexity of the Website

Why Does it Matter Cost Implications
Even though the size of a website is a part of the complexity, it needs a separate discussion.

As for the complexity is concerned, several factors contribute to the website’s complexity.

And the cumulative effect of these factors brings a difference in the average cost of website redesign.

  • Functionality
  • Integrations
  • Content
  • Responsive Design
  • Marketing
  • Database
  • CMS

These five factors decide the complexity levels of the website.

Functionality relates to the user experience.

The placement of the elements and icons is essential to redesign a website and identify the cost.

Then we have integrations.

Your website is connected to several third party applications.

Are they working to improve your website or making it redundant?

At SpdLoad, we note that you have to work with a minimum number of companies in terms of integrations.

Because more the integration vendors, you will get higher levels of complexity, and more will be the cost to reintegrate.

Moving on, a great copywriter’s services do not come cheap.

If your pages are not getting any tractions, one of the reasons is the substandard copy.

When it comes to databases, the website’s size and daily traffic generation will help decide the ultimate requirement.

More traffic means more bandwidth, which leads to a better hosting plan and a high-quality database.

The cost here differs because of the implementation of the elements.

For functionality;

  • You need platform-specific elements to enhance the user experience.

For integrations:

  • Applications hindering the website’s performance must be replaced. New integrations can increase the cost of website redesign.

For Content;

  • Hiring a good and experienced copywriter will help you get more leads. But the website redesign cost will also increase.

For Database;

  • Database is something that you cannot and should not compromise with.

If your user is not getting the required result from the database quickly, they will bounce off.

For CMS;

  • WordPress is the most popular and incredible CMS. It does not cost too much to operate WordPress.

So, depending on the answers to these, you can get how much does it really cost to redesign your website.

On this image you can see the main components that affect the complexity of a website redesign

3. Complexity of the Design

Why Does it Matter Cost Implications
Do you like animations or background videos to run on your website?

Do you want to add complex vector images or source original images from websites like Adobe Stock?

The website redesign cost and its redesign itinerary depend on:

  1. The Team Behind It
  2. The Process You Follow
  3. Scope of Integrations and Functions
  4. Content Requirements

We will talk about the team in detail ahead. 

Let’s focus on the other aspects;

What is the process of redesigning influences on the overall cost? 

This is not as simple as having a round table conference in a cafe, and you are good to go. 

Identifying an effective process requires time and planning. 

You have to consider:

  • Goals
  • Customer personas
  • UI/UX elements or website looks
  • Testing
  • Feedback

Every step is connected and influences the subsequent step’s results. 

Furthermore, depending on the website, the integrations required also matter. 

For an e-commerce website, you have to include the payment systems, robust registrations, and product selection methods, etc. 

If not this, then you might redesign a customer portal for your hospital. 

In this case, the website redesign must include the admin panel, records, intuitiveness levels of the design, and so on. 

Yes, there are a lot of things that will make an impact here. 

Over the years, the web page characterization has changed, and its impact on the price is equally important. 

The design of the website influences the page render and page load speed. 

Higher load speed equals more bounce rare and fewer impressions. 

To correct this anomaly, you need to have robust corrective measures. 

Consequently, these measures will increase the average cost of a website redesign: from wireframes to UI.

These were some general factors of website receding cost identification.

But, these do not suffice to figure out the final cost for the website redesign.

So, how much does it cost to redesign a website, the detailed version?

On this image you can see the main components which are responsible for the complexity of the design in the process of website redesign


Advanced Factors That Influence Website Redesign Pricing

For an integrated website redesign plan and cost, three things are vital.

  1. Marketing
  2. Technical SEO
  3. UX Copywriting

A website’s design creates a perspective in the customer’s mind.

And that perception can either be good or bad.

It depends on the website design.

Bad website design leads to a bad impression, which is not at all good for the business.

75% of the customers concur that they judge a website with its design.

So, if you are losing customers, it is probably time to rethink the design.

One of the most important things about marketing and website designing is that you should never leave your customers thinking.

For instance, confusing CTA can be deterring.

Never assume that your visitors know what the next step is. Make sure to enter specific, precise, and direct details.

This aspect is connected to the copywriting part; we will discuss this later.

Meanwhile, let’s consider a few concepts in detail.

1. On-Market Positioning

What does it Mean for Website Redesign? Impact on the Average cost of Website Redesign
One word – Differentiation.

More importantly, do not wait for the website launch and then do the marketing.

Instead, implement the marketing strategies while you are designing or redesigning the website.

Added to this, consider the demographics, the target audience, and the market niche while redesigning.

All these things have a deep impact on marketing, per se.

And when you combine these elements with the design, the results will be better.

For instance, if your target audience consists of more than 60 years of age, building too flashy and image-rich websites may not work.

Consider the behavioral aspects of the design.

How much does it cost to redesign a website with this approach?

The website revamp cost here can only be called justified.

Because when you consider the marketing aspects, redesigning the website is rather fun and compelling.

2. Technical SEO

What does it Mean for Website Redesign? Impact on the Average cost of Website Redesign
To a layman, SEO is connected to the content.

It is true, but only partially.

And how much does a good SEO strategy influences the website redesign is also quite surprising.

Pro Tip: Don’t look at the short-term design goals here. SEO is the long-term game, so act accordingly.

You might get carried away with the latest design template, but what about the Meta Tags, HTML tags, Keyword placement, density, links, and so on.

Not having them included in your website redesign plan can be troublesome.

Within the technical SEO, you should also look at:

  • The website’s navigation
  • 404 pages
  • Image size and alt text
  • Value generation
Implementing all the technical SEO strategies can cost in the beginning.

But, these are your long-term investments.

Combined with good website design, SEO implementation compensates for the high cost with better ranking.

In other words, SEO and website design foster better rankings.

And good design and SEO sustain better customer relationships.

3. UX Copywriting

What does it Mean for Website Redesign? Impact on the Average cost of Website Redesign
There are five main things to consider with UX copywriting.

  1. Information and Authority
  2. Audience Engagement
  3. Readability of the content
  4. SEO Practices
  5. Marketing Level

If you did not follow it earlier, make sure that your copywriter and the designer are in contact with each other this time.

This is because to obtain a good design; your copy must match the layout and the presentation.

Yes, good copywriting does not come cheap.

You might need to spend some amount of money on hiring a good and experienced copywriter.

It is not just a few words knitted together.

Copywriting is about sending a message, communicating, and engaging with your audience on a whole new level.


On this image you can see the additional costs that should not be missed in the redesign of the website

Avoid These Mistakes to Get Great Copy for Your Site

  1. Don’t focus on what you did. Or how you did it, and how you reached here. The customers are more interested in what you have to offer. They need to know if you can solve their problem. Don’t get stuck with the inward writing conundrum. Come out of it.
  2. Don’t be subtle. This means that website content is not the place to leave breadcrumbs. Be direct, responsive, and share what you want to share upfront.
  3. Less words and more meaning. Keep your copy short and concise. Leave the grant writing for some other purpose.
  4. Be Direct with Call To Action.

After this, you must be thinking, how much does it cost to redesign a website? Well, the answer is simple.

The cost will depend on how much you need redesigning.

So, use this guide to identify what needs to be done, and then you will have your cost.

Ok, you have the strategy, and you know how to calculate the cost.

But who should you choose to work on it?

How much does it cost to redesign a website that also matters on who is working on it?

On this image you can see the three tips worth paying attention to when redesigning a website


Choosing a Web Design Agency

You have three options here to hire a proper development team:

  • Hire a Local US Agency
  • Outsource the work to another Agency Overseas
  • Hire Freelancers

All three options have their pros and cons.

Who will Work on it? What is the Cost and Work Quality
Local US Agency Work Quality = Incredible

Cost = It will probably cost you an arm and a leg.

Hiring a local agency in the US is convenient, easy to communicate with, and reliable.

You will get the exact representation of your work as you want and much more.

Plus, there won’t be any time lag in terms of communication and delivery.

The average website designer cost is between $27 to $54.

So, depending on the total work scope, the number of hours required, and the subscriptions, the final website redesign costing is figured out.

Outsource to an Agency Quality = At par with the American Counterparts

Cost = Half of the American counterparts

Yes, you read it right.

Outsourcing development to an agency in Ukraine will get you the same precedents and that too at a lower cost.

Freelancer Quality = No Guarantee

Cost = Lowest possible

You will get lower prices, no doubt. But finding a good freelancer is a task in itself.

Plus, you cannot expect one freelancer to work on everything, can you?

For instance, you need a guy to work on the:

  • Designing
  • Copywriting
  • SEO
  • Technical Expert
  • Marketing

So, these are at least five guys.

You can get all of these and much more with an agency, can’t you?

This way, you won’t have to manage five people, but only one.

That is how you can figure out how much does it cost to revamp a website.

Plain and Simple.

The website redesign price depends on the executors: a local agency, outsource company of freelancers


Looking for a Reliable Web Design Partner?

Redesigning a website requires expertise in business development, UX/UI design, and marketing.

The cost depends on many factors, but choosing the right web development team is critical.

Get in touch today to discuss your goals and budget – our web design agency can deliver a solution that achieves your business goals.

Bonus Infographic

Here you’ll find a summary of our in-depth guide. Learn the highlights of how much a website redesign will cost in 2024.

This infographic provides a step-by-step process for website redesign, with detailed explanations of each step

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