What is UI/UX design

In the age of modern technologies, the concept of a design has changed a lot. Now, the notion includes not only graphic design but also new forms of digital product design. Their task is to make user-friendly interfaces. It is the UX and UI design that is meant to create practical, intuitive and user-friendly interfaces.

What is UX design

UX (User eхperience) design is an integrated approach to the interaction of the Internet user with the interface of a website, mobile application or program. It is created to develop a beneficial and easy-to-perceive program for the users.

UX involves various components: an architecture of the content, interaction as well as graphic design, and content. It is necessary to study client’s behavior, develop prototypes of behavior and conduct testing. All the work is done by the UX-designer.

UX also involves many aspects and covers the whole path performed by users, including:

  1. The complete process when users seek company’s products.
  2. The sequence of actions that users execute while interplaying with the interface.
  3. Thoughts and feelings that appear in the performance of the task.
  4. Impressions received by them from an interaction.
  5. UX should be: useful, convenient, usable, desirable, valuable, findable, accessible, credible.
  6. UX designers make sure that the goods or services supplied by the company meet customer’s needs and allow them to reach the needed result without complications. To do this, designers can turn to an investigation to obtain as much info as possible regarding the context of user interplay with the product, then to use this data to model the wireframes and prototypes that allow the client to get from point A to point B.

UX is a changing idea since its criteria are steadily evolving along with systems, technologies, etc. The first step of a UX development is to define the target user and its typical features. Taking into account these data, special needs for the project can be derived. Then an info architecture, as well as hierarchy of content, can be designed, that help a lot while prototyping. After that, an optimal way of prototyping can be chosen. It should be cost-effective, however productive to make possible to collect response from the clients in a quick and simple way. Prototypes in this field are:

  • horizontal – a lot of functions are realized, still with a small range of capabilities;
  • vertical – have a wide functionality with a small set of functions;
  • T-prototypes – have most of the design done without details, but some functions are carried out more thoroughly;
  • local prototypes are used when it’s necessary to come up with an alternative to the design of a specific interaction model.

What is UI design

UI (User interface) design is a narrow concept that includes a set of graphically designed tools. For instance, buttons, menus, sliders. UI design is designed to help the client to interact with the site or program.

UI designer is in charge of what a site or mobile application looks like. He should make sure that the interface elements are competently organized, structured and interrelated, grouped, executed exactly and in the similar style.

According to the classification, the existing interfaces can be divided into the following types: command interface; graphical interface; SILK interface.

  1. Command interface. It was mostly developed during the heyday of large multi-user systems with alphanumeric displays. It is characterized by the fact that the user interacts with the computer through a command line into which commands of a particular format are entered and then transferred to execution.
  2. A graphical user interface is an obligatory component of most modern software products. The major advantages of the graphical interface are the visibility and intuitive understandability for the client, and the common interface of programs written specifically for functioning in a graphical environment. The client, having learned the process of work with one program, can easily start working with all the others. Most often, the graphical interface is implemented in the interactive mode of the user’s work and is built in the form of a system of drop-down menus using a mouse and a keyboard as tools of manipulating.
  1. SILK-interface (Speech, Image, Language, Knowledge). Currently, the SILK interface only exists as a voice interface. This is a very promising direction since entering information via the voice is the fastest and most convenient way. But its practical implementation has not yet become dominant; the quality of oral speech recognition is far from ideal.

The design of the UI is creating an interface that provides simple, pleasant and not burdensome way of interaction of the client with the program. During the development of the interface, it is very important to monitor the behavior of the client, which allows making decisions based on the collected data. UI developers use tools such as Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Fireworks, Sketch, ZBrush, and also digital art boards. However, to create good-looking UI designs, it is necessary to understand what UX is.

What is the difference between UI and UX design

Let’s take a look at Google search page as an example of the UX and UI design. UI deals with what we see and Google made it quite simple. It contains its name, searching box, and several buttons. UX is the amount of information that the user can get within a few seconds after entering a search query.

To sum up, UI is in charge of how the user perceives and interplays with the screen. The UI developer deals with the task of making an interface that provides a simple, understandable and convenient user interaction with the product (program, site, etc.).

But in order to clearly understand how to create a high-quality user interface for a particular product, the actions, feelings about the product, and response of users when interacting with this product need to be studied to conduct testing and to get data.

 UX deals with what the user feels and remembers as an outcome of interacting with the program, app or a site.

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