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Paystube Creator is an online service for generating pay stubs.

The platform is designed for employers, employees, freelancers, and entrepreneurs to help them manage financial records and verify income.
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What Customer’s Pain Does the Platform Solve?

Paystub Creator offers a convenient and efficient way to instantly generate paystubs that require minimal information such as company and salary information.

It emphasizes the importance of authentic pay stubs for various financial and legal purposes.

Such as applying for loans, filing tax returns, and verifying income.

About customer

Our client,  faced two primary challenges in their project.

Firstly, there was a pressing need to rapidly scale up their team, with a flexible approach to staffing. This included accommodating various employment arrangements such as part-time, full-time, and task-specific roles.

Secondly, the project was hindered by a lack of comprehensive documentation.

Consequently, the client sought individuals who could not only fulfill their designated roles but also take on the responsibilities of product owners.

This requirement was particularly critical as the client was focused on sales activities, necessitating a team capable of independently managing and guiding the project’s development.

Now Let’s Take a Closer Look at the Key Deliveries

This platform consists of three parts:

1. Instant online pay stub generator, allowing users to generate, print, and use check stubs easily.

2. Ensure the accuracy of calculations, with a straightforward process of entering information, previewing the pay stub, and downloading it.

3. Easy online pay stub generator allows users to fill, submit, download, and print pay stubs without needing any software.
Let’s take a look at the key features of this platform:

1. Automated Calculation

These platforms automatically calculate various payroll components like gross pay, taxes, and net income based on the input data.

2. Customizable Pay Stub Templates

Users can select from a range of templates to ensure their pay stubs meet specific requirements and preferences.

3. Support for Diverse Employment Types

The services cater to different employment forms, such as contractors, freelancers, and full-time, and part-time roles, with suitable pay stub formats.
4. Integration of Tax Deduction Norms

They incorporate federal and state tax deduction norms into their calculation algorithms for accurate tax withholding.

5. Real-time Pay Stub Generation and Download

Users can generate and download pay stubs immediately after inputting their data, facilitating prompt documentation.

What Technologies Did We Use?

  • Symphony



As a result, we have successfully developed a platform that provides payroll services for various financial and legal purposes.

This web platform is now an effective solution that has allowed the client to get their first customers.
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