For whom

First-time entrepreneurs, that have no clue where to start from in building of digital products.

People who have an awesome idea, but don't know how to make that vision a reality.

Those who think that creating of a digital product will cost a lot and don't have experience in estimation.

Why do you need help

We can help you understand the real value of your idea and work with you to turn that Idea into an awesome product so you don’t become one of the 9 out of 10 startups that fail to make it.

We can help you learn more about your market including helping you to find a market niche for your product and information regarding your potential customers and competitors.

We can undertake a thorough analysis to help you understand your strengths and weaknesses and work with you to create a work plan and timelines.

To interact with a customer. It's very important for marketing and sales in the first stage.

To understand the full costs of implementation, detailing how much it would cost to fully build and realise your business.

To plan a timeline and goals at every stage for your product.

How we can help

We take care of the market research and evaluate your customer and competitors

Provide you with technical requirements

We help you to understand budgeting and time frame planning

What do you get

1. Relevant business analysis across a broad range of areas.

2. Technical and business requirements

3. Project estimation and timeframes


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