For whom

Entrepreneurs, who already have a great idea but don't know what to do next.

People who wish to collect initial feedback and test first hypotheses with real users.

People who still work and can't leave their jobs right now but want to focus on building a succesful online product.

Why do you need help

To build a perfect user experience. It might look easy, but believe us, creating a logical and effective design interface takes a lot of skill and knowledge to do well!

To collect the initial customer feedback. This is the easiest and cheapest way to understand what your customers like.

To analyze feedback. Based on our experience we know how to effectively analyze feedback to enable you to scale effectively.

To improve business logic. A prototype is enough to understood what and where you could go wrong before it happens!

To plan a feature list. Planning is essential to understand what is important for our MVP.

We help you to avoid common mistakes. We have seen them all plenty of times and know what to avoid!

How we can help

We help you to understand your position in the market and create a USP

We help you identify who your customer is and how you can reach them

We also help you collect and analyse feedback

What do you get

1. Clickable prototypes

2. Target audience questionnaire

3. Ideal Customer Portrait


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