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PCS is a consulting marketplace where consultants can find jobs and seekers can hire consultants who are perfect for them.

Let’s learn more details about how we developed it.

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What Customer’s Pain Does the Platform Solve?


The founder wanted to build the trendsetter product on consulting’s complex and competitive market.

The excruciating pain of consulters is the lack of automatization for routine tasks due to this business’s bespoke nature.

A solution hypothesis was transforming these non-scalable processes into scalable ones.

An MVP was the first step to finding a product/market fit. And a key to future scale his own company worldwide.

About Customer

The customer is a founder of a consultancy agency working with various business domains.

He hadn’t any experience in outsourcing product development and could run into all sorts of troubles if he’d chosen an unreliable development provider.

To avoid any concerns at founder’s end, we paid attention to putting the whole team on the same page and find a common language.

Customer Feedback

We brought them on to implement two startups. Their skills and professionalism are outstanding. I
appreciate that they are engaged and communicative, but most of all, that there is no
distance between us, even though I am in Chicago and the team is in Ukraine.

Len Marchese, Founder and CEO, PCS

How It Works?

In this part, we’d like to talk about the workflow of the platform. Here you can see the user flow, demo video, and link to the platform.


Key Deliveries

Solution 1. Complex Matching Algorithm of Seekers and Consultants

To develop the most efficient matching algorithm, we used various
ranking factors.

For example:
– industry
– general work experience
– experience in a specific issue
– readiness for personal meetings
– rating
– reviews
– and many others.


Solution 2. Integration of DocuSign

DocuSign is a leading product for eSignature and document management.

Integration with a ready-made AP was beneficial for a few reasons:
– DocuSign is a widely used tool for a significant part of consulters
– Use of integration saved development budget and team efforts


Solution 3. Integration of Google Meets

Google Meets is free and reliable chat platform. And that was the main reason to use this one for real-time chat and video meetings.


What Technologies Did We Use?

  • MySQL 8

    MySQL 8

  • PHP7.4


  • Laravel


  • Redis


  • VueJS


  • InertiaJS


  • TailwindCSS



We could say that the core value we delivered is the Take Charge Approach.

It sounds like another buzzword.

However, this one means specific things we were able to:

– quickly understood the idea and business goals to achieve
– precise and fast create documentation to translate the founder’s vision into technical language
– suggest an efficient budget and technical solutions

We developed an MVP in a tight timeline and currently preparing for the upcoming iterations.

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