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What are your associations with the winter? At us, this winter has passed ... No, the appreciable project on a theme of designers and fashionable clothes has flown by! At the same time, the platform needed to be created as soon as possible, and we had to perform an incredible amount of work for 2 months with the involvement of all free employees! Let's discuss this.


Marketplace with crowdfunding

A busy work schedule

Although no one set a time frame for us, it was necessary to complete the project as quickly as possible. Of course, no one forced employees to sit at night, but we were forced to attract the maximum number of developers to this project.
The features of the project required a lot of work. As a result of work in WordPress, 40 unique pages were created. There was a need for integration with WooCommerce and WC Vendor, because this business model does not have separate templates for work.
Despite the forced haste, all the necessary tests were regularly conducted at every stage of the work with a view to quality control.

Customer and Initial Requests

We were approached by a businessman with the idea of ​​creating an online marketplace for young designers. This site would have an appropriate database and would allow to collect money for the implementation of new ideas of designers in life. For those who were still in the ranks of unknown designers, this platform would represent the opportunity to go out into people and become recognizable.
The idea is not bad, but it still needs to be realized. To this end, representatives of the customer found investors. Still, there was a risk that they would lose interest in the project, so there was a need to create a MVP as soon as possible.
The whole point is that before the cooperation, the company did not have an online representation or application. In addition, there was no technical documentation, no test or development scenario, and no consultations with specialists were conducted.

The result of painstaking work

As a result of the work, the customer received a quality market-place on the agreed terms. MVP was created as soon as possible for a project of this size. Our client did not lose investors, and his idea was implemented on time.
As it turned out, even tight deadlines are not a hindrance.

A great company that finished the job in a fraction of the time under budget! Will definitely work with them again.


If you also need MVP, let us know about it and we will take up your project.

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