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Finding ideas for a unicorn startup

The tech giants that now inspire founders from around the world once started out as unicorn startups. They are now technology visionaries and trendsetters.

AI Learning Algorithms Find Your New Target Groups

Although artificial intelligence does not replace human marketing teams, it does support employees in controlling campaigns or even in content marketing. In the future, AI could increasingly displace a popular means of expressing branding: emotions.

How to Generate PR for a Startup at Conferences

Public relations is an important part of successfully launching a startup. How can you spread the word at business conferences?

How to Make a Unicorn Startup Idea Work

It once seemed impossible to build a billion-dollar company. Today, there are 420 unicorns that are recognized as market leaders. But how can you become one of them?


Top Search Engine Optimisation Agency in Ukraine

The company Spdload, by Maksym Babych, has become one of the best SaaS companies. You can go here and read detailed information and reviews about the company.

How Many Security Cameras Do I Need?

Max Babych, CEO of SpdLoad, explains that you should also consider camera photosensitivity. "Camera photosensitivity plays an important role when conducting round-the-clock video surveillance. The higher its sensitivity, the better the image quality and the more shooting options you'll get in twilight and dark hours."

Top Mistakes Of New Startup Founders

By Maksym Babych, founder and CEO of SpdLoad, the software development company for startups.

Client Management: A Definitive Guide to Winning and Retaining Clients

Max Babych, CEO Spdload, also shared his own tips on the importance of regular communication: “You need to talk with clients regularly to understand how they see the project. Direct communication is sometimes difficult due to differences in time zones or clients just not having enough time. In such cases, detailed reporting helps to avoid conflicts and act constructively when risks arise. The more clients know about what is happening, the fewer answers they have to seek independently. The client wants to see the big picture of the project. Reports on the work performed over the past period of time, emerging issues, possible risks, and subsequent plans make it possible for all project participants to be aware of what is happening.”

How to Write a Business Plan: The Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide

Max Babych, CEO at SpdLoad, agrees with this approach on how to write a business plan, saying: “A business plan can simply be considered as answers to a number of questions. Try to answer only a few questions at a time. Preparing a small part of a business plan at a time is easier than locking yourself in your office for several weeks to complete the job immediately and completely.”

The 13 Most Important KPIs Your Marketing Agency Needs to Track

And as Spdload‘s Maksym Babych summarizes: “You could manage tones of KPI’s but if your [profit] margin still 0%, you lose.”

EDMS: Answers To 6 FAQs About Electronic Document Management (& Software)

Babych provides a technology use case. His team often uses an EDMS to keep track of technical requirements for their projects. There’s a lot of documentation that goes into IT projects that come from different team members—developers, business analysts, project managers, technical leads, and even the customers. “Our EDMS helps us manage these documents throughout the project lifecycle and across projects simultaneously.”

7 market research tools you should start using today

Babych says. “This helps us manage our reputation — taking advantage of positive feedback and addressing negative feedback appropriately.”

Is Quora Marketing Dead in 2019?

Maksym Babych, the CEO of SpdLoad, strongly believes that Quora marketing was dead before 2020 even started. At SpdLoad, they conducted a study lasting 7 months.

Pricing Strategy: 7 factors marketers can leverage to increase sales

“For example, you are offered a package for $100 per month, which includes everything you need and more. Over $80, which has almost everything. Over $30, in which there is almost nothing. And free, in which [there is just] one function. It is unpleasant to lose, so [the customer] wants to take the more expensive package,” said Maksym Babych, CEO, SpdLoad.

Don't Look For A Startup Idea, But A Startup Problem

By Maksym Babych, founder and CEO of SpdLoad, the software development company for startups.

13 Entrepreneurs Reveal The Technologies They Most Look Forward To

I believe that there is no AR / IOT, etc. I can’t compare with the benefits of the invention, which once and for all will close all the coal-fired power plants in the world. If scientists manage to make this reaction completely safe for people and exclude the possibility of using it for unlawful purposes, this will be a breakthrough in the automotive industry, heating private houses, providing electricity.

The 5 Sales Metrics That Every Sales Rep Should Be Tracking As Goals

Maksym Babych of SpdLoad invoked the great R. Alec Mackenzie: “Nothing is easier than being busy, and nothing more difficult than being productive.” Babych explains how, for him, company profit is the key metric of choice. “Productivity doesn’t lie in the number of letters sent or sales completed. The main goal is to earn as much money as possible.”

How to Write the Best Thank You Email After Interview (Plus 8 Samples)

So you applied for a job, got an interview invitation, and attended the interview. Now, you’re done—almost. All that’s left for you to do is to write that thank you email to your interviewer.

How to Set Up & Use Google Analytics Conversion Tracking

Maksym Babych of SpdLoad. “This is the section in the ‘Conversions’ tab that shows the lead path for clicks on your site. This tool allows you to evaluate the contribution of previous visits and traffic sources: other websites, search queries and ads, how much time has passed from the first click or view to conversion.

The “Why’s” and “What’s” of Admin Templates [Opinions of Experts]

For more than 3 years we use only admin panel templates. I think this is the best solution. Since here you don't need the custom design, since the admin panel is only for a limited circle of people. and it’s okay if the design is not unique. The main advantage is that the client does not pay for UX/UI development Templates already include best practices. Client also significantly saves money on layout. Last year we actively use the template - Laravel Nova written in Laravel + Vue.

6 Ways to Accelerate Your Start-up Success

According to Maksym Babych, the CEO of the SpdLoad, the key for any start startup lies in the idea validation process. Many startups fail simply because their product is not needed by anyone, no matter how much they would spend on marketing.

29 Free Link Building Tips for Building Links On Little-to-No Budget

SpdLoad‘s Maksym Babych thinks you should “find the relevant forums with topics that are most suitable for your niche” to build free backlinks. Babych also shares four major forums, and how you can use them to get free backlinks to your site

4 Things That Could Go Wrong In The Economy In 2020

Consumers are viewing the coming year as a difficult period and not the moment to buy much, apart from life’s basics. They did the same in the years before 2008, when property prices began to stagnate as buyers reached their borrowing limits and car sales slowed.

36 Practical Tips for Writing A Great Sales Follow Up Email

Maksym Babych of SpdLoad adds it is all about who you are following up with and the desired goal of the follow-up. Babych shares three examples.

How Many Revisions on Projects Do You Offer?

Talking about development revisions our team provides all of the customers with a guarantee of an unlimited number of bug-fixing in a month after the contract ends.

15 Proven Ways To Reduce Your Average Support Ticket Response Time

Maksym Babych of SpdLoad agreed, saying, “The most powerful but obvious way to reduce response time is to organize tickets.” Babych suggested three different ways to approach ticket and support rep specialization

6 Experts Reveal Best Sales Tools To Boost Your Sales In 2020

This tool has quickly become the go-to chat and notification hub for teams everywhere. Since it’s where your sales team hangs out already, why not power it up with integrations? Slack can be used to automatically notify reps when new signups come in, segmented by potential deal size with integrations to customer data tools. Outside of strict sales activity, Slack is a simple way to hold team meetings, search conversations, and even deliver presentations. Pricing starts at $8/user/month.

What is an enterprise

According to Maksym Babych, CEO of SpdLoad, “In the U.S. there are no clear rules on what to define as an enterprise. However, the E.U. defines enterprise level as more than 250 employees.”

33 Marketers On The Most Effective Ways for Increasing Free Trial Signups

Maksym Babych of SpdLoad gives this advice on improving the ease of use in sign-up: “To increase the number of subscriptions, you need to improve the user experience of a product. Let’s consider User Experience Improvement Techniques

Is FB Stock Losing the Youth Game

In an email conversation with Maksym Babych, CEO of mobile development and IT consulting firm SpdLoad, he informed me that the technical posture of FB stock does not inspire confidence. Babych further argues that this is for a reason.

CES: The Coolest AI (Artificial Intelligence) Announcements

"This is an electronic device that allows you to control the movements of an artificial arm with the power of thought alone," said Max Babych, who is the CEO of SpdLoad.

What Are 'People Skills' and Why Do They Matter So Much?

As Maksym Babych CEO of SpdLoad says, “The most important human skill is sincerity.”

Affiliate Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2020

Provide the lowest price: No one wants to work with brands that offer the lowest price to their affiliates. People want to get value from affiliates and brands.

Most Useful Customer Service Interview Questions for Managers

Give me an example of a time you couldn’t solve a customer’s problem. I believe that the explanation of one unsuccessful case will give you much more than a story about 10 successful ones.

Five predictions for the future of contactless payment

Maksym Babych, CEO at SpdLoad, a software development company whose area of expertise is the implementation of payment solutions, predicts that “in three years, contactless payment will overtake traditional card payments.” Here’s why: Most countries have a ceiling on the amount of money you can contactlessly spend at once, and if you exceed that amount, you’re required to tap out your PIN code.