A healthcare significant breakthrough has suggested our company create a unique software complex that will allow clinics to solve some analytical problems rapidly. As medical development requires a high-level accuracy of medical hardware and advanced software algorithms to deal with it. We decided that our company will cope with this hard task.

DNA recognition

In the process of engineering medical software, we forward our hi-tech development team, which consists of 3 Ph. Ds. and 1 Doctor of science to proceed through stages that were the main points to be solved. Implementation of software algorithms in healthcare was required to improve next processes:

  • Pretreatment: noise removal using wavelet technology
  • Prevention and removal of data failure
  • Separation of peaks using programmable engineering that are too close to each other and their escalation
  • Separation of mixed input data channels to make them independent
  • Normalization and removal of the baseline
  • Data interpolation
  • Detection of peak locations
  • High-quality mobility correction
  • Formation of alphabetic genetic code sequences
  • Determination of DNA translation quality through DNA diagnostics and nanotechnology development

Except data collection and analysis in the process of creating software as a medical development agency, we were concentrated on engineering DNA detection software. The sphere was interesting because it makes us go deeper into hi-tech genetic research and imply our Data Science solutions.

ECG diagnosis software

Besides software engineering for DNA, we cope with providing clinics with cardio diagnosis systems, which help to improve the methods of analyzing the cardio system.

ECG diagnosis software based on the data from sensors attached to the body of the patient is used for the most complex in terms of the mathematical analysis of electrocardiograms were suggested to search extra systoles, fractal analysis of the variability of the cardio cycle, the analysis based on the Poincare plots.

A program method of decomposition of original recordings into individual components was created. Such operations like the allocation of respiratory rhythm or another low-frequency component of the process have become easier to diagnose.

That is the way how SpdLoad is changing Health Care what leads the industry to better and faster methods of curing diseases and leads to progress of technologies.

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