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How to Hire a Dedicated Backend Development Team: Reasons, Benefits, Process

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Are you a startup founder, tech entrepreneur, or corporate executive looking to hire a dedicated backend developer? Then read this guide on how to hire a backend development team.

In this article, you’ll learn the following:

  • What is a dedicated backend development team?
  • How to identify a suitable backend developer,
  • When hiring dedicated backend developers,
  • Steps to hiring backend development team,
  • Best practices to consider,
  • And more!

If you are looking for some practical strategies that you can use in your company today, then go straight to this infographic.

Let’s delve into the crux of the article.

What is a Dedicated Backend Development Team?

A dedicated backend development team is a workforce of developers working for an outsourcing agency with the sole aim of helping businesses create server-side APIs, features, and functionalities using specific tech stacks.

These developers use tech stacks like java, PHP, node.js, and other backend programming languages to write codes needed to create websites and mobile apps.

As opposed to front-end developers that deal with visualizable features of a software.

Codes written by backend programmers are not directly seen by users. However, they make the system itself perform requisite tasks.

The illustration shows the main points related to the definition of a dedicated backend development team

Now you have some understanding of what the backend development team means. We’ll discuss things to look out for before hiring a dedicated backend development team next.

What Should You Look out For When Hiring Backend Developers?

Watch out for the following during the vetting process of your backend development team:

Things to Lookout For Description 
Expertise What’s the level of expertise in the development team?

An ideal backend development team should have a portfolio of projects detailing its capacity to write backend codes for both basic and highly complex solutions.

Talent Pool An ideal team should have a robust talent pool to create a high-quality solution.

The team should have some of the best backend developers obtainable to ensure the development process results in a highly secure deliverable.

Flexibility Only hire from a development company that offers both payment and hiring flexibility? You should have the opportunity to reduce your workforce at prompt.
Easy Scalability If you’re a startup with potential for quick growth, it’s imperative to partner with an outsourcing provider that can increase your dedicated team at request, within the shortest time frame possible.
Cost-effectiveness According to Entrepreneur, money mismanagement is responsible for 82% of business failures.

As a startup, partnerships with teams guarantee top-notch cost-effectiveness.

Startups in the US, UK, and other high-income nations can partner with top backend developers from an offshore country.

This picture describes key elements that affect the hiring of backend developers

Now that you know the qualities to look for before hiring a backend development team. When exactly do you need them? We’ll answer this question in the next section.

When Should you Hire a Dedicated Backend Development Team?

A dedicated backend development team model is the best way to create a complex, long-term, and highly scalable project. You should consider this hiring model for the following reasons.

Hiring Reason 1. Lack of Resources

You should hire a backend development team if you lack internal resources to scale your app or web development project per requirement.

Hire dedicated backend developers if you lack available developers to synchronize development with growth.

Hiring Reason 2. Lack of Expertise

Assume you’re working on a project that you think requires a specific backend language that your startup lacks. You can easily outsource such talent from a dedicated team.

Hiring Reason 3. Limited Budget

Perhaps you have a fixed budget for your backend development, then opt for a dedicated team that offers software development services within your price range.

This is particularly important for startups that are on a strict budget and want to save money for other activities.

According to this article, the cost of outsourcing programmers for web app development in the UK is $100-$120/hour. Eastern Europe on the other hand costs $30-$50/hour.

Thus for startups in the UK, it’s cheaper to hire a dedicated web development team offshore.

Illustration shows the main reasons for hiring a dedicated backend development team

Now that you know why and when to hire a dedicated backend team, what options are available for you?

Types of Dedicated Backend Development Team

Team types can be classified based on the cooperation model that exists between the vendor, and the startup.

Although most cooperation agreements between both parties are tailored to the expectation of the client, they can still be classified into three different models. These are:

  • Hiring a dedicated backend development team,
  • Hiring backend developers from the dedicated team,
  • Hiring on a per-project basis.

Let’s discuss further what each entails.

Cooperation Model 1. Hiring a Dedicated Team of Backend Developers

These are groups of backend developers with in-depth knowledge of software design and creation per specified goal. The vendor assembles the team of backend software engineers to work primarily on your project.

This teaming type is suitable for:

  • The long-term continuous project,
  • Organizations whose in-house workforce lacks the technical knowledge of backend frameworks,
  • Startups that lack in-house backend engineers.
The illustration shows breakdown of one of the collaboration models, which means hiring a dedicated team of backend developers

Another cooperation model to consider is hiring specific resources.

Cooperation Model 2. Hiring Backend Developers from an Outsource Provider

This outsourcing model entails hiring a specific skill that’s lacking in your in-house team from a vendor. For example, if your development process requires knowledge of python programming language, and no one has it in your internal team.

Then you can out staff from an outsourced provider.

This model gives you control of your team’s deliverables and productivity while reducing intake, management costs, and payroll.

Illustration shows a breakdown of the following collaboration model, which means hiring backend developers from an outsourcing provider

Cooperation Model 3. Hiring on a Per-project Basis

This cooperation model is a one-time involvement of outsourced programs to create a specific feature.

For example, assuming you want to convert your custom WordPress platform to a custom web app and mobile application. You may have developers needed to convert the design of the open-source platform to a web app.

But lack in-house coders to write a backend that can connect with both web and mobile apps. You can hire a dedicated programmer for that specific task.

Before opting for this model, you’ll have to explain the technical and business requirements to the representative of the outsourcing service provider.

This representative is often a project manager or business analyst. They then provide the specific expertise you need.

This is the best cooperation model for programmers that need a:

  • Cost-efficient cooperation model
  • A specific skill to create a backend functionality
  • Time-saving solution.

Beyond the cooperation model available, another important piece of information to know is the cost of hiring a dedicated backend development team.

Illustration shows the last type of dedicated backend development team, meaning hiring on a project basis

Let’s discuss this in detail.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Dedicated Backend Development Team?

The cost of hiring a backend development team with 4 backend developers varies from $80,000 to $200,000 per month.

The exact cost depends on a number of factors. Among those factors is the location of the development team. How?

For example, if you wish to hire a development team in the US, it’ll cost you $200,000. The same team with an equal skill set costs 120,000 in Ukraine.

Let’s help you make sense of how the price of a dedicated team varies from country to country.

The figures below are based on an assumption that you’re hiring a team of 4 backend developers for a very complex project. Payment is made on a per-project basis.

Location   Average Cost, $ 
The USA 200,000
Australia 160,000
The UK 180,000
Western Europe 160,000
Ukraine 120,000
Asia 60,000

According to the spreadsheet above, you can see that the cost of outsourcing programmers from high-income nations is more than middle-income ones. Thus, location is a primary factor to consider.

This picture describes the cost of hiring a dedicated backend development team, depending on various factors

Now that you’re aware of the cost of hiring dedicated backend developers for your project, let’s help you with the steps to hiring a dedicated team.

How Do You Hire a Backend Development Team?

Before you partner with a development outsourcing agency, it’s imperative to vet the processes involved. To help choose the best development team members, we’ll educate you on things to watch out for. We’ll also discuss the steps involved.

Below are steps to hiring a dedicated team for your mobile and web application. They are:

  • Find a preferred backed team online or offline,
  • Review their portfolios, check their years of experience, and make sure their expertise meets the requirements of your project,
  • Carry out requisite third-party verifications.

Let’s briefly break down each of the above steps.

Step 1. Find a Dedicated Backend Development Team

You can find highly knowledgeable developers both online and offline.

To find a dedicated team online, search through freelance platforms. You can also interact with tech professionals on social media groups.

Finding developers offline can be difficult as you’ll need to consult with business partners, colleagues, friends, and those within your social network.

You can also find developers offline via tech startup gatherings and conferences.

Below is a spreadsheet of where you can find backend programmers per the requirement of your workflow:

Where to find developers  Details 
Freelance sites Use platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, Truelancer, Fiverr, Toptal, etc for finding and onboarding dedicated development teams per project requirements.

These platforms are tailored for users to easily find specific types of freelance developers.

For example, you can find developers per timezone, hourly rates, or tech stacks like HTML, CSS, Linux, git, etc.

You can also check out their reviews, rating, and job success score to evaluate their customer satisfaction rate.

Business Listings These are platforms that provide information about business in an industry. An example is Clutch. It offers ratings, reviews, and comments about businesses in the IT sector.
Search engines By simply entering “hire dedicated full-stack developers” or “hire dedicated backend developers” on search engines like Google, Duckduckgo, etc.

You’ll see a list of dedicated teams offering the services you need.

LinkedIn LinkedIn is a platform with the highest number of professionals online.

To hire on LinkedIn, register as a recruiter or company on the platform. Search for outsourcing agencies in your preferred location.

You may have to change the search filter multiple times to find the perfect team to hire.

Online conferences and meetups These are conferences and programs held online to discuss certain tech topics.

Some examples of meetups to consider are the UK startup conference and IndieHackers.

Your network According to SHRM, over 30% of new hires are referred. Thus, it’s a trusted method, especially if it’s being done by another reputable startup.
The illustration shows the first stage of hiring a backend development team, namely the search for a dedicated backend development team

Step 2. Choose the Best Fit Dedicated Team

Once you’ve found some teams you think are perfect for your startup’s needs. It’s time to start sorting them to select the best. Here’s how to do that:

Consider Cooperation Model

What cooperation model do you want? Do you want a full-time dedicated team, a per-project basis, or a hybrid model? Brainstorm with your in-house team on a suitable cooperation model. This will help you optimize your search process.

Portfolio of Similar Projects

The most notable maker of competence is a track record of implementing backend frameworks similar to yours. However, if you’re creating a never-before-seen idea, then they won’t have similar projects in their portfolio.

Check the number of complex projects in their portfolio. If they have done complex projects in this niche, there is a good chance that they will provide you with the results you expect.

Good Reviews

Before speaking to a vendor, first check out their reviews, website, case studies, social media profiles, blogs on their page, etc. You may also consult with a past customer in your area of influence for a review.

Ability to Code in Preferred Tech Stack

Each programming language has its pros and cons. While some are fast, others may provide more security. For languages like node.js, you can easily find other backend programmers to scale a project.

As such, if you have a preference for a specific language, then find coders that can write professional codes in such a framework or language.

Common tech stacks to consider in your hiring process are

  • A backend language: Laravel, Ruby on rails, Django, and a scripting language(javascript, or typescript).
  • Server language: Oracle, MongoDB, MySQL.
  • Soft skills: Top-notch English communication skills, ability to debug codes, ability to work per agile practices etc.

The developer should also understand rest API or any other API writing method. They should also be able to synergize their codes with the front-end developer for a top-notch user experience.

Proficiency in English Language

Before hiring a programmer, make sure that he knows English well enough to communicate effectively. If you want to hire offshore developers, then consider hiring a team in Ukraine.

A large part of the tech community there has an excellent command of the English language and experience working with offshore startups.

This picture describes one of the stages of hiring a backend development team, which means selecting the most suitable dedicated team

If your potential developer or development team meets these requirements, you can hire them. What’s more? Let’s educate you on the types of dedicated teams that are available, so you can understand your options better.

Step 3. Formalize your Agreement

Once you’ve selected a web or app development agency to partner with, let your legal team come up with a detailed contract to legalize your cooperation. You can also request that they sign an NDA to protect your idea.

Here’s what this entails.

Sign an NDA

To protect your app idea, sign a non-disclosure agreement. It prevents the dedicated team of backend programmers from speaking about your product, even if they’re using the same outsourcing agency.

Note: Most vendors also hire programmers from other agencies, especially those requiring rare tech stacks.  Thus, make sure that you draft the NDA in such a way that it binds all parties involved in the development.

Have a Detailed and Transparent Contract

Ensure your contract lacks ambiguous terms. Also, ensure it touches on the following:

  • The terms and conditions of the guarantee,
  • Credit limits and periods,
  • Fines in an instance of a contract breach,
  • Discounts and their terms,
  • Agreed rate,
  • What happens if deadlines get extended due to errors?
Illustration shows the final stage of hiring the backend development team, which means executing the agreement

Wrapping Up

Hiring backend developers can be difficult, partly due to the unavailability of tech talents and the high cost of hiring one. A great alternative is hiring a backend development team for your solution.

To find a suitable dedicated team to hire, ensure your outsourcing process adheres to the following checklist:

  • Identify a need for a dedicated development team in your organization.
  • Brainstorm on the type of team you need
  • Create a budget for the team
  • Find a dedicated development team offline or online that fits your budget
  • Interview prospects
  • Finalize your agreement.

What’s more? Ready to start hiring? Then read on.

What’s Next?

Hire a backend development team from us to create a resilient, scalable, and secure backend framework for your app (iOS and Android), and websites.

Our commercial page on hiring backend developers can provide you with the information you need to start hiring. Click here to get started right away–the FAQs section on the page can also help answer some of your questions.

At Spdload, we’ll provide you with a team in days.

Bonus Infographic

For your convenience, we decided to prepare a summary of our detailed guide. In it you will learn how to hire a dedicated backend development team in a few steps and what nuances may arise during hiring.

This infographic describes the process of hiring a dedicated backend development team with all the nuances.

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