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How Much Does It Cost To Build A Corporate Website

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Irrespective of where and how you operate your business, you need a business website, period.

If you want to know the answer to how much does a business website cost, then expect to spend somewhere between $10,000 to $50,000.

But, there is a lot that goes into developing a small business website and its cost estimation.

In this article, we will discuss the aspects that go into design and development.

You have the:

  • Research
  • Design
  • Development
  • Maintenance

Out of these, the research, design, and development are one time costs. However, maintenance and upgrades fall under the recurrent costs.

So, one thing is clear. The answer to how much does it cost to build a website for a small business is not straightforward.

A little piece of honesty – we are always behind the curtains and experience how costs build up first hand.

We understand every part of the journey, from identifying the core business values to competitor research and design analysis.

So, a guide about the costs coming from the horse’s mouth boasts authenticity, practical advice, and reliability.

Without further ado, let’s discuss the small business website design cost.

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Factors that Affect the Price of Small Business Website Cost

Any online storefront that we come across is not made with a one-size-fits-all approach.

Several things come together to build one working solution.

In case of a small business website cost, these are:

  • Technology and Tools Utilization or Tech Stack
  • Website size or the number of pages
  • Type of Design
  • Integrations.
  • Design and Development Team
  • Initial Marketing, SEO, and Content

These are the major heads that help give an answer to how much does it cost to build a website for a small business.

For example, our work starts before design or development. The proper start made with an extensive research phase, which helps curate a better understanding of the industry and market.

More importantly, a lot of these factors are highly dynamic.

A web designer from the US will charge around $70 to $80 per hour, whereas the same from Ukraine will charge much less.

Similarly, website developers per hour charges also differ across.

Ergo, the resources you choose to implement in your project will make a difference in how much does a business website cost.

You also have several options to hire a team.

Choose from:

  • Freelancers
  • Development agency in your country
  • Outsource the work
  • Hire a dedicated team

With every decision that you take, the cost of a website for a small business will vary.

Since we work in this industry and understand the core metrics, we know the right way to build a small business website and optimize the cost.

These 3 factors define how much does a business website cost

Size of the Website

The size of the website implies the number of pages present.

Depending on the website pages, the cost of the same for a small business can differ greatly.

Since we are building a corporate site, the average number of pages falls between 25 to 75.

The pages of a corporate website consist of;

  • Homepage
  • About us
  • Services pages (depends on your work)
  • Careers
  • Investors
  • Contact Us

The majority of the development and design cost will go in the Services pages.

Where other pages like home, about us, company profile and others are mandatory, service pages can vary.

You can club two or more services under one page or dedicate one page per service.

It depends on how you want to approach your target audience.

In this, we also consider elements like design, layout, formatting, heat mapping, content, and so on.

Since it is a corporate style business website, it needs to have unique features and aspects.

Here too, you can expect the cost of website design to increase.

And if you want your online address to be unique and reflect your business values, it needs a specific design.

This means that there is no room for downloading a template and adding your content to it.

Yes, we can get a template and edit it as per your style and vision, but a template still won’t imbibe the uniqueness and exclusivity that you want.

In other words, modifications or creating a website from scratch requires coding and customization.

So, the more coding and customization required, the higher will be the small business website development cost.

Here size matters because more pages mean more coding and ultimately higher cost.

The size of small business website is one of factors, that affects cost


After defining the number of pages, we need to talk about the complexity.

We have already mentioned the website complexity in the above heads.

This is another essential aspect of answering how much does a business website cost.

Here too, you have a wide range of product customization and personalization at your disposal.

For knowing the cost of a website for a small business with reference to the complexity, two things are important.

  1. 3rd Party Integrations
  2. The complexity of the Design

Understand that there is a difference between the website and the design complexity.

3rd Party Integrations

To some extent, the requirement of 3rd Party integrations is inspired by functionality.

Since you are building a corporate web platform, you need to generate organic leads.

For that, you require the content on the website. And to manage the content, we integrate a Content Management System with the website.

Similarly, you also require integrations like Email, Payment gateways, and other eCommerce functionality.

Websites that are built for a logistics business also need tracking integrations.

Similarly, there are several other business-specific integrations that we can add to your website.

However, understand that the more integrations you add higher will be the complexity and the cost.

CRM – Customer Relationship Management

CRMs play a key role in customer acquisition, lead generation, and retention.

For a business, integrating such a system is essential.

Because for how long and to what extent can you make do with excel sheets.

At some point, you will need a system to automate some tasks and to understand the voluminous data.

CRM is instrumental in helping you frame a business strategy.

It helps collaborate date from;

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Customer support

And helps build a collaborative strategy to move ahead.

The cost to implement a CRM depends on the provider you choose and the type of CRM you require.

Where vendors are numerous, the types include B2B, B2C, SMBs, and Enterprise.

Email Marketing

Next, in how much does it cost to build a website for a small business, we have email marketing integration.

Sending emails to prospects and leads is one of the cheapest and high yield methods.

Here too, the cost to implement an email marketing solution depends on the choice of your vendor and requirement.

Look at the installation cost and the recurrent upgrades as well as maintenance costs.

Payment Gateways

There isn’t one payment system that you need to implement.

While integrating payment options is the basic need of an eCommerce website, for a corporate website selling services on the web, this is important too.

You are looking at integrating several payment options;

  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • Wallets
  • PayPal, Stripe, Payoneer, and other such systems

Either choose a single API with all of these systems ready to use or customize as per your requirements.

One thing that you will come across in the entire article is the phrase, “as per your requirements.”

This is because the website building and designing process is dynamic.

It depends on your choices, requirements, and core needs.

The initial approach is to acquire as much information as we can from our clients.

This helps us in creating the right solution and also provides an estimate of how much does a business website cost.

The technical development is another factor, that affects the cost of a website for a small business

The Complexity of the Design

The second essential aspect of website complexity is website design (or redesign too).

Surely, you are making a website to impress, attract, and delight your viewers and customers.

In that case, building a dull or bland website is not in your favor.

On the other end, you also do not need to implement high-end functions and use AI systems.

The need of the hour is to build a smooth, simple, and working solution.

To help with the design complexity, and with it, the small business website cost, we look at four major parameters.

Ready-Made Templates

It is all about the first impression.

94% of the users decide to stick or bail from your website after seeing the design for the first time.

In another instance, Google says that if a website takes more than 3 seconds to open, the majority of the users will bounce off.

So, you have to make sure that the temple you use is simple yet attractive.

Templates also vary in their accessibility and cost.

Choosing an industry-relevant template will be easier to modify as per your requirements.

Component Libraries

Depending on the programming language and design software you choose to utilize, the component libraries differ.

These are like the building blocks of a website or a mobile application.

Choosing a diversified library and less variety will increase the design complexity as the design spends time searching for the right item.

As opposed to it, a library with less than items and components will increase work and cost.

Custom User Interface

Have you ever heard the phrase, Speak your brand?

Well, it directly relates to how you design your website to the best combination of icons, controls, and libraries.

For sure, there are several pre-built UI kits at your disposal.

You can use them to jumpstart the designing process.

This will be easier and cost-effective.

Plus, using pre-built kits ensures consistency across the website.

In others, using ready-made kits as opposed to creating your UI kits is less complicated.

But, if you choose to go the customization way, you will get better collaboration between;

  • Design and development
  • Design and strategy
  • Design and consistency.

In all of this, the cost of a good website for a small and growing business can rise.


Branding and website design have an abstract relationship.

In some instances, the key aspects of branding are hidden, like in the images, phrases.

In others, it is vividly clear, like in logos and customer segments.

We would suggest you look at branding as an investment.

And not as another component to the small business website design cost.

Because branding sticks for a long time.

Yes, by inculcating the branding practices like;

  • User experience
  • Usability
  • Visual design

Your website design is ready, and up until now, the small business website design cost includes;

  • Website complexity
  • Integrations

Moving on with how much does it cost to build a website for a small business, we have the tech stack.

The complexity of design defines small business website design cost

Tech Stack for Website Designing

Tech stack implies what technologies, software, and tools you are going to use to build and design the website.

Aspects like Design, Markup Language, CMS, Frontend, and Backend.

The selection of the right set of technologies and tools can both increase and decrease the cost.

This means that if you use the right tools, cost optimization is the benefit.

As opposed to this, if your choice of tools is not conducive to the business, you will end up spending more money than required.

That is why we recommend going the SpdLoad way to build the website.

Aspect Tools to be used
Design Figma
Besides helping build cost-effective design, Figma has several other benefits.

It allows team collaboration and integrates with Slack for better communication.

Markup Language Tailwind CSS
This is the tool that helps you curate the page and overall page view.

On the design part, Tailwind CSS allows superior customizations, and it is much faster than most.

Plus, it allows better levels of customization while keeping the cost in check.

Tailwind CSS is a better technology to ensure lower small business website design cost.

Content Management System Laravel Nova or WordPress
Laravel is known to attenuate the complexity levels of web application development.

In our context of how much does a business website cost, Laravel Nova is a great option.

It helps build a lightweight CMS and enhances the administrative power of the user.

The second option is integrating WordPress.

There is no better option than WordPress when it comes to managing content.

The thing with WordPress is that it is an open-source framework.

You can use plugins to enhance functionality and simple to use than Laravel.

So, the cost to implement WordPress in small business website design is less.

But with Laravel, you get a higher ability to customize and add bespoke functionalities.

Frontend or Backend Operations Depending on your needs and requirements, we recommend using the following technologies.


  • Server – NGINX
  • App Framework – Laravel
  • Database – MySQL or Redis
  • Hosting – AWS or VULTR


  • Libraries – Vue.Js or React
  • Languages – CSS 3, JS, or HTML 5

This is all about the tech stack in how much does it cost to build a website for a small business.

Building a website is easier said than done.

Even if you have access to tons of tutorials and courses, you cannot create everything yourself.

Especially when your focus is on building your business, every step has to be planned and well-executed.

So, hiring a team to do the work for you is the best option.

This type of cost of a website for a small business is unavoidable.

Here’s who you need on your dream team to build a corporate style website.

Team to Build a Website

  • Project manager
  • Designer
  • Marketer (On-Demand)
  • Markup Developer
  • Tester

These are the job roles that you must employ for building the platform.

For the team, you need to hire multiple people.

While with other aspects of how much a business website costs, you don’t have a wide scope to change the price.

With the team selection, however, you can bring about a huge difference.

Let’s see how.

The team structure defines how much does it cost to build a website for a small business

Kind of Executors and Regions

As we see it, you have three options to choose from;

  • Hire Freelancers
  • Hire a Local Agency
  • Outsource the Work
Freelancers Cost

Freelancer website designers will charge somewhere between $10 to $30 per hour.

Furthermore, development experts can also cost about the same.


Freelancers are cost-effective.

Choosing a bunch of freelancers to do your work will lead to a lesser small business website cost.

Plus, they are easy to hire and onboard.

You can find talent from across the globe.

There are a ton of sources like Upwork, Toptal, Guru, Fiverr, and others to find freelancers.


Well, freelancers are not very much reliable.

For something as important as your business website, you need someone with accountability.

They may lack in deliverability and understanding of the work.

Lastly, you need to get 4 to 5 freelancers on board.

And developing sync between all of them is easier said than done.

Hire a Local Agency Cost

You are looking at an American web design and development agency.

The average cost of getting a US agency to work for you is more than $80 per hour.

Considering you employ them for 500 hours, you are looking to spend $40,000 for the entire project.

For a startup business, that is a whole lot of money to spend just on the website.


Not looking at the cost, the quality of the work delivered by a US agency is extraordinary.

You don’t have to worry about communication and deliverability.

More importantly, you will find access to innovative and tech-savvy designers, plus developers.


The high cost of design and development is the biggest cost.

Here the answer to how much does it cost to build a website for a small business is not very friendly.

Outsource to an Agency Cost

Hiring an agency in Ukraine will bring down the small business website cost to $33 per hour.

This means that for the same amount of work, a Ukrainian agency will charge $13,200.


Apart from the lower small business website design cost, you can expect to get:

  • High-quality product
  • Prompt deliverability
  • No communication gap

Because you will be working with an agency, you can expect to receive every aspect of the job at a single stop.


One of the disadvantages that you can face here is the time gap.

Apart from this, there is nothing that you won’t like about outsourcing the work.

Ok until now, in our discussion on how much does a business website cost, we discussed;

  • Design and its elements
  • Team selection
  • Type of team and their cost

Moving ahead, we are left with the timeline and some additional costs, fixed and recurrent.

Let’s take up the timeline first.

There are 3 options on how much does a business website cost

Time to Design a Small Business Website

The time to design a website also depends on several aspects.

You can include:

  • Structuring
  • UI and UX
  • Prototyping
  • Designing
  • Coding or development
  • Deployment
  • Integrations

You can expect to spend around 500 to 700 hours from scratch to launch.

This much time is required to ensure that your website is up and running.

Additional Costs for Small Business Website Cost

Yes, whatever you read to understand how much does a business website cost are the structural costs.

These are aspects that require more workforce, innovativeness, and uniqueness.

Also, you have the scope to bring about changes in the final cost of implementing the above steps with your choices.

What now follows is the costs of a website for a small business that helps run, sustain, market, and attract customers to a website.

Aspect or Requirement Benefit and Cost
Hosting Without getting a hosting plan you cannot run your website on the web.

The average cost of website hosting falls between $24 per year to $10,000 per year.

The hosting needs depend on the website size, bandwidth requirements, number of users coming to your web address.

Domain Name The name of your website is yet another aspect of branding that we discussed above.

Here too, you have to get yearly plans for the domain name.

The typical small business website domain name will cost between $2 to $20 per year.

SSL Certificate An SSL Certificate is the marker of security.

The purpose of this certificate is to protect your website data and that of your users from theft and breach.

During data transfer, adding information, forms, and emails, the users send and receive data from your website.

For an eCommerce website, having a robust SSL certificate is essential.

Yes, you can choose not to have an SSL certification, but it will hurt your marketing and lower reliability.

That is why you can expect to add $10 to $15,000 as the certificate cost to your small business website design requirements.

Furthermore, it is important to cover these needs beforehand.

Now we are left with one last thing that is imperative to identify the real cost of a website for a small business.

It is Marketing.

There are a lot of things that go into this head.

Marketing is one of the most important aspects of building, growing, and maintaining your market presence.

Let’s take them up one by one.

Subject Motive and Benefit
Information Architecture Information architecture is like a guide map of the website’s structure.

More importantly, it helps understand how to synchronize content, context, and users.

The UI and UX designer is going to help you with IA.

So, don’t worry about how much does it cost to build a website for a small business in this respect.

Here context refers to:

  • Technology resources
  • Goals and motives
  • Funding

Content implies:

  • Type of data and content
  • Content structuring
  • Content volume

Users imply:

  • Target audience
  • User experience
  • Information sharing
Technical SEO Technical SEO and website design go hand in hand.

SEO helps optimize the website’s infrastructure to catalyze easy crawling and better SERPs.

Some aspects are:

  • XML Sitemaps
  • Page speed
  • Data structuring
  • Robots.txt
  • Site navigation

For this, you need the services of an experienced SEO professional.

The per-hour rate for the same falls between $80 to $200.

Marketing Strategy This thing needs time, innovation, creativity, and uniqueness.

Once the website is up and running, you need marketing to attract new users and retain them.

But before launching the website, you need to look at:

  • The tonality of the Content and Voice
  • Content Plan
  • Conversion Rate Optimization

Your website’s tonality should match with the business values and objectives.

The voice and tone of your website may not have a direct relation with the cost upfront.

But if you do it the right way now, you will save a lot of money redoing it later.

Secondly, build a content plan that takes into account the long term plans.

Without conversion-ready content, your website will not be able to rank and get a conversion.

Content writing or delivery is different from a content plan.

Herein, we talk about three things;

  • Content planning, development, and management.

All of these are a part of the small business website design cost.

To build a content plan, you need to look at;

  1. Target audience
  2. KPIs
  3. Content Channels
  4. Content-type
  5. Content calendar

Lastly, you need to design the website according to the Conversion Rate Optimization.

This is essential to implement in the beginning because it helps increase the visitor footprint.

More importantly, CRO depends on your KPIs and set goals.

You can create the website as per the KPIs and then measure the CRO against the goals.

It can be quite confusing what is the connection between CRO and how much does a business website cost.

But if you have an effective CRO strategy prepared before designing, your website will be developed with the right process.

Search Engine Optimization Content Making

The concepts of technical SEO are more related to website structuring and design.

The type of SEO we are talking about here is related to the content.

Look at things like keywords, On-Page SEO, images, Alt-texts, etc.

The initial small business website cost pertaining to SEO is web content writing and using the right keywords.

Along with this, ensure that you include relevant meta tags, HTML tags, and meta descriptions.

Google’s crawlers are hungry for good, well-designed, and SEO-rich websites.

Good content means better conversion.

But to reach that stage where the users come across your website on Google, you need good SEO.

Link Building

The last part of our discussion on how much does it cost to build a website for a small business is building links.

Links on your blogs, articles, and other content is another way to raise the bar of your authenticity.

Google is again frenzy for authentic and legible backlinks to and from your website.

The more links connecting to your website, the better will be the position.

This was all you need to know about the cost of a website for a small business.

As you can see, there is a lot that goes on behind the curtain.

Plus, you must have noticed there is a lot of room for errors.

And the cost of these errors in building a small business website is not conducive to a startup.

How about taking an error-free route?

You won’t have to spend time in planning, strategizing, and choosing from design templates.

How about getting everything done in record time and high-quality?

There are additional costs, that define the final small business website cost

Interested in Building Your Custom Corporate Website?

Of course, you are.

Well, at SpdLoad, we have built several business websites for our clients.

We are not just any design and development agency.

We pack a big punch of services and functions that are customized to bring your business to new heights.

When you come to us for your corporate website development, we follow a smart and iterative approach.

Our discovery and research experts will sit down with you and get to know everything that you want from your website.

We encourage our clients to spare no detail.

Because with millions of websites already trying to score high on Google, even something as simple as keyword placement matters a lot.

Plus, the devil always lies in the details.

We have followed this approach with all of our previous clients. You can also check some of our case studies to further identify our approach to the success rate.

Our team of designers and developers will make sure that you get the right product at cost-effective prices.

From the first step of the discovery workshop to product launch and maintenance, SpdLoad is steadfast in its approach to give you the experience.

In the end, you can expect a low small business website cost with high-quality.

Contact us today to know more!

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