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7 Music App Ideas to Start Your Own Startup

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What kind of music app ideas do you think are trending in the last few years?

The 90’s kids will remember the windows media player or Winamp.

These were the players that helped us get through our exam preparation.

But from listening to songs from a computer’s hard drive to a continuous stream of songs flowing 24/7 from applications like Spotify, we have come a long way.

Is there any more scope to go beyond this?

Well, as it is said, there is always room for something better. Here we are with some new app ideas for music.

From letting users listen to break-free tracks at the cost of getting them access to exclusive concerts, there is a lot of room to innovate.

Having said that, you should also take care of the X-Factor if you want to reach the apex.

Because there are a lot of Spotify clones out there, but not every one of them is as popular as Spotify.

So, while keeping one eye on that X-Factor and the other on getting an innovative idea, here are the top music app ideas.

Learn How to Develop a Music Streaming App

Check our in-depth and actionable guide on how to make a music streaming application from scratch.

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Overview of Ideas

A musical app is not something very unique or extraordinary, but the ideas for user experience can be different.

You might think that there is an application for almost everything related to music.

Like we have at least a single app for:

  • Listening – Spotify, Amazon Prime, Google Play, Apple Music, etc.
  • Song Identification – Shazam and Soundhound.
  • Song Lyrics – Musixmatch and Genius.
  • Music Production – Garageband and Songify.
  • Radio – TuneIn Radio, iHeartRadio, and Xiialive.
  • Djing – Pacemaker and djay 2.
  • Searching for Live Music – Bandsintown and Songkick.
  • Music Teaching – Yousician and Uberchord.
  • Music Learning – SingTrue and Simple Piano.

The list is endless.

The deeper you want to go, you will find one or the other application already working there.

But don’t get disheartened.

As we have said, there is always room to create something better.

Similarly, all you need to do is look at the entire industry from a future perspective.

We will help you with it, and then you can take that idea and make it your own.

Here are the top Music App Ideas

1. Instrument Finder


Music app ideas that allow a user to know which instruments are playing in the song are not very popular.

In this, you can help the user get a list of all the instruments playing in a song.

There are multiple benefits of such app ideas for music.

  • Helps them learn about a particular instrument.
  • It helps a band recreate the exact replica of a song.

In the age of online music, learning our creativity helps us make a difference.

It can help clear the confusion among musicians when they want to understand the chord changes.

This is especially important for jazz musicians or chord instrument players.

Key Features

  • Embeds a Library of instruments.
  • Requires AI-based technologies to help identify the instruments.
  • Should have a library of songs for easy search.

The app to identify instruments in track is one of app ideas for music in our list.

2. Music Database


There are very few applications that help composers or singers to keep their collection.

SoundCloud is the prime example in this category.

Such applications have their own community of players and composers who add, like, and share their work within the community.


Music is a universal language.

It is a language that has no boundaries or affiliations.

Yes, there are different tastes and genres, but this diversity is what makes your idea for a music app approachable.

Key Features

In these ideas for music apps, you need to create database tables and decide between star schema vs. snowflake schema.

To help the users get a better idea of the music and give them unique experience, create entities.

This can include area, artist, event, place, recording, and so on.


Creation of a new music database is in the list of ideas for a music app

3. One-Man Band


No, this is not what you are thinking.

We are talking about the voice band music app ideas here.

In this, the user gets a list of different musical instruments.

The user imitates the sound of the instrument and can record his or her own voice to make a soundtrack.

The vocals are recorded in the app and can also be mixed and edited with other sounds to create a symphony.


These sorts of ideas for a music app are best for creating engagement.

It lets the users explore their creative potential and create music anytime, anywhere.

We have lately seen many videos of a single person in multiple avatars playing different instruments.

Well, this application lets the users create the same experience with their vocals.

Key Features

  • Gives the users ability to create professional music from the phone.
  • Includes high-rated mixing and composing features, overdrive, bit crusher, and others.
  • Includes features like recording (audio and video) and sharing the work.

  • GarageBand (with instruments)
  • Voice Band (with voice)
One-man band app makes sense as one of ideas for music app to think about

4. Music with Facts and Information


Have you ever noticed that when you watch something on Amazon Prime, it shows the trivia and cast information on the left pane?

Although the pane is on an auto-hide mode and pops out when you hover your mouse over it, this is something great.

How about using this for your music app ideas?

Give the users information about the song they are listening to, artists, and something unknown.

You can also add a dedicated page like a daily news feed exclusive to the musical world.


For a hardcore music fan who is not only interested in the song but its backstory this kind of application is great.

We reckon that many users won’t even look at their screens while playing the songs.

To tackle this, you can include quizzes and contests related to the trivia and give premium access to the winners.

Look for similar ideas for a music application that differentiate from the mainstream.

Key Features

  • Newsfeed like Facebook, but exclusive to the music industry.
  • Adaptive learning quizzes and contests.
  • Gamification features.
  • Let the users create contests and share them with friends and the community.
Music and facts is an interesting music app ideas to build an MVP

5. Taking the Local Music to the Global Stage


Help the local artists and sounds of a specific country or region to the global stage.

Such music app ideas help promote and support the local industry.

There can be videos, audios, news, events, and pictures of the local music.

Gradually, you can add more regions and areas to the fold.

This can also help the users listen to the songs of their favorite artists and genres.


The potential to scale similar ideas for a music app is tremendous.

Starting with a single region, you can include as many areas as you can reach out to.

Key Features

To implement this sort of app ideas you need to explore the local music industry.

It is essential to create dedicated artist profiles and list their music.

Help the listeners rate and give reviews to the artists.

Integrate social media channels to help the users share the content.


  • Artistify
Application to promote local musicians is among our list of app ideas for music

6. Online Music or Band Battles and Competitions


The approach of this idea for music app is similar to online surveys or polls.

However, in this case, you are letting music bands share their work and get user votes.

You can hold periodic competitions for the same and let bands compete on a global stage.

You can also narrow down the artists or expand as required.


Applications that let bands compete online can create a new culture.

The market positioning for these applications is not too strong.

Plus, organizations that have worked on similar app ideas for music have been shut down.

But, that gives you the strongest reason to create your own application and learn from their mistakes.

Key Features

Requires you to develop a voting and review mechanism within the application.

Besides hosting the artist’s songs on the cloud, you need to enable the users to search, share, and discover new music.


  • BattleTunes
One of prospective ideas for a music app is to create music battle MVP

7. Instrument Specific Music Applications


In the last, we want you to sow the seeds of one of the best app ideas for music.

Create an application for your users which is about playing, learning, and practicing a single instrument.

It can be an instrument that has enough customers and curious learners.

In this application too you can add as much as you want, until and unless you run out of budget to spend.


The pandemic has inspired people to explore a new side of their individual selves.

Some have taken to cooking, some to fitness, and others to music, studying, training, and so on.

In the music segment, people have taken to learning new instruments or enhancing their skills at home.

In the UK, there has been a surge in the sales of musical instruments.

So the trend which started a few months back is speeding up now.

Key Features

According to the instrument you choose to help users learn, add specific features.

  • Videos, audios, and tutorials of the instrument from scratch.
  • Create a framework to track the user’s progress.
  • Include gamification features to spruce up the learning process.
  • Adaptive learning features to help users track progress.
  • Ability to share and review the compositions.
  • Social media integration.

  • Yousician

These are all the cool and interesting music app ideas that you should know.

There is no dearth of ideas, but we find these ideas approachable and plausible.

Creating an app for music can take many different turns as per your requirements. All you need to do is figure out which idea suits your perspective and start developing.

If you want to know how to build a music app, we have written another guide on this topic for you.

A simple concept of app to learn a music tool is a good addition to ideas for music app

How to Build a Music App?

To build an application about music, you need to have a concept and its working proof.

Out of hundreds of app ideas for music, you need to identify which one works and why.

Conduct apt market research and competitor analysis before you move to the next step.

Then start with designing and creating prototypes of your app.

Make sure that you hire the right person for the job who is experienced, intelligent, and understand the customer’s perspective.

Moving on, you will also require the services of developers, QA engineers, and DevOps experts.

After this, set your budget and start creating the application.

The time and cost to create something with your app ideas for the music industry will depend on your choice of the tech stack, team, and features integration.

The cost also differs as per the region you select to hire the developers and designers.

Therefore, in an exercise where every step that you take matters, you have to make sure that you tread in the right direction.

For more information on how to build a music app contact SpdLoad and we will help you create the product of your dreams.

Learn How to Develop a Music Streaming App

Check our in-depth and actionable guide on how to make a music streaming application from scratch.

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