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Design Fonts Make Your Startup Grows: Tips and Tricks

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Choosing the right design font will make a huge difference in your startup. It instantly enhances the appearance of your website’s design, transforming it from an ordinary marketing tool into something truly special.

The wrong font, on the other hand, could create an unpleasant experience for your audience. When this happens, it could damage your reputation before you get a chance to enjoy profits and growth. This is especially true for many beginner business startup owners who make the same design errors repeatedly.

Understand the Importance of Using Design Fonts in Typography

One of the most meaningful and effective tools to express brand personality is typography. It communicates plenty of information in an emotional and immediate way. By nature, people get attracted to visual stimuli. They respond to the shapes, sizes, colors, and weight of the fonts used.

People might even bring their own cultural references to bear before reading the message the text conveys. Using the right typeface for your startup website creates a powerful emotional impression. Pair this with clever messaging to improve brand communication.

It’s extremely important to use the right font while developing a website, product, or startup business. And the best way to do this is by choosing amazing font packs that contain a wide range of fonts that you can use in different ways. Since typography plays a crucial role for your startup, it’s important to consider key factors in the choice of type. Masterbundles offers amazing font packs that are stylish, trendy, and easy to use in every project that you need to complete with great finesse.

It’s important to consider the impression you’d like to make on the audience. For this, make sure that the typography and message match. Typography helps express brand personality effectively and meaningfully. It should serve to convey the message while communicating your brand attributes, tone, and personality.

Choose the Font Carefully While Maintaining Readability

Take the time to select the right design font for your brand. Remember that the font should personify the spirit and character of your business. Apart from the design, readability is important, especially when using long blocks of text.

Make sure that the audience won’t have difficulties reading your message. Avoid elaborate cursive fonts or full uppercase letters when creating large blocks of text as these can strain the eyes. Here are other factors to keep in mind to make the best choice:

Find the Right Font Category

There are 4 major font categories to choose from:

  • Serifs are letters with short lines that come off the edge. Serif fonts are traditional, formal, and ideal for print.
  • Sans-serifs are letters without serifs making them more playful and casual. They’re suitable for digital designs.
  • Handwritten are any letters that mimic handwriting. For instance, cursive fonts are very common for formal text, like in wedding invitations.
  • Decorative are letters that have an informal and original appearance. Many consider these fonts creative, fun, and quirky.

When choosing a font category, remember the personality you’re trying to create for your startup business.

  • Experiment with Font Sizes

Using varying font sizes creates a hierarchy or the order in which readers would go through the text. The human eye is naturally attracted to dominant or large elements. Therefore, it makes sense to use the biggest font size for titles, followed by subtitles, then the rest of the text.

  • See If All Caps Will Work

Many people use sentence cases when designing text. For small blocks of text like titles and subtitles, using all caps can be extremely effective. This projects a modern and strong appearance. Take, for instance, the Nike brand. The company effectively uses this technique on its Facebook page to highlight its banner image along with its call-to-action (CTA) style graphics.

  • Try Different Letter Spacing

Also called ‘tracking,’ this technique allows you to adjust the spaces between the letters in words. More space helps the words ‘breathe’ while less space tightens the overall appearance. You can also use letter spacing to make different text lines of the same width.

Do Your Research Before You Launch Your Business

Communication plays a significant role when creating relationships with your audience as a startup brand. It also helps you establish your brand within a growing market while connecting you with others personally.

But there is a lot more to communication than just speech. Before even thinking about launching a startup business, UX research is essential. Also known as user experience research, you would study your target audience to understand them better. This is crucial to avoid making mistakes or missing significant design opportunities that could influence future company growth and profit.

While researching, you can also discover interesting concepts to help you choose the right fonts. One such concept is color psychology where certain shades make people behave and think differently. There is also something known as font psychology that could trigger powerful emotions and ideas within people as they associate the fonts with various inspirational typography.

Many companies use this concept to find the best fonts that will appeal to their users as part of their UX research process. Fonts could be the key to successful brand recognition.

You can use them in the design of your company logo to either create something formal or edgy and upbeat. After understanding that each font has its own unique characteristics, it becomes easier to make a choice that will best embody your business.

Focus On Brand Typography

Typography creates a huge impact on brand identity. A startup business’ logo, emails, documents, packaging, social media imagery, website, and other aspects include a lot of typography. It’s important to focus on this aspect when choosing design fonts as it offers various benefits.

  • Gives Your Brand Meaning

Just like the brand colors, you would convey the tone and values of your brand through fonts and typefaces. Having a varied set of topography and connotations will easily represent the message you want to convey.

For instance, using clean, simple, and modern sans-serif fonts reverberates audiences in a different way compared to more traditional serif fonts. Mono-spaced fonts offer a more modern and technological feel whereas blackletter script fonts feel more personal.

  • Defines How People Experience Your Brand

Remember that customers want to be constantly informed. Through various media, they experience your brand through words. Branding consists of all the experiences your customers have when dealing with your business. Positive experiences create positive connotations.

But having many typographical errors like too-small fonts on your website could lead to negative brand experiences. By the way, this is one of the most common mistakes people make when designing text.

  • Changes the Perception of Users While Strengthening Brand Recognition

Typography is a significant part of your startup business’ visual identity. It has the potential to affect the way your customers see and remember your brand.

So, using a memorable typeface can make people remember your brand better. Some examples of highly recognizable brands are Disney and Coca-Cola. These companies even created their own typeface, then had it registered to make it a permanent part of their brand identity. Now, consider your own brand and use the right typography across all touchpoints to make it easier to recognize

Learn How the Experts Succeeded

When considering design fonts, don’t forget to include your logo (try a free logo maker). Consider the logo of your business as its “front door.” The font should make a great first impression to avoid confusion. It should have the right energy.

Consider the world’s most famous and iconic logos. They’re all easy to remember. To become successful, a logo should be immediately recognized. It should reflect the message of your brand while standing out from the competition. It should inspire trust and look both professional and timeless.

Effective logos should have superb readability when placed anywhere using any size. Even as trends and markets keep evolving, some characteristics like layout, patterns, color, and typography will always have an effect on how people perceive a logo. To serve as inspiration, here are some examples of how the experts succeeded in creating incredible logos by choosing the right fonts:

  • Google

Google has a very simple logo and it’s clearly evident in its design. The company chose a simple font to convey how accessible it is to the masses. This is a significant aspect of what we all know and love about Google.

  • FedEx

The original logo of FedEx was a plain blue-colored wordmark on a blackboard with a blue pattern. Over time, the typeface and colors gradually changed until the year 1994, when the company introduced the iconic logo we know today. It has a white arrow that’s visible between the second E and the X. The white arrow inside the last E and the X sends a subliminal symbol of the movement, precision, and speed. These characteristics are of great significance for the logistics and delivery brand.

  • Coca Cola

The logo of the soft-drink giant reflects a classic Americana design. The two words used are synonymous with each other. The fashionable and cursive font is truly unique. From its first creation until now, it represents the fashionable class of the brand. The Coca-Cola logo has become part of classic America. Simply thinking of the letters gives the company both a cross-generational and nostalgic appeal.


Fonts play an important role in almost all designs — from marketing graphics on social media sites like Facebook to album covers for recording artists. Many companies have found success in using the right design fonts, so you too can do it. The right typography will push your startup over the edge in a good way. All you need to start with is basic design knowledge and enough enthusiasm. Try your best to cleverly apply fonts to improve your branding and marketing.

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