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Discovery Phase Service

The discovery phase is the first step of project development.

At this stage, the team conducts a deep idea analysis to collect product requirements and propose technical solutions.

The main goal of the discovery phase is to provide you with a money-wise product blueprint.

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Why do you need a project discovery?


Validate an idea

The main objective here is to identify the project feasibility.

Once it is done, we analyze the market, competitors and target audience.

Thus, we are able to create a customer-focused and valuable product.


Plan a budget

The discovery phase gives an opportunity to focus on the core features as per the project roadmap.

It makes iterations predictable and budget stable with no additional cost


Finalize software requirements

Any uncertainties make development more complex and expensive.

Well-thought requirements prevent an emergency of any problems. They also provide a founder with clear and precise
budget estimation.

What do you receive after discovery phase?

Product research

This study includes market research, competitor analysis and communication with the target audience. That allows you to find the early followers of product, find a unique positioning and a way to attract investment.

Use Case: You want to build own dating app. But you need something unique to compete on the market. Product research helps you to find out the best positioning and monetization channels easy.

Software requirements specification

This is the document with a text description of every feature your product will provide. It is like a guideline to what needs to develop. The SRS contains the use cases, performance requirements, secureness details, and a list of gadgets for QA testing.

Use Case: You invented a great feature – a video chat with live comments, masks, and purchasing. Clearly defined specification helps deliver exactly what you expect without overpayments.


Wireframing is a productive way to kickstart the design process and visualize the essentials of the product. Building of prototypes clarifies the structure of the project. We make sure that all requirements match the idea concept perfectly.

Use Case: You came up with complex application logic with many features. Frames are the fastest way to show how it should work and why. Most importantly, using wireframes we can improve user behavior before an expensive development.

Project roadmap

This document includes a high-level project blueprint with the budget, timeline, and milestone for each iteration. It’s the base for project management activity and a draft of a budget plan.

Use Case: You have a startup idea, but don’t know what to do next. A project roadmap is a guidebook to give a clear budget planning, show how long development will take, and how to effectively launch an MVP.

On-market demand validation

You’ll get a landing page, questionnaire, and ads campaigns in social media to test the market demand and collect the earliest feedback. It helps to find out how relevant is your idea, your positioning, or even find the first customers and early adopters without coding.

Use case: A marketing campaign helps you to validate different business hypotheses related to your idea. You will find out who is your target audience and what are the best communication channels to use. The marketing campaign will help you to collect first feedback to improve your idea further.

Reliable cooperation

The discovery phase is usually run at a low cost. Because as a client, you wouldn’t like to give away a large amount of money from the very start. It can be, for example, $100 000. But the project discovery phase is essential. It helps you to work with Business Analysts, Project Managers, Solution Architects, design and marketing teams, and even our CEO at our expense.

Use Case: You look for a reliable and trustful partner to build your digital startup. The Discovery Phase helps you to be a part of our workflow paying just 1\20 of the full project costs.


Dina Russel
Founder, Gardener

I recommend them to anyone looking for creative analysis, practical prototyping and solid documentation.

Mark Joshua
Product manager

Thanks SpdLoad for the transparent cooperation. If you need to get your idea off the ground in budget-wise way, talk to this team.

Andrei Kandratsenia
Project Manager, Connexzion

The project discovery with these specifications and prototypes helped me to modify my idea and don’t waste my money.

Find out how successful your product will be at low cost

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How Discovery Phase works?


You tell us about your idea

You have a startup idea to make the world a better place. We help you to define its core values as early as possible to bring to life a market-driven product.

  • Who is the target audience and why?
  • Why do you want to build this particular startup?

It would help us to become a part of your vision.


We conduct researches

We follow Lean Startup and Design Thinking to discover the problem you are going to

Discover starts with an analyze current solutions existing on the market.

Once we conduct all the necessary market/users researches and analyze the competitors, we
come up with an offer concerning the product features.


User Experience

We start to implement the user experience into prototypes.

Our designers create wireframes. It helps us to build a concept users will love and show them all the values it brings.

After feedback rounds end, we create a clickable prototype.


We create specifications

We focus on the values of the product and use an iterative process of testing business hypotheses.

It helps us to create data-driven business requirements.

Technical requirements include the roles, use cases, and system requirements.

It helps us to form the scope of work in easy-to-understand storytelling.

The required team

Project Manager
Solution Architect
Business Analyst
UX/UI Designer

Developing your concept in a profitable product

Standard plan features, plus:
  • Market and customers research
  • Product branding
  • Development of launch strategy

Best choice


Transforming your request into specification and UX design

Free plan features, plus:
  • The dedicated team
  • Project’s documentation
  • Application’s prototypes


Free consultation to clarify the essentials of your startup.

  • 30 minutes consultation
  • Idea validation checklist
  • Project estimation
  • Advising on MVP development