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UX design consulting services for ambitious products, with the prospect of becoming a new unicorn

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Create predictable, repeatable, and scalable growth with a mature UX design process.

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Who are we?

SpdLoad is a UX design consulting firm focused on launching market-driven MVPs and turning them into feature-rich products.

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Who do we work with?


Startup founders


Product managers


Startup marketers

Why do you need UX design consulting?

UX design consultation is a way to find out the non-obvious pains of end-users and target audiences. Why is this important?

Increasing ROI

Your existing product experience needs to be measured, analyzed, and improved. This will allow you to reduce costs and increase engagement now.

Discovering new opportunities

Gaps and weaknesses in the existing UI/UX design open up new prospects for business or startup growth. UX research and design processes help to find new points of growth on a regular basis.

Why do customers partner with us?

Choosing a UX consultant is a matter of accelerating product growth and optimizing processes. What do we do differently that attracts our customers?

  • Save your in-house resources

    An optimized UX design process allows you to focus on the most essential features and functionality and develop only those updates that will return the investment.

  • Establish the right UX processes

    The UX design process determines the effectiveness of the entire development team: from UX research marketers to the implementation of features by UX researchers and developers. We'll help you find and deal with bottlenecks to accelerate time-to-market.

When should we collaborate?

You are the startup founder with an idea that will fundamentally replace the existing user experience

You are a product manager with complex product and business goals looking for UX improvements

You are a serial entrepreneur looking for new points of growth for existing or new business

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We provide UX consulting services based on 2 models of work:

Project from scratch

Your application needs to update the User Experience, and you want to hire a dedicated consultancy team to take care of improving your product.

Dedicated UX consultant

You already have a designer or design team working on UX. However, you are looking for outside expertise to analyze how to improve both the application and the workflow.

What results will you get?

  • UX report
  • UX design
UX design

UX report

You will receive a detailed breakdown of existing UX and user-unfriendly design issues with actionable guidelines on how to significantly improve UX.

Project documentation

UX design

We use a prototype to represent and improve the app's logic quickly and at a low cost. We deliver you a user-friendly version of your vision.

What do our customers say about us?

“Colleagues from SpdLoad highly effective and easy to collaborate with. I am satisfied to work with them. They helped us to develop our MVP in 6 months in a complex and stressful situation”

Johannes Ehrhardt
Co-founder Blue Academy Germany

Working with SpdLoad was highly beneficial. The projects were high-quality. Their team was exceptional at communication as well as understanding and helpful. Their technical expertise spurred future engagement.

Mikhail Menshinskiy
COO Partner project Russia

SpdLoad’s enthusiasm for the project stands out, along with their technical expertise, streamlined communication, and customer focus. The site has received positive feedback for its simple and intuitive UI, and beta testing yielded few issues.

Kate Strulova
Founder Get Reinvented USA

SpdLoad developed the CRM dashboard of the B2B2C marketplace using ReactJS. The team has significantly expanded its functionality, so we decided to collaborate on other projects as well.

Danny Djanogly
CMO Dogiz Israel
Vadym Bondar
Founder and CEO MyWishApp Ukraine

I am very pleased with the work with the SpdLoad team. It seems that the Ukrainian software development market is very large, but it is very difficult to find a company that combines quality, speed and price at the highest level. SpdLoad is a company that always gives more than you expect. I recommend this team.

Dmitriy Sosunov
Founder Smartpolka Russia

Their team’s work led to a working app that’s begun generating its first sales already in nine locations. Collaborating with SpdLoad was issue-free thanks to their ability to provide frequent status updates and willingness to fix issues and make everything work properly.

Andrei Kandratsenia
Project manager Connexzion Cyprus

The work has been high quality from the SdpLoad team, leading to continued projects between the teams. Their useful insights even outside of their scope of work make them a great addition to the project. Customers can expect a knowledgeable, communicative team.

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Other services we can provide

Discovery phase

At this stage, we’ll form the business goals of the project and the proposed solution, allowing you to better understand the product development process, its potential, and prospects for the future.

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MVP development

At this stage, we develop an MVP and prototyping according to the project blueprint. We use our dev kit to speed up development and test hypotheses on the actual market faster and cheaper.

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SEO for startups

We’ll make the SEO strategy to be part of your business plan from the very beginni1ng. We will define your business goals, set up a process for creating the proper methodology, engage with influencers, and prepare for the technical challenges. By following this strategy, you will always be one step ahead of the competition in organic search.

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When is it recommended to hire a UX consultant?

We recommend hiring a UX consultant when your product design needs a stronger focus on the business aspects.

A UX consultant usually can understand the whole ecosystem of the information architecture and see how the UX designers can implement it.

Such specialists can say what user experience design fits better to your product’s goals, optimize expenses by choosing the right UX processes, and describe the UX strategy’s roadmap before the start of the product development.

Who are our consultants, and what is their level of expertise?

A UX consultant is an experienced specialist with knowledge of

  • UX research,
  • prototyping,
  • user interface design,
  • user research,
  • user roadmap,
  • research into existing systems,
  • user experience design, etc.

UX consultant’s experience usually involves coping with business challenges and hidden problems and turning them into business opportunities.

UX Consultants use various methods for their practice, including surveys and interviews, testing, case studies, usability testing, customer experience testing, and research analysis.

What is the UX consulting process at UX studio?

The UX consulting process at UX studio involves multiple product design services at different levels of the project:

  • UX, UI design,
  • marketing strategy,
  • advertising,
  • development,
  • the design process, redesign, visual design,
  • user testing, maintenance of the product.

In general, the UX consultant’s work includes:

  • UX primary research and target audience analysis;
  • Creation of customer personas and roadmaps;
  • Wireframes and information architecture;
  • Brand development.
How much does it cost to hire UX consultants at a UX studio?

The cost of hiring the UX consultants depends on the product’s details and other factors, like project scope, timeline, business strategy, location of UX consultants, their experience, and specific skills.

On average, the cost of hiring UX consultants ranges between $75 and for an experienced UX consultant to $25 an hour or even less for simple prototyping and wireframes.

Can UX studio help implement suggestions?

The UX studio can help implement suggestions and search for unresolved user problems to increase the business performance as well as:

  • Make an analytical assessment of how popular and commercially viable such a product can be.
  • Preliminary estimate assessment of how the product meets the target audience.
  • Evaluate the product’s timeline and scope, and making changes to it on different levels (implementation details, overall concept/target audience, design approach, customer satisfaction).
  • Review and resolve issues after the product’s launch.